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  1. Bumping this thread. Come and give us a look. Thanks
  2. Still looking for peeps. And no, I don't mean the little marshmallow birds....... I know you were thinking it...... bunch a damn clowns........
  3. I have to bump...... 'cause my clan mates can't spell "bump" geesh, the things I do for this bunch.
  4. Skirmish 12 saw the team "The Mad Hatters" enter the bravo bracket after failing to get into the full week tourney due to lack of space. After advancing to the final, we came up just short of winning our bracket. We did however pocket 1000 gold per player, making it a worthwhile endeavor. Come and see what we are all about at Flash Point. Visit our TSpeak and talk with us or run some platoons http://Flash-Point.enjinvoice.com then if you like what you see apply at our recruitment page. http://flash-point.e...com/recruitment. We look forward to tanking with you. timbuctu
  5. Flash Point finished the Skirmish 10 tourney, exiting with a bang in the first round of the Alpha playoff. After falling to 0-2 vs our stalwart opponents, we managed to make a comeback, tying the match at 2 apiece then coming up short in the final game. We had a good tourney, got a win vs. a unicum team, finished qualifying in the Alpha bracket and cashed in for about 1000 gold apiece all together. Fill out an application at the link in the first post and join us for some fun, laid back competition. timbuctu
  6. Flash Point recently participated in the St. Paddy's tournament, making a run to the final matches of Saturday but finishing just short of the money rounds. We made a good showing, and were very competitive through to the end. We are currently in the middle of Skirmish X, and have finished in the top half of our brackets in each of the first two rounds which included a victory over a unicum team (who will remain un-named). We seem to be giving as well as we're getting and are making a bid to be included in the alpha bracket of the tournament. If great comraderie and a laid back approach coupled with regular training and participation in Tournaments and 7/42 are your cup of tea, fill out an application at the link in the first post of this thread. Our Tournament team is 'The Mad Hatters', look us up on the Skirmish X tournament page for our results. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading. timbuctu
  7. Great answer Rexxie, and thanks, After reading your post and reconsidering my question, I think I should re-state that I am confident 1 v.3, but rarely carry it out.
  8. When you are the last player on your team, how many enemy are considered too many to carry a game to victory? I feel like in certain tanks; hellcat, T49, StuG, JPII, I am resonably confident I can get the job done 1 vs. 3 with a fairly healthy tank and average players on the enemy side. Of course many variables go into that, and sometimes I get in my own way. How many enemy are too many for a unicum to carry? Just curious, Thanks
  9. The Flash Point team participating in the Weekend Warfare 9 tournament was our most successful to date. After two rounds of victories, we came up short attempting to make the final, then lost to a better team in the 3rd place match. We are looking for new team members interested in tournaments and regular 7/42 gaming. The criteria are listed above. If you are interested please click the link in the first post and apply. That is all, carry on! timbuctu
  10. Flash Point is looking for average to above average players who are looking for a competitive environment, without pressure. If this is you, follow the link above and apply! Thanks timbuctu
  11. Flash Point fielded two teams in the War of the Nations tournament. It was our first tournament, and we participated in the Tier 5 division. Team two gave a good accounting of themselves, finishing with a .500 record but unable to advance, team one finished 7-1-1, landing in second place in their bracket and moving on to day two. Not bad for a new clan, in their first ever tournament. We had a ton of fun, and will be entering more tournaments in the future. This, along with regular participation in 7/42 battles and great comraderie make Flash Point a great place for mid-level skill players interested in improving their game. If this is you, please apply at the link above. thank you, timbuctu
  12. never mind guys. posted it and I'm pretty sure it's ok. thanks
  13. Fellow tankers, The mission of Flash Point is to provide and continually develop a fun and friendly gaming atmosphere for its members -We strongly encourage respectful behavior from all members. -We use Team-Speak for comms. -We run 7/42 & Tournaments Last 60 days: WN8 Rate 1000 or higher Stats are important to us, but not as much as we're looking for people who “fit” (easy to get along with and know what they’re doing) You will need a tier 8 (non-premium) and a Tier 1, both are required to participate in the 7/42 and daily platooning. Ok, now about the “stats”. These will be looked at on a player by player basis. We want to see a wide tier spread, and an upward trend in XP & Damage. Friend or Guest of clan members will be vetted. (Regardless of stats) We're not a clam wars clan yet, but perhaps someday. ______________________________________________________________ Newly formed, we are very active in 7/42 and are just getting our feet wet in the tournament scene. A laid back clan, looking to constantly improve. Our stats are important, but working together to get better results for everyone is the way we want to get there. If you are looking to play competitively but aren't ready for the clan wars grind yet, apply here: http://flash-point.enjin.com/recruitment Please provide a link to your noobmeter stats in the application form. Thanks Timbuctu
  14. Was looking to advertise for our clan in the proper section. We are not a clan wars clan yet. The recruiting forum in WOTlabs is labeled 'Clam Wars Recruitment'. Would it be considered bad form to advertise for a non-clam wars clan there? I know, probably a silly question, thanks for helping me out though.
