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  1. Trying to do some testing of equipment on the test server this weekend. Anyone have an alt account I could borrow to set-up a training room? (Unfortunately has to have been created before Dec 27 so I can't just go make one)

  2. There will be some tanks that could use both. Bourrasque is the first that comes to mind as it has a weird combo of: terrible base accuracy bad aim time good base dispersion values, but high mobility that jacks effective dispersion up massively auto-loader (no worry about rammer taking up a slot) With a good vision skill crew and food, I could see IAU + Vents + IRM (to help hull traverse, could see argument for VStab) being the most flexible set-up. I think there is still a ways to go before we truly have all the intricacies of "gun handling" figured out (and suspect that base vs maximum vs effective dispersion is still something that needs to be analyzed)
  3. I agree that the 112 is a better performing tank, both on paper and IRL results, but one important thing to consider is that the 112 has pref MM. Even if the Patriot were an equal/better tank, it has to fight tougher tanks than the 112 and so would likely perform worse. Also really surprised at the amount of love for the 54p1 here. Everything that people are shitting on the Patriot for is doubly true for the 54p1. Yeah it has better mobility/camo than the Patriot, but the hull armor does not hold up anymore. ~200 effective is no bueno when 212 is basically standard for t8 mediums much more difficult time leveraging turret armor in hull down than Patriot due to gun depression & turret placement 190 penetration is just in 2020. Shell velo is bad too Base bloom is just as bad as the Patriot and effectively worse due to mobility Only time I bother taking it out is frontlines, when everyone is running paper tanks and too cheap to shoot gold rounds.
  4. Crew Qualification is on 50% discount this weekend (for NA at least). To my knowledge, this is the first time it has ever been this cheap (prior discounts were only 25%). Time to convert all those useless high-skill loaders...

    Also rumors are 50% equipment sale next weekend (follows the annual schedule) so time to grind up those credits.

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      I'm expecting -25% sales on equipment to be the new bottom price since Equipment 2.0, but we'll see.

