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  1. I would pontoon with you. But that would require reinstalling tonks. Play boatz instead.
  2. that's the general point of the entire ship even though the stats page still only shows 1 s2 power plant. According to the description there are supposed to be 2 engines, 2 power plants, and 2 shields. Think of it almost as if each Nacelle is it's own self contained ship
  3. You didn't, WhichOneIsWill did. Sorry, my multiquote was refusing to work right so my reply is confusing as hell. /apologies
  4. Just some quick things @WhichOneIsWill / @Terrachova You can swap the S5 Gimbal for a S5 gun not a S6 gun. It's a Size 5 item port with a Size 5 Gimbal plugged in reducing the gun port size to 4. Also, The missiles are still on the top of the Vanguard, the bays on the bottom are for torpedoes. Holoviewer render showcases 2 rotating launchers in each Nacelle which hold 2 torps each for a combined payload of 8 Torps.
  5. Potato Cam for the Potato PC... FITTING...
  6. Proxus


    http://i.imgur.com/YJ7yYRX.webm http://imgur.com/gallery/zyQ2X
  7. http://arstechnica.com/science/2015/01/spacex-releases-video-of-falcon-9s-explosive-landing/ So close... Dat explosion though :3 Musk must be having a blast playing IRL KSP...
  8. Tweets from Musk: So nothing actually broke they just ran outa fluid which is already fixed for the next flight. MOAR SCIENCE HYPE!
  9. Was fun chatting about teh launch this morning we need to start making launches a wotlabs chat event! Next launch is January 29, 2015, 23:35. Get Hype!
  10. Yes I have played multiplayer, and a mouse keyboard user can easily just decouple and track you easily. The ability to aim gimballed weapons easily trumps any fancy flying joystick can do right now. You can also bind all the strafe keys on keyboard so it's not like having a stick grants you access to strafing in coupled mode and no one else can do it. Multiplayer sucks right now though because it's devolved into this:
  11. In Arena Commander (as of right now) Mouse and Keyboard is the most accurate. Especially with gimballed weapons. Having a joystick makes things far more fun to fly but you lose the aiming advantage. I don't personally play E:D but I know a lot of people who do and according to them, that game definitely needs a stick to be fun.
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