  15. timbuctu

    Type 58

    I recently upgraded all the modules on Type 58 and have tried to play it more. I think it's snake bit for me. Haven't won a game with it in 3 days. Stats are terrible in it. I think my winrate is in the 30% area and I like the Chinese tanks. Type T-34 is one of my best tanks. The Type 58 has me baffled........
  16. After looking through the tank expectation list, I have to say, I like what I saw. And having an actual list that I can compare my performance to with each tank really is a great feature.
  17. Average player here. Using WOT statistics I have been amazed that looking at the line per battle, I could have a 2000 damage game, yet my WN7 number for it would be 600 or 700. But the next game, I could do 600 damage and snipe 4 kills on low HP targets and my number would approach 1700 or 1800. Sounds like I will be rewarded better for a 2000 damage 0 or 1 kill game that helps win a game. My stat block took a hit, but I think I like it better. Thanks WN* team
  18. agree with florb on this one. 11 games tonight, 10 were bottom tier, two tiers down. To top it off, my W/L was 2-9, with an 18% survival rate. Gave up, going to bed. try again tomorrow.
  19. I love this thread! Epic post above Deus! Just epic! I kind of teared up.
  20. This surprises me. The ARL44 and BDR get great MM for me. No actual numbers, but I would easily bet I am top tier 7 out of 10 games with either tank. Both fully kitted out and fully researched. It's one of the reasons I love to play them both.
  21. Swarms of Shermans, swarms of T-34's, Allied artillery falling like rain, German tanks moving only at night or overcast days. Fuel shortages. Oh, and everything that got hit by the German "88L" died. Hell, British Matilda crews in the desert sometimes abandoned a working tank if an "88" missed them the first time, because it wasn't going to miss the second. Yeah, reality sucks. Gimme video games please.
  22. Had a Havok player tell me to "get cancer arty" after i blew him up with an AMX 13 F3 a couple of days ago. I don't understand those kind of comments
  23. Not an expert, but have improved my game a bunch over the last few months. Don't run off by yourself. Unless you are the only tank left, a lone tank is going to be a dead tank. Even the pictures posted earlier, you had a sniping tank with a great, accurate gun, and you got ahead of everyone else and ended up by yourself. The enemy had a group of three. Find a group, even a small group and stick with them. And this is just totally my opinion, but it's based on advice I've seen before and my own experience...... What are you doing in tier 9 matches with only 3000 games? If you're struggling, the upper tiers are only going to magnify the problem. I don't know if I'm typical, but I am approaching 9000 games, and am just now finding a comfort zone in tiers 6-7, with a small dabbling in Tier 8. Hang out in tier 5 and 6 for a while before getting into tier 7-8, much less with the Unicums in 9-10. It isn't a race to the top tiers, and avoiding them until you are ready is going to save you a lot of frustration. I don't think I'm way off base here, and if I am, the blues and purples will correct me. JMO, take care.
  24. Slumped for about a week. realized my play had gotten really sloppy. Figured out what I was doing wrong, had a great day, then the very next day was terrible again. Went back over the those games for the bad day and realized the good day convinced me I was back on track and then I immediately fell back into the stuff that put me in a slump. I had just decided I was good enough to overcome stupidity. I'm not. Just take a step back, evaluate your gameplay and then avoid doing stupid stuff...... I've fixed two slumps that way.
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