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  1. For marking, stun assist will still be king, especially if you platoon to get it. Going to wait until we see final changes to pass further judgement.
  2. Why am I here still. (apologies to PityFool for any behavior of mine during advances)
  3. I don't believe anything of mine is on the site, and IIRC somebody tried, they moved the site to EU somewhere
  4. I actually did my in the 7201. find a top tier game, stick your 250mm LFP somewhere that lower tier pubbies can pewpew it at an angle, and farmed blocked.
  5. Yamato has won me back this season thanks to its ability to annoy Hindis/Henris and their 30mm troll armor.
  6. I grabbed the JPZlike thing, and the captured KV-1.
  7. This section exists? Meanwhile, I picked up some 5.0 german premiums and have been derping around in them.
  8. Arrgh, pubbies in WoWS right now are cringe-worthy.

    Oh, and @Deusmortis I will get my revenge.

    1. Deusmortis


      Go away.  I'm winning almost half my games, which is more than usual!

    2. Tedster59


      Meanwhile, I just won a brawl with a Yamato in that crappy new tier 7 prem BB.  Pubbies be pubbies.

  9. It's almost like CV's are blocked from WG's CW right now because spotting is so powerful... Can't wait for the vision/AA overhaul that is supposedly coming.
  10. Blazing Angels used it kinda like a steering wheel (held horizontally, think mario kart style) in one configuration. Bank the controller to turn left/right, lift it up or lower it to change pitch.
  11. I kinda wish I could use a Wii controller to play this game, mainly because this game feels a lot like Blazing Angels (for the Wii) did.
  12. I live in Fox Chapel, but I currently study at CMU so I live on campus.
  13. Wow, I didn't realize we had that many pittsburghers here
  14. I've been having a ton of fun as one of our Montanas and callers. Neck and neck with salty for 1st, we'll have to see how trihard we want to go though.
  15. Hype, I can run the M55 this campaign.

    1. Errants


      Ooh, mebbe I won't be promoting my M53/55 crew to T92, then...

  16. it's a bunch of missions that are worth a total of 1k gold, and one of them is bugged anyways right now
  17. I've actually been enjoying derping around in all of them, they aren't too bad.
  18. I think the best part of this is the salt from the people who somehow liked the game before talking about how they dumbed down the game. EDIT: so apparently I'm really good at getting top points on losses because nobody on my teams can cap the points. IMO the point gain from objectives needs to be toned back a bit.
  19. except those don't combine it with a citadel the size of pre-change Iowa's.
  20. Don't forget that it can be devstriked through its 25mm bow too with AP. While Nelson has good firepower and that heal, it just feels so clumsy for me with her speed and rudder.
  21. I just realized how long it's been since I opened wotlabs forums.

  22. cheese successful (image)


    1. Errants


      Sexy, well done.


      How many left?

  23. using the 21cm. been running around in my lorraine 155 51 some also, and not being able to consistently damage superheavies is frustrating
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