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    Agamemneon reacted to sr360 in sr360's Non-potato games   
    I run a 3440x1440 ultrawide 34" curved monitor. Yeah, it's quite pretty, notably since I stepped up from a 22" 1080p that was 12 years old...
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    Agamemneon reacted to PityFool in So how many of my old wotlabs friends still play?   
    Tonight I played on my account for the first time in probably 4 years. I decided to jump back on and have a few games from time to time because my father plays and its fun gaming with the old man a bit.
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    Agamemneon reacted to sr360 in sr360's Non-potato games   
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    Agamemneon reacted to RunTheGears08 in Micropositioning, show your awesome spots! Now compiled!   
    A place for Northern spawn in the new Erlenburg to take potshots against heavies. Notice the enemy WZ hasn't advanced past the bridge:

    You can adjust the angle (to shoot into different parts of the city) by hugging the hill near you. Enemies will be distracted by your teammate across the river. However, the distance is ~370m and you will potentially get spotted. Be opportunistic or drive a Swedish wedge.
    From Southern spawn you can drive to outskirts of the central brawling complex and play similar angles to counter the meds on the 9 line hill. 
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    Agamemneon reacted to kolni in Firefighting directive   
    short answer: no, its not worthwhile to skill if you want to compromise between efficiency and viability
    ff directive is the only (useful) directive that you can use and still come out with a decent profit in bond earnings on average ff directive renders ff skill completely useless until all members have it fully trained, and then it's a 50% boost to the skill (not worth from an efficiency standpoint) - i haven't tested this properly but playing with and without it there is a 1 tick difference so just like adrenaline rush the skill becomes more valuable the more HP you have since fire damage is a %HP tick it means that unless you have literally everything else but the actually useless skills trained, training ff and even keeping it at 150% efficiency is a waste compared to what you could run instead
    if you run AFE at all then just drop both the skill and the directive as you are making such little use of both, unless it's something REALLY fire prone the risk of you getting set on fire again while your AFE is on CD is just so small that using other skills will outweigh every scenario, even in your tier 10 heavy camo/viewrange skills will do more for you at that point, i wouldn't reskill it back to firefighting until you've literally run out of useful skills - once you do that drop directives entirely on the tank since if you play with AFE in the first place you are valuing economy over performance and with bonds being the way they are you can only sustain them through ff directives, but the directive is close to useless so it's a bit like running food in practice rooms (profit sink without purpose)
    the standard thing to do is to run the FF directive, food and train FF late for most of the competitive environment, prime skills first, general second (gun, view range, mobility and so on) and the situational last before ff
    ff directive basically gives you an extra skill for 2 bonds per game, so using it makes sense since you can replace the ff skill with skills that together would be worth more than the ff directive cost of 2 bonds
    camo as a crewskill (for example) has the same XP cost as any other skill, but as a directive it's more expensive so you should train camo as the skill and keep the ff directive because its the most efficient way of doing things
    jack of all trades value went down a lot with reusable medkit, that is a single member skill that lost most of its usefulness but still has more use with it and ff directive than a full crew with ff trained and the directive, skill these skills for all crew members before ff and you benefit more, i'd wager only the really shitty skills like relaying, mentor, automatic ammo switch thing etc are worse to have on than run FF skill with ff directive for the boost on it
    it seems the accepted practice at least, this way you grind up bonds and get an extra skill to use on your crew (although not one you can choose) with a -2 on your earnings as the downside until you buy equipment pieces which is cheap compared to how the full tryhard stuff looks like
    after a point you hit diminishing returns on crew skills, after 5-ish depending on the tank the directive boost is more useful than the crew skills you can train so then you'll want firefighting trained on your crew but swap the ff directive for a gun stat directive (vstab, vents, rammer, gld), if you want something specific you put all your resources into one place or go vents, same thing goes for the improved equips. some tanks have a treshold they can cross with some stat buffs (like stb with vstab stacking to make the tank much more bearable to play instead of vents that still gives an overall bigger boost to stats) problem with it is the -10 or -12 bonds per game, its unsustainable and has no game mode to farm it up in
    im wasted so this probably looks like garbage but i hope it makes sense
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    Agamemneon reacted to 8_Hussars in Firefighting directive   
    In the case of an untrained or partially "firefighting" trained crew; the "firefighting directive" provides the equivalent of a 100% firefighting trained crew.

