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  1. I don't like you having this name. You post a lot more than Crab, and I keep experiencing disappointment as I see your profile picture and think I'm about to read a high quality and insightful post.

  2. No, he committed too hard doing that and so would have you. That's too deep into enemy territory for a tiny tank when you know it will keep you lit up and in the open for at least several seconds. Full on brawling should generally be avoided until you are confident that you won't get shot by someone other than your target nor chased down afterward. As for lighting, I would have gone southeast from your position to spot the enemy tanks because there is more cover there, so the T95 wouldn't have been an issue. Early and mid game, I treat my light tanks HP as if it were worth about 3x an enemy's
  3. Based on this replay, the biggest problem with your light tank play is that you try to make it too much of an engager and not enough of a scout. Your initial location on top of the forest hill was good, but you stay to shoot too long both times and that cost you over a third of your HP. In situations like that I'll typically only fire once and then move, assuming I'm spotted and will be shot, until I see otherwise. Light tanks are multiple times more powerful in the end game when tanks are more isolated, and you want as much health as possible to maximize that. When you do have a good spot to
  4. That's the point. There is so much quality purple talent on this forum qualified to answer questions and participate in discussions, but under the old system PP tags were tied in with moderation responsibilities and so limited in who could join. Now we have a separation of purple posting and moderation duties, so many more purples can freely create content in the purple concentrated subforums. People just like you are now able to get in and contribute. It gives the section a lot more diversity and becomes more useful for your average player reader.
  5. Almost a year with #1 clan NA, it's been fun. Time to retire and further fade into irrelevance. o7 boys.
  6. Stepping down as head purple today. Life can be a crazy thing and unfortunately I haven't had enough time to devote to WoTLabs or the game for too long. This is one of the best board communities I've been a part of and it's been a pleasure to help bads and work with my purples and the other staff. o7 board

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    2. ZXrage


      Take care. o7

    3. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      remember you as one of the first people to respond to any of my questions as a baddie and set me on the track to improvement. o7 and good luck

    4. Gashtag
  7. If you don't enjoy the Matilda there isn't a point to continue playing it, especially if it's only for crew training. It's also not worth retraining to the Cruisers, because those low tier grinds take a day and then you'll have to retrain to the next tank at 75% again, losing 25% of the training level without having made it back in the short grind. I typically consider it worth bringing in a good crew at tier 5, where the grind should roughly break even with the 25% loss moving to tier 6. So if you're being frugal with both gold and credits, move the crew when you get the Crusader and just use
  8. I also picked up a 970 around the Christmas deals and can't wait to see how this game is going to look on a huge monitor with it. I haven't read End Game yet, I hate waiting between issues but now that it's finished I will start!
  9. They're typically limited to one per account but the codes are still being given away. Thanks!
  10. Thoughts: 1) These character models look amazing. 2) Catwoman looks even hotter. 3) The combat coordination with other characters and the Batmobile are an awesome gameplay addition. A local or online co-op would be great but I doubt they could make that work in campaign... a co-op DLC mini storyline would be great. 4) Those tanks remind me of FV4005s. 5) This game looks simply amazing. Rocksteady has done an incredible job at holding to the formula of what made the very first game great while refining it at every new release to make it better. The entire series is genre-defining and one of the
  11. I'm honestly surprised Rexxie took the job but am happy with all three choices.
  12. The WOTLABS code has been around for months with about the same invite bonuses.
  13. Someone destroyed the cable that runs Internet out to my house, I'll be missing the start to another war
  14. I was going to post mine yesterday too, then I realized they are identical to the WOTLABS invite code Never set up months ago.
  15. This is about gameplay and fits more into APP than the casual purple talk forum. There is already the Quick Questions/Quick Answers thread in Core Skills & Mechanics for the same questions posed to the general public, and this exists here because people insisted on getting this advice from purples and kept making threads for these simple questions.
  16. Given that this is a standard feature in literally every forum software since 1999 and how easy it is to find it was dumb of you to not be aware of it, given how wrong it would be for moderation to force something like this on people it was a dumb suggestion, and given how you acted like such a dick in this thread you now have an RO.
  17. Anyone going to attend the 4/26 player event in Chicago?

    1. sr360


      It would involve me being in Chicago, so likely not :)

    2. KraftLawrence


      goin to toronto one :^)

    3. Ruestir



  18. Being head purple poaster gives me the power to remove useless posts and ban useless trolls. Ali gets an RO for being the latter and you should take your bad posting outside of this subforum.
  19. Some of these things are news to me. What is this separation of seals and sealclubbers in tiers 1-3? The artillery view range nerf and "Rebalanced some vehicles" are separate, so what was rebalanced? And what high tier guns got pen nerfs? This information isn't in the patch notes anywhere.
  20. I got me a fancy new title.

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    2. Tigernos


      Visited your profile to see the title. 1001 rep... *twitch* may I neg rep you somewhere to make it a round 1000?

    3. Gashtag


      I saw Aga :P I was referring to your pay (thinking 1,000,000 x0 = 0) :D

      Also I think Xena deserves a promotion to something purple soon ^^

    4. Agamemneon


      ^ Late but done.

  21. Ha you used my FSAF description from like 2 years ago.

    1. MrsmilieyfaceC8


      I thought nom made it

    2. MrsmilieyfaceC8


      pretty sure nom said it, somewhere deep in my photobucket I may have a screenshot.

    3. Agamemneon


      Nope, that was the description I came up with for the tournament where you weren't going to be there and asked me to form/call the team. "We want to fish the very spider like no assault ever forced."

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