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  1. WZ-120: 20WZ-111 1-4: 22 Skoda T 50: 22 Foch: 14 AMX 50 120: 11 Imagine a world in which the 50b has to expose for a ridiculous amount of time without being able to poke because it has shit gun handling. Got that image? Yeah, that's the 50 120. Couldn't bear this pos.Lorraine 40t: 12AMX 30: 20Waffen IV: 20Jagdtiger: 20VK 45.02 B: 22E 75: 16E 50: 23 Leo PTA: 18Type 61: 17Centurion 7/1: 15 Tortoise: 17Conqueror: 21Conway: 20T54E1: 21 T30: 21M46 Patton: 26 Does it really need explaining? The depression, the gun handling, the dpm, not bad speed, and a small turret makes ridge poking
  2. 113: 16TVP T50/51: 15 AMX 50B: 28Batchat 25t: 24Maus: 7 - I know I already downvoted this, but holy shit how has the maus not been eliminated yet? It's simply a giant block of damage to be farmed.E-100: 31E-50M: 25Leo 1: 19 STB-1: 23Centurion AX: 16FV215b: 26 T57 Heavy: 12T110E4: 11 T110E3: 17M48 Patton: 29T110E5: 23 Object 263: 16 (I think?) T-62A: 23Object 430: 20Object 140: 21 - Though not my best tier 10 performance-wise, certainly a favorite. Fast as hell with a great gun and workable-ish turret armor.IS-7: 15IS-4: 15
  3. 121: 20 113: 20 TVP T50/51: 20 Foch 155: 20 AMX 50B: 20 Batchat 25t: 20 AMX 30B: 20 Waffentraiger: 17 Jagdpz E-100: 21 Maus: 17 Sure it has 3 grand in HP, but that quickly dwindles when exposed to the almighty HEAT round. Worse than the Type 5 in my opinion, though I don't play either. E-100: 22 E-50M: 20 Leopard 1: 20 STB-1: 20 Type 5 Heavy: 11 Centurion AX: 20 FV215b 183: 20 FV215b: 20 FV4005: 20 T57 Heavy: 20 T110E4: 20 T110E3: 20 M48 Patton: 20 T110E5: 21 Object 268: Object 263: 20 T-62A: 21 Felt the 62A needed some love. Probably the best all-a
  4. If you're good, of course you're going to get more attention. That's how competition works. I played some sports during my time in middle/high school. In basketball, we had these little things called scouting reports. Literally the RL version of XVM, broke down how good every player was and how much of a threat they were to us. The best players got double teamed come game time, and were denied when off-ball. That's just the way it goes. There's nothing unfair about it. Annoying, maybe. But not unfair.
  5. His original point was that worse players make more mistakes than good players, and that the bat chat is not forgiving. Stop being so nitpicky.
  6. Best chat sperg in a while.


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    2. Nope


      Implying being a woman is an insult. :rage:

      How quaint that his shoe size and IQ match so well, isn't it lovely when something just works.

    3. Horner


      @gabse u talk abt what morons losers ya? i dont need ur dollars

    4. MAJEST1C


      He is on US server...

  7. Tonight I witnessed a truly historic event. #RiseOfThePubbies


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    2. Horner


      I don't really care at all, awful turned into a cancerous community and I'm only in anvil because the rest of my league team is and relic main imploded.

    3. Flaksmith


      True that. Though I'm curious as to what you found cancerous about awful (I and a bunch of others left because of shitty leadership, so I whole heartedly agree with it being cancer).

    4. Horner


      Leadership was shitty, didn't really like the people there either.

  8. I submitted in the first 3 seconds of the code being released and I was nowhere on the list, apparently WG hates me or I'm just an idiot and had a typo.
  9. hi im your new platoonmate


  10. Ay, I'm looking for some people to play on the NA server with. I'm not overly picky, please just be decent at the game and don't rage all the time (though sometimes is fine, this game gets to the best of us). Usually run pref8s/9s/10s, may mix in regular 8s and lower if I'm grinding. I don't have class on Tuesday or Thursday so I'm sometimes on during the day. Other than that I usually play evenings.
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