    In the case of a "firefighting" fully trained crew; the "firefighting directive" provides an additional 50% to firefighting abilities.

    With the introduction of the "firefighting directive" most would push firefighting off until later in the skill build cycle and just run the directive with food, otherwise AFE it is.
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    Agamemneon reacted to justwanna7777 in Question probably for mods   
    Appreciate it. Your avatar is the best I've ever seen.
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    Agamemneon reacted to kolni in Question probably for mods   
    There's virtually no repercussions for sharing your account unless you're competing in tournaments since it's definitely against ESL rules, but in game you can basically share however you want but that if your account has been shared and gets stolen you are very unlikely to get support to help you recover it. 
    You are allowed to have several accounts
    Don't share your info with people through the WoT client or anywhere you have your WoT account linked to though 
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    Agamemneon got a reaction from Corbyftw in Best Tournament Tanks by Tier?   
    T69 still viable in tier 8. Will usually pen an IS-3's front at middle range, which is about the toughest thing it'll have to do.
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    Agamemneon got a reaction from engineered in Crosspost -> AT-15: The Big Boss   
    DPS is usually damage per second which applies in other games but not this one. I haven't heard damage per shot before but maybe I'm just out of the loop.
    Either way, the AT 15 and the Tortoise look very fun. I stopped grinding that line at tier 6 because it seemed like that and the 7 weren't very good and slow isn't part of the meta anymore, but I should finish it sometime. Tortoise especially is just lulzy in town maps.
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    Agamemneon reacted to Joyrider216 in How do you push past the 3.8k - 4.2k recent WN8 and 3.2k DPG thresholds?   
    It is something I added, being very German and goal driven, it helped to have those specific numbers in my head as a good measure of how I was doing, almost like a quota, but more localized and on a smaller scale to help me moving forward and to not get stagnant.
    Something else I forgot to mention is that while most people at your level have a plan for the map/tank/team comp, and they make that plan in the first 30 seconds of the game and then try to stay with that plan. I have found that you can't do that and trying to be rigidly in your idea of how the game should go based off your initial scheming leads to failure. Typically I will plan my movement for where I will go for my opening damage, with an escape route and retreat into crossfire should someone yolo me. From there, depending on the matchup and the information I have, I will pause and look at the minimap and based on what I know from their positions, my teams positions, where the unlit TDs might be, and from experience from the past 15k games of positioning, build a movement off that. Once new information comes in (a flank dies, certain tanks get lit, HP of an enemy) I revise my plan, always giving myself an escape route into a crossfire, so if I die, at least 1-3 enemies will die as well because they poked into my teams guns.
    Walking through the next few steps in your head and anticipating where the enemy will most likely be will give you a slight edge and opportunity to approach from an unexpected angle, giving you an extra few seconds of surprise to deal with the enemy.
    I am willing to look at some replays, so if you have some, send them over please 
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    Agamemneon reacted to Joyrider216 in How do you push past the 3.8k - 4.2k recent WN8 and 3.2k DPG thresholds?   
    First off, stop using XVM entirely, I just have it on for my stream viewers now. You should never treat any tank as easy to kill because of their stats, treat them as your worst enemies who will always pen you and take your precious HP away, deal accordingly.
    I think you still have room to grow, personally for me I think I am on the upswing that you are looking for. Looking at my DPGs, it falls rather nicely in showing what tanks I have gotten recently and how I have been doing in them.

