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  1. If you look in res/packages, there are a bunch of .pkg files. These are just zip files that contain most of the game contents. For vehicles specifically they have vehicles_level_X packages for each tier and folders within them for each nation/tank. Once you access it I'm not sure what format the files are in, but they're there.
  2. WZ-120: 21WZ-111 1-4: 23Skoda T-50: 31AMX 30: 23Waffenträger auf Panzer IV: 17Jagdtiger: 22VK 45.02 B: 22E 75: 14E 50: 17Leopard PTA: 22 - 3 = 19 It's not really bad, but nothing is on this list. Looking critically at all of these tanks I see that tier 9 is pretty decent all around. It's just too meh for my liking.Type 61:5Conqueror: 24T54E1: 15 T30: 16 M46 Patton: 33Object 704: 17T-54: 24Obj 430V2: 24 + 1 = 25 It just has enough of everything. The typical rumed gun on a platform that has more armor than the opponent ever expects (plus I'm that weird guy who actually likes rear turrets most of the time). T-10: 30ST-I: 20
  3. Have had the pleasure of hopping over from other reddit subclans for at least 1 campaign. Really solid group of guys who know their tanks. If those numbers of campaign tanks looks low it's because that's everyone who wants to put themselves through a campaign. I don't think anyone's missed a tank that I've heard of with them that's tried. Definitely one of the better clans around and if you're looking to do what they do I highly recommend them. Disclaimer: I was definitely not bribed with rum to write this.
  4. Oh no. I'm sure both of their players will be disappointed by this.
  5. That was probably the recent discussion about Xbox one getting to play with PC in rocket league. The console versions of WoT are very different from PC and will almost certainly never be able to play together.
  6. Hehehe, yay 7500 gold. The type was redundant because I nailed the fantasy minigame and got a type from it. If I had a type at the time I entered I would have at least felt a little bit bad about wasting a slot (also no slot was wasted because ties pushed it over 10 people).
  7. meem1029

    Type 59 Fan Club

    Just got this thing because I drunkenly called all the games for the WGLNA finals. Holy cow this tank is amazing. Prints money and WN8 like no other. Seems to get set on fire and module damaged more than I like, but later games as I started to figure out the armor this seemed to be less of an issue. It doesn't really have absurd anything to make it completely overpowered, but everything is just good enough to make it work.
  8. Mortals is awesome. Amazing guy. He was a great help to us in my time in both RDTT2 and PIR8. Without him I probably wouldn't have a fancy 907. I highly encourage any clan to take him up on this. 99% chance he doesn't decide to eternally hate you because of what you do.
  9. 10k gold a night sounds like a ton, but think about it being distributed to each clan member. That's 100 gold per day for each person. Over a month that's 3000 gold per player. So the best clan on the map can barely manage to pay for the premium accounts of all of their players. That's far from completely absurd, especially considering probably everyone in otter could do a single weekly skirmish and earn far more than that.
  10. Tier 6 clan wars as a concept may be problematic to some extent, but not overly so. Clan wars with 7 tanks on a side is a terrible idea that ruins motivation to compete and just makes the problems tier 6 has 1000x worse.
  11. Anyone know what this says? Some russian guy yelling at me after he drove in front of me then shot me for running into him and I shot him back. In any case, not a fan of the physics. Everything feels crazy sluggish and unable to turn. Definitely a fan of having view/draw range on the minimap in vanilla though.
  12. Yep. Coming back tonight once it's all over (well, Saturday really because cooldown).
  13. That's a tough question. You definitely played it well for the first portion. I honestly have no idea what I would have done against just the O-I. You definitely want to get away from him and engage from a distance. The trick is figuring out a way to go that doesn't have a high risk of running into him without an escape. There are other people far more qualified than I to tell you how exactly to do that.
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