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  1. What equipment are you guys running on this? Starting to have a feeling it needs turbo but then which do you drop from VS, rammer, optics?
  2. Necroing the thread from more than 4 years ago. It is available to choose on EU as tankreward - reward tank. Is it any relevant, do you guys play it, how does it do?
  3. Wow, E50 and E50M about to be buffed and no activity? What are your thoughts on these two tanks pre / post buff? As a side question, what equipment are you guys using on these? I watched a skill4ltu video in which on the E50M he has vents, rammer and IRM (all bounty, of course). I am wondering about the IRM for the E50, as it has lower traverse speed than the tier 10. If I remember correctly, E50 has lower traverse than E75 (confirmation needed). So, what are your thoughts and equipment on these?
  4. With equipment 2.0, did you guys change anything on your setup or still rammer - VS - optucs / vents?
  5. Thread - resurrection: How is this thing in 2019? I am close to unlocking it (55%+ win rate with TVP VTU - no idea how -, and 10.000 combat XP missions help a lot) and I wonder what changed in the last ~1,5 years since the last post. Still a beast or times changed?
  6. So I finally got this during Gamescom discount days, took advantage of x5 xp first win days and then free xp-d everything except for the radio. A few games in and my initial feeling is "Ok, but I feel like I'm just a faster M4 Rev." Turns out I didn't install the top turret... (insert facepalm gif here). Now it feels nice but I wonder what you do in Ensk, Himmelsdorf?
  7. But why is that? Both engine and tracks attributes improve a lot going from stock to elite, below a comparison of PTA - T54 stock / elite / increase. Engine: 630 / 830 / 30+% /// 620 / 700 / 12% Tracks: 38°/ 42° / ~10% /// 46 / 48 / under 5% Doesn't movement of vehicle scale with the increase in horsepower and track traverse? I feel like I read somewhere it does. (Here: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Battle_Mechanics#Hull_Traverse_Speed )
  8. Hopefully, the right topic: Is there really no thread about the HWK (tier 8 german light)? Searching "HWK" ends with no hits.
  9. Is this considered resurrection? 9 months since the last message in this topic. I am about to unlock the tank from the HWK line and was wondering how it performs these days. Should I bother with it if I have the T-54 (2 marked with the low dpm, accurate gun) or the russian is better in most cases?
  10. So how does this thing compare to the Löwe?
  11. In the end I traded the T28 HTC for Panther M10 and T25 Pilot for Ravioli. I feel they are both tremendous upgrades. Thank you guys for all the input.
  12. My bad, I only have every module researched but not the 2 tier Xs. I will wait, maybe they will buff the T62 by the time I get the xp to unlock. Only problem, I kinda don't like the T54... I know, I know. It's me, not the tank. I can't work around the limited gun depression. In contrast, I simply love the tier IX Patton. Oh, gosh, not another turretless TD. I have the Jpanther 2, strictly for personal missions but it's still just a shade above meh. I had the JTiger but sold it, couldn't deal with the lack of speed. I remember that one time, fiery salient map, south spawn, no
  13. Thanks for everyone's feedback. I will find out more about the event in 2 weeks and will see what my options are.
  14. Hi guys, So after months of lurking I decided to sign up. I have always liked the more informative and detailed discussions, topics and reviews that takes place here compared to other sites. I wonder if you guys can help me out with a few questions that I will break down into 3 groups: Questions on upcoming trade - in event on the EU server New tank line suggestions Tank choices in current meta So basically yet another 'Which tank should I get'. I have read extensively the forum, I guess I would just like an update on things. If you are still with me,
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