    The 215b/907 I have had for around 4~ weeks I think, but you can see, almost 100% chronologically the tanks in terms of their DPGs and how I have progressed (except the 30b, fuck the 30b) 
    Your aggression problem isn't something I can really answer for you without seeing some of your games. As Kewei laid out in a damage farming Treatise and said that the game is in three stages, (opening, mid/brawl, cleanup) using the M46/prok as an example, you go to the ridge in the middle, light heavies crossing the rails, take a couple of shots, get lit, drop spot and arty boner, and now the opening phase is over. During the mid you basically hover around looking for any free shots of damage on isolated or distracted targets. In a perfect world you have conserved most if not all of your HP, and now you can use that HP to buy yourself cleanup damage. The key to good DPGs is to get around 1k in the opening (3~ shots) another 1.5-2k in the mid (5~ shots) and then however much you can scrape out of the cleanup phase. Relying on any one phase to get you good damage works sometimes, but leaves you in the shitter when you only get 2k in the opening/mid and nothing in the cleanup.
    An idea I would propose is try running in a two man platoon, get  someone you can rely on and that is fun to play with. For me, if I am able to joke and be relaxed, and then swap into "tango in delta 3 on your 2 o'clock, moving to intercept, contact in 15, requesting crossfire, contact, tango fired, moving past to echo 4, take his distracted ass down" really helps me focus on the game and what is going on, but also being in a good mood at the same time. When I hit 4k recent a while ago, my wr looked exactly like yours, because no matter how hard you try (unless you're carbon) it is nigh on impossible to win 65%+ solo, and that hurts your DPGs in a way as well. Having one extra guy you can rely on to help turn the tide of tomatoes makes a huge difference, and there is plenty of damage to farm for both of you. (unless you're @LoveLuna and then I take it all :^)

    (M46 examplur of solo vs. two man tooned.)
    I basically have three moods when I play.
    2. Arty hit me? meh doesn't matter, still did damage. (3.5-4k~ dpg)
    3. ...(srs face).........oh, am I playing a game, maybe I should have fun (5k~ dpg)
    Maintaining that srs face takes a lot of effort and at most I can get it on around 3-4~ times a week. Session control is of the utmost importance at this point.
    If you have any other questions please ask, I don't feel like I was entirely clear in getting my points across.
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    Agamemneon reacted to Patient0 in How do you push past the 3.8k - 4.2k recent WN8 and 3.2k DPG thresholds?   
    Camping the red line tactics 101.
    Don't poke when greater than 50% chance someone is aiming that corner. If it is an important shot, then make a pubbie metashield if for you. General Takeaway - Preserve yourself at all costs. 1 for 1 trade on enemy in beginning is the WORST OUTCOME POSSIBLE. YOUR HP IS WORTH 5 TIMES THEIRS. If you're wondering why you did 5k dmg early game and die watching your teammates fail, it's because you sucked at preserving HP.
    Get into good positions, but not ones that will keep you lit for the entirety of the game. ---> general takeaway is to divert attention from yourself
    Flow like water. If enemy contracts, expand to get better angles. If they expand, contract to concentrate guns on one point. General Takeaway: Shoot and scoot, keep your allies close to you if enemy is pushing. Find better angles when you have the momentum.
    Smart aggression. People say this over and over but they don't really understand it. Here's this idea in stat whore terms. If you don't have shots for more than 30s relocate. Pubbies will generally follow you when you make a push. If not, ping and Z key them to come over. After this happens, get behind them and start using them as distraction/meatshield. That's how you push without taking damage.
    Finally, flow. The BEST way to play this game is to get into flow. Flow is this weird mode where you play like a god without even thinking about the game. This usually results in 5k+ DPG sessions over 20 games for me. The way that I found easiest to get into this mode is to have a routine. Always play at the same time when try harding. For me, this is Saturday morning. Do some stretching, get comfortable so that you don't have to think about anything else. DON'T force it. It comes naturally.
    ONE last thing. PLAY ONE TANK ONLY. It has to be good too. M103 is not going to give you 4k dpg.
    After that it's knowing when to quit. I'm out after 3 consecutive 0 dmg games. If I think the reason I died was beyond my own fault then I will attribute it to bad luck and press forward.
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    Agamemneon reacted to SmyleeRage in How do you push past the 3.8k - 4.2k recent WN8 and 3.2k DPG thresholds?   
    short version
    Focused on third marking gave up looking at wn8 and started two man platooning instead of solo/3man.  
