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    engineered reacted to MagicalFlyingFox in And now Jingles is gone   

    All it means is he won't be getting access to new ships and tanks beforehand and he will be doing less wargaming content. 
    Which is understandable since he genuinely likes Wargaming games, although i can see him dropping it completely if WG decided to go full gaijin and actually strike someone. 
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    engineered reacted to KruggWulf in And now Jingles is gone   
    Should boil down to telling the other regions:
    You follow our policy, or 

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    engineered reacted to RollerCoaster47 in And now Jingles is gone   
    WGNA are a bunch of retarded faggots. Just when the drama was about to be over they go full autism mode. You can't even mention anything about the drama on the WoT NA forums or else the mods will delete your thread within minutes and give you forum bans. They truly are the stupidest gaming company alive. If WG actually goes after Foch and this goes to court somehow I would personally donate money to Foch's case.
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    engineered reacted to jsgx3 in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    Another in a disturbing line of questionable prem tank released.
    Relatively well known personality goes max negative (saying what we all think).
    Company terminates an agreement with said contributor (and threatens questionable further action they can't really back up).
    Contributor caves because ass pain, and perhaps to stay in good graces to some extent.
    Company direction further exposed, we all know it's circling the drain.
    Trust further eroded by one of the worst video game/developer PR departments in the industry.
    So really, business as usual with these people.
    Fantastic game driven into the ground through hubris and incompetence.
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    engineered reacted to conjay810 in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    this is just a general trend I've noticed. Blitz, PC WOT are both just fucking disintegrating right now. PC is getting autistic premiums 24/7 and Blitz just got mega fucked by a 'improved' equipment system. I swear WGHQ is so fucking awful at game development.
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    engineered reacted to Hellsfog in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    You have a rather narrow concept of censorship.  The ability to censor is not limited to a government as we all learned when the tobacco companies were caught censoring scientific studies.  Even on your narrow definition, use of the government or threat of government action to silence opinions you do not like is censorship, e.g. when a private entity threatens a media outlet with violations of the a statute in order to prevent disclosure of whatever it may be. To make it more plain, if a corporation threatens to ruin you financially if you say or write thus or so, it's censorship. When progressives make it so whichever fox news shit can't speak at Berkeley, it's censorship.
    tl;dr: the power to censor does not rest only with a government. 
    I do agree with you that as world events go, this is a trifle. Still, WG's conduct has shown it in a bad light and was certainly poorly handled. 
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    engineered reacted to Sgt. Pepper in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    This should link to the Reddit comment by Foch on the video someone else posted. I'm on mobile so it's a little rough linking things from one app to the next with links.
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    engineered reacted to Sgt. Pepper in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    IT'S HIS QUOTE. BY HIM. WITH HIS FLAIR. I'm fairly certain he mentions it on his YouTube channel on his latest video, but I'm not sure. Also, try not to be so disrespectful, I'm trying to provide evidence and you just retorted back with a short quip that was worded rudely.
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    engineered reacted to Sgt. Pepper in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    This does not change that they attempted to file a DMCA charge against him. He did not violate any part of that as far as I understand, but he chose to take the video down anyway. I personally don't care that WG EU removed his CC status, as it is merely a title, but they effectively made him remove his video. WHY? This is the free world, you are allowed to call people assholes all you want, we do it on THIS FORUM. WG is taking shots at people they have no right for, unless they actually can file a DMCA charge. This WAS censorship of opinion, through attempted (and likely unfounded) legal action.
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    engineered reacted to Archaic_One in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    I think perhaps people need a lesson on what censorship means.  If the state restricts what you as a consenting adult can communicate with other consenting adults - that is censorship.  If an entity that you enter into a business agreement with restricts what you, as their business partner, can say regarding matters of their business - that is called work.
    WG did not censor Foch, they terminated a business relationship - which either party can do at any time with or without cause.
    Now, we as customers also get a voice in the matter because we also enter into a voluntary business relationship with WG which either of us is also free to terminate at any time.
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    engineered reacted to breeeze in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    Him losing CC is not very surprising and I don't know why WG gave it to him in the first place knowing his trademark style, but threatening with copyright takedowns clearly crosses the line. Not like this is gonna change anything though, people (including on wotlabs) will keep buying BS premiums and WG will keep releasing them until the game dies.
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    engineered reacted to cavman276 in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    Fuck arty Wargaming
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    engineered reacted to lordawesome7 in opinions on sirfoch being censored?   
    if you guys don't know tl;dr SirFoch spoke negatively about WG premium tank policy and got threaten (and thus censored) by EU branch of WG and in turn removed his community contributor status (his video afterwards here: https://youtu.be/VT36zcdnAKM )
    as a result, people got pissed and you can see the end result yourself on the release video or look down here


    i really don't want WG to go down the route that gajin did with censorship, but this is the first step to just that, i am even less inclined to spend money then i already am, even if its just EU, i am not happy with what is happening put simply
    all we can do as a community is let them know we don't condone this and they will greatly damage both EU and NA communities if they continue such actions
    PS: feel free to move this to another sub forum if it doesn't fit here, wasn't 100% on that
    Edit: found the video that was taken down if you want to see what was taken down https://www.facebook.com/WorldofTanksPolskaFanPage/videos/1071566622943302/?hc_location=ufi
    Edit: staff response to community backlash; which its one thing to remove his CC status but pulling his video down is actively censoring him, no way to downplay that (more here : http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/629174-wg-going-batshit-over-ccs/page__p__14293729#entry14293729 )

