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  1. Absolutely. Wargaming knows how potentially devastating this patch is.
  2. I've been wondering about this myself. This sounds about right to me.
  3. I feel like the best answer here is just experience. Looking quickly at your record, you've mostly played a lot of faster low-tier stuff so it only makes sense there'd be a bit of a learning curve with some slower, higher tiered vehicles.
  4. Hello friends, I'm Lamplight and I'm looking for a Clan. What I am looking for: Tier 10 Clan Wars - If you don't play real 15v15 T10 in some capacity I'm probably not interested Credit etc. Bonuses Ability to hold land, win Strongholds Skilled players to platoon and boost my trash light tank winrate Preferably a more mature environment (I'm only 18 but not the biggest memelord) but this is not necessary depending on the clan Basically I'm looking for a good, active clan. Tier 10s: T110E4 T110E5 T57 M48A1 IS-7 T62A Object. 140 Bat. Chat. 25t Grille 15 FV 215b (183) I have TS3, Slack, etc., a working Mic and lots of calling experience, though I'd rather not FC unless absolutely necessary. Clan history: GENTCO (BT, HT, SSGS etc.) 2012-2016, _FAM_ March 2016 Stats are in sig. PMs are nice, if you copy/paste something down below chances are you're not super serious about it, so I probably won't be either. Thanks! Looking forward to talking to you. PS for character reference and/or 907 codes please PM Lethal_force[MAHOU] PPS this is the same as my WoT forums post because I'm not creative enough to make a new one. Whoops.
  5. Tell me about it. I've been grinding the 13 90 recently at ~2500 Wn8, successfully (IMO) spotting etc. But the carry potential of that vehicle is basically non existent so I've been playing at barely 50%... RIP recent my recent WR
  6. What Too said. We've carved out a great core of players and are looking to keep building on our success thus far on the Map. If you have any questions talk to anyone from BT with shiny officer tags.
  7. Yeah, what he said. Except don't talk to Too[insert random numbers here], he's an idiot.
  8. Still looking for players... Getting pretty excited for the 5th when CW opens.
  9. Long live the Pz. 1C rush!
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