    Now The 2 man took a while to get used too and the most successful two man platoons, I've had have been people Equally skilled that I had to fight to get damage with in a "friendly competitive way" Like Helionist and Yatogami(RenamedUser_12450).
    Me and Helionist became friends by disliking the same person thanks "anfield"(Don't hate anymore I think?) and Yatogami dropped into my stream one day and asked if I wanted to platoon I was like a little fanboy and was Like "" which was funny because the first time we played together he played on an alt "He Was testing me" after that tho he played on his real account. 
    I Owe these guys a lot because most of my later career third marks were with them and My E50M Games were purely with Yatogami, Great Platoon mates not only make you play better but, playing with them made me actually hate wot less (if that's possible).
    Find Your "Soul" Platoonmates Hopefully they will make a metric shit ton of difference because we can't all be like carbon very few can solo 5k+ and 65%+ win rates and even if you do It's probably a lot more frustrating "at least for me it was".
    Summary: Two man Platoon(people that are like minded and equally/better? skilled) and focus on something besides wn8 like Third MOE's obviously this won't work for everyone But its worth a try!
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    Agamemneon reacted to weenis in How do you push past the 3.8k - 4.2k recent WN8 and 3.2k DPG thresholds?   
    I'm in the same boat as you. I occasionally have those lovely 4-4.5k dpg sessions, but it rarely lasts. I would say my average is about 3.5k-3.8k in tier 10, so I won't be able to personally answer any specific questions.
    What I have observed from most of the players who are able to pull off these sessions is like you, they only play solo, and they tend to have much shorter sessions. Whereas I might happily play around 25-50 games, they're happy to play around 10 and taking a break, only playing when they are at their "peak" so to speak. Another point is tank selection. Where I dilute my sessions by playing tanks I don't personally perform well in (121, leo 1, E100), a few of the best damage padders will tend to stick to RU meds, M48, TVP etc.
    A final point is which time of day they tend to play. Whilst I'm hindered by work, I've been told that the best time on EU to play (correct me if I'm wrong) is between 1pm and 5pm. Late night is cancer, and early morning 3am+ is you vs 29 bots. 3am+ has potential for great games as long as your team can hold long enough for you to create enough pressure.
    As you say it comes down to this. For every 2k dmg game, you need a 6k dmg game to counter it. Additionally my sessions always consist of a few 2.8k/3.2k damage games as well, so realistically you need to pull out a few 7k+ games. Sometimes, due to external factors out of my control (conq. GC, red yoloplayer, bad map rotation) you end up not getting these 7k games, other times you pull out 3-4 in a row.
    Sorry for the wall of text, that doesn't specifically answer your question in any way.
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    Agamemneon reacted to Snoregasm2 in How do you push past the 3.8k - 4.2k recent WN8 and 3.2k DPG thresholds?   
    First, a little background. Recently, I hit 4k WN8 recent for the first time. This is probably a byproduct of playing the Czech tanks when they came out, but it also goes back further than that and includes other tanks, such as the M48, M46, CAX and E5. Yes, yes, they're all good tanks and easy to pad with. But my most 'recently' bought tier 10s have similar, slightly worse results:
    Bat.-Châtillon 25 t France MT 10 469 61.19% 3265 58.98 1.82 2.4 85% 1025 480614 3728 E 50 Ausf. M Germany MT 10 382 59.69% 3149 715.3 1.58 1.89 83% 998 381230 3688 T-62A U.S.S.R. MT 10 428 59.35% 2869 457.62 1.66 1.84 81% 1008 431428 3455 Object 430 U.S.S.R. MT 10 41 51.22% 2909 573.41 2.07 1.73 83% 937 38397 3015 FV215b UK HT 10 135 61.48% 3030 1112.19 1.2 1.85 84% 988 133321 3296 As you can see, none of the above is spectacular but it does indicate a clear progression from someone who used to be happy to hit 3k a session and call it a success.