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    engineered reacted to PantyHero in 9.18 Top Tier MM Potential Bug   
    Many streamers tested it and it worked for them all on EU. Skill however was the only retard stupid enough to sit and stream for hours and use a known bug. Using a bug and then to farm marks how low, and funny thing is I only saw it cause it was told on another stream - Skill then went on to immediately ban people saying he was using a bug, so that it wasn't shown in his chat. I've never really watched him a lot, but seeing him taking advantage of a bug and then live on stream for multiple hours I lost every bit for that shitter. 
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    engineered reacted to Fulcrous in 9.18 Top Tier MM Potential Bug   
    Confirmation bias
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    engineered reacted to CarbonWard in 9.18 Top Tier MM Potential Bug   
    Doesn't work, tried it a week ago, 200 games with this "exploit", 200 games without, same avg MM.
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    engineered reacted to jackquerudo in Conqueror Gun Carriage - post nerf 1.2 accuracy   
    Shameless self plug. this is how you meme with CGC. Direct hits with CGC against hardened targets suck (like the T110E5), you should splash them anyways
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    engineered reacted to Madner Kami in Conqueror Gun Carriage - post nerf 1.2 accuracy   
    Wait, you can miss things in the CGC?
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    engineered got a reaction from VikkoTheTusken in Best WOT YouTubers   
    Let Google fix that for you?  Sure! lol
    This made my eyes melt like the guy in my sig.
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    engineered reacted to Kymrel in Why is WG force-feeding us meatballs?   
    So this happened: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/44/swedish-tanks-madness-continues/
    Special missions for Swedish meatball shooters. Add this to "free" girl crew and free/discounted TDs and you have Wargaming pushing hard to get people to play those tanks. 
    Since I was bored I went up the Med/Heavy tree. And now that I'm bored again I find myself playing a tier 5 meatball-shooting TD for some reason.
    Now, I would have played the tanks regardless, simply because I like playing new shit and don't really play tier 10 much. But it seems to me that I've not seen WG plugging a new tank line that much. Ever. So, why are they all-out in getting you to play the Swedish tanks? Plenty of players love sniping and the TDs should be popular enough due to that. And autoloaders with good turrets (but meatball-shooting gun handling) seem unique enough to get people to grind them. So, why all the damn pushing?
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    engineered reacted to hazzgar in Grille 15   
    You said there were no tanks like Grille in 5 years history so stop using pre nerf as an excuse.
    I love how you have no clue where exactly a scout will apear, no clue about not to be spotted first if more than 1 tank goes with you and about the fact that Grille shells while not slow are not super fast so they require LEAD ON A TARGET YOU DONT SEE. So you have to predict at what speed the light will be going.
    Also lol. Pre nerf Foch could do way way way WAY more than a Grille. It Could hit a light for 850 and then hit the med following it for 850 again. Also it could get close to those areas instead of trying to snipe from 400m with horrible bloom so the chance to hit was higher.
    PS. It's nice you respond to 20% of my post. The rest you find no arguments for? 
    btw. I play the t49 a lot. It's a slow light that's easy to hit yet grilles far me rarely. Strange yah?
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    engineered reacted to Jaegaer in Grille 15   
    Ok, I concede, Grille is just like JPE. Next time you take your Scout to the ridge of Prokh 90 secs into the game and get hit by a Grille while the JPE just finished half the way to the track spot you probably think "this is fine gameplay".
    Next time you scouted the Grille and then be save from it for like 30secs instead of minutes because that is the time it takes for the Grilel to relocate to an entirely different spot and blap you for 750 again you prolly also think that this is fine. No toxic gameplay spotted.
    So WoT is fine, I get it. Have a nice day.
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    engineered reacted to hazzgar in Grille 15   
    Funny thing is Grilles rarely hit me. You suffer from confirmation bias. Also what's the difference between being hit 90s into the game and 180s into the game? If you peak too high up you will get hit, it is your fault. Not to mention have you really played the grille? Have you tried hitting a light tank going at 60 kph from half a map away on Prok? Ffs look up confirmation bias. Grille is the last tank I'd like to be shooting at small and fast moving targets
    Also yeah you claim like most maps give you 15 spots to relocate too. Corridor meta is not here mate. Even on Prok there are like 3 early game positions. 
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    engineered reacted to BlackAdder in Grille 15   
    I want that grille. I lose my mind when some LT or MT is near, because low traverse speed. 
    TOP KEK.
    3x850 with 300mm effective armor with reasonable mobility.
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    engineered got a reaction from Sapros in Are "weekend teams" really a thing?   
    It could be that during x5 events, more players are apt to yolo due in first 3 min in hopes of being carried by their team to a win so they can jump in another tank to do the same. That causes gameplay to be unpredictable/suck.
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