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  1. Thanks man, sadly (or fortunately), I can't use the official forums lol
  2. I left my first clan, I'd been with them for close to 3 years, and my position as Personnel Officer because they weren't active and the EO wasn't sticking to his rules. Great guy just too nice. I then went to the clan I'm with now because they said they were competitive, when tier X SH came along this season they opted not to go into them, they don't do SH nearly enough and far too often TS is empty. They've even quit doing training. I know how to do what a caller tells me to do and I haven't hit my plateau on stats, I know I can continue to get better if I had the training. I read all I can i
  3. I've recently shaved my head but the pic is only a few months old
  4. I've been reading and implementing as best I can. There's so much to digest here, I love it!
  5. I'd be happy if all autoloaders were removed from the game. WoWs is too slow for my tastes, though it's a game done well
  6. Truly, it was a support tank only I see, so because there was too much not knowing and having to adapt it was a bad thing. Reckon that's why there's so much arty hate too. Really sucks when one has to think, eh?
  7. Kept catching strikes for calling 'em out on being perverts on the "official" forums
  8. Ya know, if you're gonna down vote something at least have the courtesy to tell a cunt why
  9. The people I saw crying about these forums, there, were the kind of people who'd riot after an election. Winning is my idea of fun. I want to not only play competitively but to be a competitive player. I left my first clan, and rank of lead PO, after three years to join my current clan. Not because I wanted more but because I needed more. I want to be the best tanker I can be for myself and my clan, WG forums was rarely any help with that. I'd kept my recents above 1k for months but then decided to play on a 55" @ 4K for about two and a half weeks, that really helped me shit on that glorious s
  10. One more thing I reckon y'all should know about me, I don't worship XVM. Don't get me wrong here, I know stats matter. WN8 is a real thing. What I'm on about is I'm a vanilla player and hate to see the shitters who worship it scare the noobs by predicting a horrible death for all, who commit suicide which costs us a tube, or statshames a potato so bad that he takes two guns from green. I'm honestly glad people use it in game though as it makes me low priority
  11. Reckon I'm fucked then cos when I'm being an asshole it's legit and natural, I prefer to keep things clear and honest, snowflakes can't handle that. Then they go onto their admin account or cry to their buddy who managed to become an admin, hell Wargaming has mods that would give facebook mods a run for their money when it comes to hypocrisy. I came here to get better at my favorite game, but I'm game for whatever so long as we're all playing by the same rules, and if I need set straight on something be assured I can take it. No need to be gentle, I don't bruise easy. o7
  12. Yeah, I've already gotten a welcome message from one of my fans. I'm just glad to know the mods here aren't little bitches who play favorites like on Wargaming's forums
  13. Hoping this place isn't as biased as WOT forums. Hoping these forums aren't filled with the SJW bullshit that the WOT forums are. I'm just here to get better, learn, and enjoy myself
  14. I honestly thing WG should give the Waffle back to anyone who owned it prior to the Grille 15 being introduced. Ran into a Foch B the day they were introduced and it took my Panzer 7 down to 500 and something HP. The new Frenchie can reload in just over 30 seconds, has mobility, low profile, and some armor. The Waffle had none of that
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