    However, I want more than that. I am the type of person who is never content with standing still - I am always striving to hit new heights. On that note, I have been pushing for a while to improve myself beyond that level. My last 'goal' was to reach last 1000 battles 4k WN8, which I achieved (again, Czech bias, but I am confident I could achieve it in most other tanks too). I was happy to reach that goal, but now I want to take the next step. I have read multiple topics on these forums, but I feel like I have reached a plateau. How do I take the next steps to turn that 3.1k DPG in the TVP 50 into 3.6k DPG? How do I ensure that my tier 10s are closer to 4k DPG recents rather than 3k?
    I know a lot of it is down to consistency, and I freely admit that I will have sessions of 3.5k - 4k DPG, then fuck it up and have 4 sub-2k games in an hour. How do I consistently churn out 'good' games, and cash in on the 'great' games? What if I end up in a game with 3 arties, a LT and 4 camping TDs? Do I accept it as a write off or can you still churn out 5k dmg in that situation?
    I currently have 2 ideas, which may or may not help. I would appreciate feedback on these, and any other ideas you may have:
    Stop using XVM. Currently, I have XVM stats turned on (not win % though), and although I used to consider this an advantage - to see who I'm up against and change my actions accordingly - I feel that it hinders me more than it helps. I am often wary of pushing a position in case a blue medium platoon is there (i.e. hill on Mines or the medium corner D1 on Serene Coast). I feel with no XVM stats (especially considering the changes in the next patch adding view range circles), the only thing I will miss is the enemy spotted markers. This leads me on to number 2 . . . Be more aggressive. I don't know whether it is a byproduct of playing solo 100%, but I am often scared to take risks in games. When I was around 2k WN8, I used to be crazy aggressive and would rush into advanced spotting positions (e.g. the 'Garbad Method') only to watch in fury and incredulation as the retarded pubbies allowed me to die, stranded, when all they had to do was poke and shoot whilst I distracted the enemy. It happened. All. The. Fucking.Time. At some point, my playstyle changed to ensure that - as far as reasonably possible - I never trust pubbies to help me, at all. However, when I see top players' replays, they often yolo into advanced positions to farm damage early, and somehow don't die, even when playing solo I always think that if I tried that I would get destroyed, but maybe I wouldn't? Do I need to be more aggressive? How aggressive is too aggressive? My survival ratio for 60 days is 53.61%, if that helps. Maybe I'm asking the impossible and I'm a shitter that has gone as far as I can go, but I believe that I can improve further. Any tips welcome.
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    Agamemneon reacted to no_name_cro in The IS3, so strong, it shapes meta?   
    Here is graphical display of IS-3 and it's effect on shaping meta:

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    Agamemneon reacted to Rexxie in I am back from vacation   
    Access to the report center is akin to access to hell's gate. Trust me, I'm avoiding it for a reason.
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    Agamemneon reacted to Solono in I am back from vacation   
    Well, give me your present then, you cheap fuck. 
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    Agamemneon reacted to Solono in I am back from vacation   
    Got $20?
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    Agamemneon reacted to Solono in I am back from vacation   
    Pucker your assholes, fuckers, or else you won't survive. 
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    Agamemneon reacted to Rexxie in I am back from vacation   
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    Agamemneon reacted to CraBeatOff in I'm not dead   
    Ha-ha same advice I give everywhere. Master the fundamentals, leverage your time and stand on the shoulders of the freely available quality information.
    So learn to shop economically for proteins and veggies. Then learn to cook them quickly into dishes you enjoy sustainably. Some methods give a nice ROI on the time to make them. Slow cooker, braising, indoor grilling, roasting (while doing something else on the stove top) are key. Use Alton Brown's TV show or Rulhman's ratios book, or similar fundamental technique teaching resources so you can improvise with what you have on hand. Sure it's great to be able to make X dish, but if you need exact ingredients you don't have then it's an obstacle.
    And get some good Pyrex plastic topped storage containers, make lots and eat/pack leftovers. 
    Figure out your canon of fast portable proteins and the meals built around them. Half a dozen boiled eggs ( already in the fridge ) 2 oranges and a handful of almonds can be packed for breakfast or lunch in 30 seconds, will keep for a few hours at room temp, and is pedestrian and but tasty and filling. Get 3-4 of these instant meals, 10 fast weeknight favorites *listed mine below, and 10 "wow" meals that are a bit more labor intensive but worth it for your palate. Variations on that core menu will keep you fed and engaged for months.
