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  1. You have to try to find places that you can easily abuse depression so you can easily peak and dive below the hill, preferably this depression spot/hill should provide good cover and should be near a high traffic zone. You should also try to not stray too far away from base if the other flank looks like it is going to fall. If you are on a flat map or can find a depression try to just find hard cover that you can peak from to use your massive alpha (assuming you already have the 128mm).
  2. 59-16 has worked surprisingly well with some of our stronghold battles you will need to use autoloader gold spam though.
  3. Sorry I got you killed... :c

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      UGH, MEDJED!!! >8C

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      I was just trying to cheer you up :(

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      chocolate miklshaek? Mmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. :| I accidentally negged you, fucking mouse.... Edit: Also to add on to the conversation. You should probably get A few more tens before you join a clan so you can have a much larger amount of choices and be able to join better clans.
  5. He got a new computer. His stream is actually not bad looking.
  6. I think the t110e5 isn't in any of those categories. It's not OP, not considered a statpadder IIRC, and it's also is a tier 10 so no seal clubbing.
  7. You can even make 10k gold a week if you get first in playoffs aswell.
  8. Maybe talk to my team leader IllusionJ, we were interested into getting into some of the leagues aswell so it might be good practice for both of us.
  9. Do they legitimately try to troll or are they just that dumb? (actual question)
  10. Apparently I got a person from [--o--] really mad He started raging at me in game as soon as i potatoed and died, I didnt say anything to him prior.
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