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  1. Where was the private message? Why am I finding out about such a thread through google-search? Awaiting answer. I accept compensation in the form of free WoT lessons. When that "legit input" involves naming and shaming, based on an isolated incident, yes. Perhaps it's not the same in your culture, but in mine, if I have a problem with someone, I address them directly. Should they refuse, and the incident deserves a public discussions, I will at least notify them and invite them to participate. The lack of notification combined with known haters adding smear to thread thread seems quite ugly from my perspective. Now some nobody is asking me questions about an irrelevant replay too old to review. p.s. Where's that TS recording youtube video when I need it.
  2. Google-Search Necromancy! You asshole - if you Actually wanted to page me you need to send a PRIVATE MESSAGE at the very least on THIS FORUM. If you were extra fucking caring, you would PM me on WoT Forums that my name is being trashed on WotLabs by at least two people with past grudges. I have messages from 2013 and nothing from CraBeatOff. Name and shame all you want but at least PM the defending party if it's a member of the forums. Wish I saw this when I had the client installed to see the replay. Re: sgtguppie Instead of crapping on my name on Wotlabs you should have PM'd me after the match for an explanation, or possibly asked for some lessons. I'm definitely not as good as Precumdrinker or Carbonward but you would also save the $4.20 to $40 an hour that they would probably charge. Yes, one of my unique quirks among the jaded sub-supers is the desire to co-operate with fellow brain owners even in a solo-public match. Every other match starts from attempts to instruct or cooperate with the team, no matter the futility of such endeavors. Sometimes that level of involvement backfires and flawed expectations lead to anger. Not the worst human flaw presented in this thread. p.s. Holy Dawkins - that recent! I have to stop playing the Lorry and T-34-3 (and slacking). p.p.s. Profanity is ok here right? If not, let me know and I'll quickly unhurt those feels.
  3. Disagree with your analysis. Red Players are easier to exploit and don't really know what to do, if you play in a platoon that can carry (Heavies, Autoloaders) it's far easier to both secure a win and farm damage. You can predict where the fails will show up at based on the map and they don't know any basics thus being easy to farm. Yellow-Green are harder to exploit, and they know more about the game, can exhibit qualities like side scraping or switching to premium ammo. From my experience the quality of being open to direction (either verbal or physical) isn't a linear correlation to skill. Reds listen more (primarily to movement), Greens Less (unqualified confidence), Blues listen more, and Purples are typically just confirming each other's plans. Bigger population also means a higher chance of a more evenly distributed team except the platoon. It's less likely that one team will be full of Green vs a team full of Red. The reduced number of skilled players also means you are less likely to face a competent platoon. ___ There's a video where IsoPanzer from the Russian server explains his process whenever he goes for stats: 1. Wait out until all the brave Reds suicide and die (farming them) 2. Use the platoon to deal with the more timid remaining Reds. The general theme is Preservation of HP as highest priority over Match momentum. The lower the average skill on the server the easier both steps are to pull off. Easier to intimidate, easier to trade, easier to finish end-game. It also means that more of the damage is left for the platoon to take. IsoPanzer's method is arguably less viable on the US server where you also have to worry about missing out on damage if playing too safe. The RU population is also arguably much poorer, resulting in more judicious use of premium ammo - making it even easier to carry.
  4. IS4 is underrated - that side armor and turret are quite resistant to HEAT ammo. Failowe - wasn't that Primelaw? or some other Goon? Goons ruin everything. FV215B - has amazing DPM - 7 second reload on that replay, and he didn't have BIA. We often had 2-3 "serious" battles at a time during that war, facing both VILIN and RELIC at the same time.
  5. http://youtu.be/bJGupAjQ0s0
  6. Recorded using Dxtory, with instant compression (really useful on my poor hard drive / ssd). Currently recording at 1366 x 768, Rendering at 720P. Plan to move to 1080P. Edited with various free tools. VLC from simpler stuff. Plan to get a Sony Vegas license eventually. Music typically pulled from youtube through a firefox addon. Freecam mod is also useful, though I only install it on old-versions of the client (in this case 9.1). Always keeping a copy of the previous client helps (you can drag and drop the replay file into the desired .exe to ensure the right version is used). The two stompy videos were all about the initial engagement. Westfield was a medium envelope vs. Heavy push. I can't fully show matches that were determined by positioning and timing - so typically use those for music videos. I can show matches that were more about mobility and reaction to events - which will also be more interesting to narrate. It's in the works. "Soon" Thanks for all the responses people! More stuff is in the pipe! Re: Hellionist - good point! OK!
  7. Series 1 will encompass the "Duck's in a Row" war involving RELIC and Evil Gaming, as well as some matches from the preceding conflict vs. VILIN. Please turn on 720P / Full Screen in the video options. Support me on youtube if you like what you see! OTTER vs. RELIC - "An Age Undreamed Of" / Basil Poledouris - S01E00 http://youtu.be/pNRgG7n_ie4 OTTER vs. VILIN - "Himmelsdorf Iron" / Woodkid Instrumental - S01E01 http://youtu.be/mf8vCLydICk The post will be updated as more videos are released. __________________________ Previous Videos - Playlist: http://youtu.be/llmMxFXEqsU?list=PLO6DSKR3KmwiWwRK_Cl5D82K_Dd07PQuX
  8. I had a period of time where a disease (Ulcer from H.Pylori) - required to carefully monitor my diet for a year (a month before, and months after treatment). I had to give up on adding salt and eating out - bought a wok to stir fry using less oil, spent the year eating fresh salads, poultry/fish, kefir/yogurt, avocado and, less frequently, buckwheat and oats. Also worked out quite intensely two times a week. Ended up cured and in peak health. Lost a lot of that health after moving to the US and cooking less, being less active. Still prefer the food I cook myself. I don't think the above study about Saturated Fat means you can suddenly load up on bacon and processed foods and be healthier. Still have to base the diet on vegetables, white meat/fish, bioactive milk products, avocado / olive oil and complex carbs / fiber.
  9. http://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/1vtwg7/clan_rivalry_diplomacy_should_allow_rivalry_posts/ This image might help you recall the post - there was no profanity and the tone of it was sarcastic (positive language used in a manner that highlighted the negative meaning): http://i.imgur.com/cVw4rmL.jpg This was my appeal (TL/DR pointing out nothing was in violation, intentionally or not): http://imgur.com/OLIkmbC This was the official reply: http://i.imgur.com/SoDWbEr.png GG
  10. Best Modpack NA! Thank you for keeping this updated. Happy New Year Sela!
  11. Tenet