    And if at all possible locate and marry a beautiful woman with a PhD in public health nutrition ;-)
    Crab's 10 weeknight staples
    6-8 scrambled eggs with half a bag of frozen veggie mix and 2 defrosted parathas from the Indian market. When feeling fancy dump on one of those $1.50 pre made sealed curry pouches, otherwise season salt or salsa work.
    93% lean turkey burgers with onions and chopped jalapeños and seasoning ( I like Worcestershire sauce). Cook on indoor electric grill. Chop and microwave a shitton of zucchini or other squash. I like some BBQ kettle chips on the side. With practice I can now make 60oz of turkey into burgers and 4lbs of squash into a meal in about 25 minutes. The leftovers are great.
    Bake 2lb salmon fillet with lemon. Microwave steam broccoli, lots. Make dill caper sauce with yogurt.
    Take 93% ground turkey and some onions. Cook in big pan. Add frozen spinach bag. Add jar of tomato sauce. 
    Make salmon cakes out of those cans of whole chunk salmon. Maybe roast some brussel sprouts at the same time.
    Outta time! Sorry!
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    Agamemneon reacted to weenis in To food or not to food   
    Hi Zefod,
    Although I'm not a purple poster (@WaterWar), I will try my best to answer your question.
    I tend to run food on most, if not all my t9 and t10 tanks. Whether that is at the expense of trading away an Automatic Fire Extinguisher (AFE) on tanks that don't often burn, running JOAT and getting rid of the medkit, or using firefighting as a perk (tank dependent).
    Although the difference isn't huge, I personally notice the difference a lot. It simply comes down to min/maxing. Sure, you can play just as well (or almost just as well) without food. In some instances, using food over an AFE can even have detrimental effects due to rate of fire (i.e food on IS7 which burns from LFP).
    Whether or not to run food depends on a multitude of factors. Does the tank burn a lot? Do crew members get injured often? Will a dead driver/gunner/loader/commander ruin your game despite having JOAT?
    As a rule of thumb I use Food + AFE + JOAT only on Russian tanks (140, t62a, 907, IS-7). This is because the tank still works with a dead driver/gunner (who seem to be the only people that get knocked out barring arty shells hitting you).
    On things like STB and BC-25t, I go with med kit + Food + firefighting. This is due to the detrimental effect of losing a crew member here. I.e. an STB is useless without a gunner or loader (even with JOAT) and the batchat gets a really shitty reload .
    Then there's tanks where you hardly ever catch fire, and just don't give a fuck (No firefighting, no JOAT, just food). I.e. E5, E100, M48, M46, E50M, E50. These tanks only burn from very specific angles, so you tend to not expose those (i.e. E100 + E5 from the rear, E50M from the side near the back of the tank).
    It kind of just comes with experience, and having the right crew. Do I occasionally burn for 1400? Sure. Do I still run food? Absolutely.
    Final note: Don't expect to suddenly notice a huge spike in performance simply by running food. I know many unicums that only switch to food after they reach 90%+ on MOE's to provide them with that final push. At the end of the day, it comes down to whether or not you want to reload .1 of a second faster than the enemy t62a, thus meaning you conserve 300hp (very specific case), or adding an extra 5 meters to you view range, or the even less noticeable increase in gun handling. 
    The tanks that benefit the most out of food are obviously autoloaders, as the long reload is an integral part of playing them.
    If you want any guidelines on specific tanks, just let me know and I'll try to answer to the best of my ability.
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    Agamemneon reacted to Gashtag in The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread   
    RIP Sweet Prince, you were the one true king in the land of purple pub trash.
    In other news, I'm stepping down from the purple group because of this. Thanks for all the effort and all of the lessons - they were very much appreciated.
    P.S. Taylor will write a song about internet tanks one day, listen out for it.
    P.P.S. @Rexxie fuck you. 
    Per Garbad's request his contact email 
    garbadtheweak @juno.com
    ~CrabEatOff 11/19/2015
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