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    engineered reacted to Never in   
    The "read more" cutoff at the sidebar worked well on this case.
    Too well...
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    engineered reacted to Assassin7 in https://www.reddit.com/r/JusticeServed/comments/50bn91/sjw_gets_kicked_to_the_curb_by   
    why the fuck is someone so insecure that they feel the need to be fucking offended by a fucking Hawaiian dancer girl thing.
    fucking hell this stupid fucking year. I cant wait for it to be 2017
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    engineered reacted to NoobestNoob in Sleep cycle completely and utterly fucked, I can't sleep more than 4 hours at a time   
    Try melatonin, works wonders for me. Schlurcher advice is good too, but youll need will power to stay awake until night or youll further fuck up your sleep schedule
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    engineered reacted to kolni in "Hey can you 3MoE my M41 GF I am at 92 and can't push further, how long will it take?   
    carbon is way more expensive  
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    engineered reacted to Ollie Tabooger in Wargaming, please stop giving me the Spanish language WoWS protal. I don't even speak   
    Estos son los Estados Unidos, y hablamos ESPANOL aqui! Si quiere hablar en Ingles, ven a Inglaterra! America para los Americanos actuales! Los gringos no son gentes buenas! Estan trayendo crimen. Estan trayendo drogas. Son rapistas. Y unos pocos, asumo, son buenas gentes.
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    engineered reacted to Ollie Tabooger in >14 tanks went to Da Beach including artas >me went midfield crater >world o   
    If 14 people go one way, you go with them. There's no point in making a "last stand" in "the right spot".
    Perhaps you could chai snipe from the furthest-back slope leading down to the beach before running, but other than than, you should have stayed with them. Stupid may be stupid, but numbers talk.
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    engineered reacted to BlackAdder in I hate when i see some weird japanese anime or whatever cancer on some top movie list   
    OK here goes process. I looking for some "new" movie that i didn't look or i overlook, and browsing some lists i get anime. 
    Why is that wrong?
    no acting no directing no art (in movie sense) So i get some (stupid) overextended Japanese cartoon instead of real film, with real actors, real directing, real script, and real artform. I don't like anime, and i never did, but it hurts when i see them on movie list. (Same goes for other animated shit). Also i don't have anything about consumers of anime, but ffs don't show them on same list with proper movies. 
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    engineered reacted to SkittlesOfSteeI in IS6 is probably worst premium just because it earns so little it's disgusting.   
    Is-6 for wr pads
    Fcm for cred pads
    Honestly though If you're going for creds limit youself to 5 rounds then dip into the remaining stash when you need to hard carry. The is6 is good for creds cause it ends games so quickly
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    engineered reacted to X3N4 in Nothing like counting down QSF T10 skirmish with an E-50M lineup and then one shottin   
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    engineered reacted to Gandaran in Sometimes you just have to accept that you're best isn't good enough. This is a great   
    how to solopub. Yes you can have a bad few games but your WR will reflect your usefulness for the team in the end.
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    engineered reacted to Snoregasm2 in Gotta love the exp rates in this game. I do 6.7k damage in an E50M with 900 assisted   
    Tier 9 XP > tier 10 XP. That's always been the case.
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    engineered reacted to Fulcrous in I think i've finally reached the point where I legitimately am going to quit WOT. I d   
    You will realize you are a masochist and end up coming back like I did.
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    engineered reacted to CarbonWard in Uhm. so I was 90% on my T54 Mod 1 marks(haven't played it in a month) . Played 1 game   
    most likely the mark req has gone down since you last played, your your dpg line shifted higher relative to the mark line.
    probably due to the 54proto rental a week ago.
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    engineered reacted to zapyoug in   
    Xen, Im more concerned about how you located this than the fact that it exists.
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    engineered reacted to Assassin7 in @Assassin7 http://imgur.com/a/yU4kB wotlabs didnt want to embed the images in here, s   
    ooooh the M3 GTR from Most wanted, probably one of the most glorious cars ever in an NFS game.
    they look pretty nice, but think I could get better camera and lighting effects in the crew. maybe its just how you took the pictures though.
    but tbh, the crews photo mode is actually really fucking good.
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    engineered got a reaction from Xen in Male or female?   
    Fucking idiot.  Playing WoT is more useful than studying arts degree in womens studies.  At least you could make real money in tournaments.
    And top kek for "working hard" to get women's studies degree.
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    engineered reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Male or female?   
    *im a fucking retard who threw $60k at a "field" that has no opportunities and its everyone elses fault
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    engineered reacted to 1n_Soviet_Russia in OK, here's a great one. This ex-DOS "blue shitter", oldmanyels__O_Oll_PRO_hi[-G-] rag   
    that is all you need to know about the size of this person's penis and self esteem

    He does have a point about the T22s, that shit is cancer, but it is more WG's fault to make such a great tank riggable. 
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    engineered reacted to Britzz in Wotlabs is FULL of anti clicker what are you talking abt? The topic is totally welcom   
    Dafuq? Why you ranting at me?
    If you're bad @ posting it's not my fault m8, I just answered politely at your bad topic, others wouldn't be so polite
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    engineered reacted to H4NI in Wotlabs is FULL of anti clicker what are you talking abt? The topic is totally welcom   
    Because your topic is bad and you should feel bad.
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    engineered reacted to NoobestNoob in Wotlabs is FULL of anti clicker what are you talking abt? The topic is totally welcom   
    Clicker rant topics are not well seen because 
    A- theres a thread for that
    B- Status updates are a thing, you know. For short whatever floats your mind. Rants included
    Just think of how flooded Wotlabs would be if each time we get clicked we made a thread?
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    engineered got a reaction from canadiantrex in http://i.imgur.com/ZuYkvKw.webm   
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