    Heroes of the Storm

    This thread gave me cancer because you insisted on calling it a "MOBA" like the biased Riot ball-washers on wikipedia. NUKED.
  12. Tenet

    X Rebirth?

    You should look into the XRM mod, check if it adds anything on top of vanilla in terms of quests / rares. I don't like that you need to leave the game running to make money. They should have coded a 'one day later' option. XRM and some of the economy mods that are compatible do make building complexes significantly easier - particularly since you can pay a premium to get a station built by a contractor instead of microing transports. I stopped playing when I realize the game is pushing me towards just using a hex-editor to give myself the funds I would otherwise earn while 'afk'. May come back to it to finish all the endgame missions.
  13. Tenet

    X Rebirth?

    That's just 1/10 of the problems in the game. There are core issues that are flat out wrong like removing the radar (and the entire philosophy behind removing key data even as an option!!!). The voice acting and writing is godawful. The NPC interaction is godawful - so all the time spent on developing those NPC's was time NOT spent on the game, because there is already a mod out to BYPASS NPC's and anyone serious about playing the game will install it. The police ship models and effects are awful, the mini-game inside the highways is awful and immersion breaking. The inability to go into digital-hud with a hotkey is awful. There is only one ship, we knew that, but we also assumed there would be a ton of various weapons and add-ons. For a single player game, 50% of the price you pay should be for having a well told and interesting story, or having an amazingly immersive experience. Here's an example of a game that released under-optimized and with many bugs but became a classic: STALKER. The problem is that STALKER at it's core was great, the immersion was high, the story was engaging with interesting cut scenes and plot twists. It was highly unpolished and that's where MODS came in and made it amazing I don't see that atmosphere or immersion in X-Rebirth, I don't see artificial life beyond the economic systems. There isn't a realistic world to explore.
  14. Tenet

    X Rebirth?

    If you want a really easy start in X3 AP all you need is a trading interface and a ship. Fly to ... Siezewell (or similar sounding name) in Teladi Space and dock with the Stock Exchange. Pay 10K and you gain access to the stock market. There will be several items that fluctuate quite wildly - you buy them at ~22 credits a pop and sell for 50+, which, with a bit of time compression and ~30 minutes will make you multiple millions. The items you're looking to buy are usually Industrial Components, Weapons or Bio - their index will reach 99+ quite often. (there are keyboard shortcuts to maximize the # of shares - home, end, page up, page dn, etc. Play around with those to make buying/selling max amounts easier. Pharmaceuticals and Crystals - are a trap, never buy those (they show high indexes but never recover in price). This will save you a lot of 'easy mission' grind (but not eliminate it entirely since you will need reputation and will do higher difficulty missions for awhile after...) At that point you should get a passenger transport ship and do passenger missions, or equip a fighter with some missiles and perform combat missions. The step after that is trader training and station building - which eventually make you capable of finishing the advanced plot lines. Video tutorial of the above: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNC5ZXHU0CI Very easy to follow. This should work for TC, but I recommend playing AP if you're sticking to vanilla. I'm playing with the XRM AP mod which makes things a bit more tricky.
  15. Tenet

    X Rebirth?

    X Rebirth is atrocious. Graphics in space and locations 9/10 Everything else 1/10. The most infuriating thing for me is the lack of Radar and Weapon Statistics... p.s. X3 Albion Prelude was a very easy game to learn. Not sure what people were complaining about.
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