  5. Which map is it that has that huge dam in the background? Also reading through the description of attributes Deus listed just makes me so disgusted at how WG treats Soviet tanks.
  6. It looks pretty bad now, like almost A46 level. (almost, that thing is un-redeemably bad) Not complaining though; it's a free premium so if nothing else, it's worth taking out for x5s to train crew.
  7. I feel like people are looking for every reason why this tank won't be strong and ignoring the total package it presents. If you compare it to the other heavium tier VIII premiums: E75TS, Renegade, Cent 5/1, IS-3, T54proto It wipes the floor with the T-54proto (274 can cheese it's mantlet, overmatch turret roof or pen upper plat with silver rounds. T-54 can't do shit back). The others range from solid (Cent) to arguably best heavy in tier (Rene) and the 274 slots in there easily. It all depends on the mobility and hidden hidden stats. If it's IS-7 like (moves like the hp/t and resistance suggest), I still think it still clearly edges out the Cent 5/1 due to better trading ability/gold round. If it's 277 like (laughs at hp/t and resistance), I think it will rival the Rene: ++ camo/no tumor/mobility + gold round - alpha/hp -- bloom/gun depression
  8. I'm curious what gives the STG more potential than the UDES in your opinion. On paper, the only advantages are better armor (but still kinda get fucked by arty), final accuracy and 30 alpha. Whereas you give up gun handling, shell velocity, DPM, mobility, VR, a little pen, ability to play around anything remotely resembling a hill. The corridor meta does reduce value of bush sniping, but it doesn't seem like the STG is that much of a better brawler to make up for its deficiencies.
  9. I was about to comment about the T57 having 400 HEAT and good gun handling once upon a time, but it appears I misremembered and it only had 381 HEAT. The IS-4/121/113 all did have 400 pen. I've always liked the idea of the AMX 30 getting rebalanced to have a 400 HEAT round a) it would be historically accurate b) it would be unique if not relevant at TX Obviously a lot would have to give to make something that over the top balanced. Worst in class DPM might be enough, given it's existing problems (the cupola and the Leo being better almost every way in the same role).
  10. Confirmed as a lootbox tank for the new WTF event. It doesn't look to be OP at all but should be viable. Maybe a tad weaker than the EMIL 1951/Somua, closer to the EMIL 1. Fast at dumping clip, with slightly better gun handling and accuracy than the Swedes (but can't fully aim-in between shots). No armor and -8 gun depression plus long intra-clip makes it more of a second line tank. Curious how it plays but wouldn't pay money to find out, and certainly not gambling to do so. Especially since all the other premium tanks in the boxes are available for gold in the tech tree (though a handful are decent - STRV/WZ TD/Lowe/Even 90)
  11. Yes, and the CS-52 invalidates it even more by getting rid of all the weaknesses of the t54s gun (alpha/pen/bloom) while only giving up a small bit of turret armor (most noticeablly against gold or t10 guns).
  12. Apparently the way they count CUDA cores is different so it's not an apples to apples comparison. At this point, it's TVs rather than gaming monitors that are pushing the latest display tech (OLED/HDR) and they are starting to get adaptive sync as well. The LG CX TVs are "It" right now: 4K, 120Hz, OLED, HDR, Freesync... and starting @ $1500 for 48". Plus you would need a 3090 to really get the most out of it. That's still too much for even most enthusiast gamers. I think the 5000 generation will be when the 4k 120/144hz really becomes affordable so the 3070/3080 looks like the sweet spot if you don't need the absolute cutting edge. I could see a long, prosperous lifetime @ 1440p/144hz or 4k/60hz (same way 970 was golden for 1080p peeps). I'm planning on finally making the upgrade from a 970 @ 1200p/60hz to 1440p/144hz. Still on the fence about 3070 vs 3080 but my plan would be to skip the 4000 generation and then upgrade again in ~4years to 5000 series + 4k.
  13. So with Equipment 2.0 now live, I'm curious if people have tried any different loadouts. I had been using Rammer/GLD/Vents before, but I could see all of the following equipment being useful to some degree. Rammer GLD (dispersion penalties are awful as-is aimtime. It's rare to be fully or even semi-snapshotting, so this might be the rare tank where it is still useful) Improved Rotation Mechanism (the bloom reduction and traverse increase do offset each other a bit) Improved Aiming Unit (since it affects base accuracy, it will make the reticle smaller all the time, but size of impact is too small to worth it over IRM imo) Vents (smallest impact but affects RoF, base accuracy, all dispersion penalties and aim time) Turbocharger (the base hp/t and forward speed limit are generally fine, but the reverse speed could help) Grousers (the reason it is so sluggish despite decent hp/t is some of the worst terrain resistances in the game. Grousers should noticeably improve acceleration and hull traverse which could be the difference between rounding a corner and having a shot vs enemy already retreated behind cover. However gun will bloom more when turning as dispersion is speed based) I'm leaning towards IRM (bonus slot) / Rammer / eGLD (regular if you can't afford it). But I definitely want to test grousers out (probably not until common test server is out again).
  14. Could someone confirm that both pre-trained skills (BIA & Sixth) on Stefan Clause (from Holiday Ops 2020) are zero-skill? I'm finally getting around to using him but can't check until I recruit him from the barracks (and then he's nation locked).


    Thanks in advance!

    1. Snoregasm2


      The one from winter 19/20? If so, definitely - I put him in the T-100lt with a new crew and he accumulates xp/skills at exactly the same rate as them (he's middle of the 7th skill, they're middle of the 5th skill).

    2. Wanderjar


      yeah hes a double zero guy. crazy valuable

  15. Had been planning to wait until loot-boxes before spending any more money on this game (best $/value you can get plus chance at whatever new OP tank WG comes up with to entice people) but a Bourrasque at 30% off is mighty tempting.

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    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      yeah i normally dont recommend spending money on this game but the Bourrasque is some of the most fun ive had in a tank in awhile 

    3. Wanderjar


      yeah for sure. IRM+Vstab+whatever is amazing and borderline broken. add food or vents and yikes

    4. EvilMonkee


      Yep, agree with the above.  Its bordeline broken.  Full Gold, Optics, Stabs and Vents.  I have over 500M VR and near 40% camo stationary.  Brilliant tank

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