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  1. Confirmed as a lootbox tank for the new WTF event. It doesn't look to be OP at all but should be viable. Maybe a tad weaker than the EMIL 1951/Somua, closer to the EMIL 1. Fast at dumping clip, with slightly better gun handling and accuracy than the Swedes (but can't fully aim-in between shots). No armor and -8 gun depression plus long intra-clip makes it more of a second line tank. Curious how it plays but wouldn't pay money to find out, and certainly not gambling to do so. Especially since all the other premium tanks in the boxes are available for gold in the tech tree (though a handful are decent - STRV/WZ TD/Lowe/Even 90)
  2. Yes, and the CS-52 invalidates it even more by getting rid of all the weaknesses of the t54s gun (alpha/pen/bloom) while only giving up a small bit of turret armor (most noticeablly against gold or t10 guns).
  3. Apparently the way they count CUDA cores is different so it's not an apples to apples comparison. At this point, it's TVs rather than gaming monitors that are pushing the latest display tech (OLED/HDR) and they are starting to get adaptive sync as well. The LG CX TVs are "It" right now: 4K, 120Hz, OLED, HDR, Freesync... and starting @ $1500 for 48". Plus you would need a 3090 to really get the most out of it. That's still too much for even most enthusiast gamers. I think the 5000 generation will be when the 4k 120/144hz really becomes affordable so the 3070/3080 looks like the sweet spot if you don't need the absolute cutting edge. I could see a long, prosperous lifetime @ 1440p/144hz or 4k/60hz (same way 970 was golden for 1080p peeps). I'm planning on finally making the upgrade from a 970 @ 1200p/60hz to 1440p/144hz. Still on the fence about 3070 vs 3080 but my plan would be to skip the 4000 generation and then upgrade again in ~4years to 5000 series + 4k.
  4. So with Equipment 2.0 now live, I'm curious if people have tried any different loadouts. I had been using Rammer/GLD/Vents before, but I could see all of the following equipment being useful to some degree. Rammer GLD (dispersion penalties are awful as-is aimtime. It's rare to be fully or even semi-snapshotting, so this might be the rare tank where it is still useful) Improved Rotation Mechanism (the bloom reduction and traverse increase do offset each other a bit) Improved Aiming Unit (since it affects base accuracy, it will make the reticle smaller all the time, but size of impact is too small to worth it over IRM imo) Vents (smallest impact but affects RoF, base accuracy, all dispersion penalties and aim time) Turbocharger (the base hp/t and forward speed limit are generally fine, but the reverse speed could help) Grousers (the reason it is so sluggish despite decent hp/t is some of the worst terrain resistances in the game. Grousers should noticeably improve acceleration and hull traverse which could be the difference between rounding a corner and having a shot vs enemy already retreated behind cover. However gun will bloom more when turning as dispersion is speed based) I'm leaning towards IRM (bonus slot) / Rammer / eGLD (regular if you can't afford it). But I definitely want to test grousers out (probably not until common test server is out again).
  5. Could someone confirm that both pre-trained skills (BIA & Sixth) on Stefan Clause (from Holiday Ops 2020) are zero-skill? I'm finally getting around to using him but can't check until I recruit him from the barracks (and then he's nation locked).


    Thanks in advance!

    1. Snoregasm2


      The one from winter 19/20? If so, definitely - I put him in the T-100lt with a new crew and he accumulates xp/skills at exactly the same rate as them (he's middle of the 7th skill, they're middle of the 5th skill).

    2. Wanderjar


      yeah hes a double zero guy. crazy valuable

  6. Had been planning to wait until loot-boxes before spending any more money on this game (best $/value you can get plus chance at whatever new OP tank WG comes up with to entice people) but a Bourrasque at 30% off is mighty tempting.

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    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      yeah i normally dont recommend spending money on this game but the Bourrasque is some of the most fun ive had in a tank in awhile 

    3. Wanderjar


      yeah for sure. IRM+Vstab+whatever is amazing and borderline broken. add food or vents and yikes

    4. EvilMonkee


      Yep, agree with the above.  Its bordeline broken.  Full Gold, Optics, Stabs and Vents.  I have over 500M VR and near 40% camo stationary.  Brilliant tank

  7. The extra track HP from hardening should also require two track shots to be immobilized (instead of one), which is huge for a rear-mounted casemate TD. Turbo vs Rammer is interesting though. People generally advocate more DPM as a no brainer, but turbo should give the JPE so much more flexibility. Being to navigate around corners quicker could be the difference between getting a shot in vs an enemy retreating behind cover.
  8. Hmm, 703v2 is for sale in the shop. Base package is $46, but you can refund within 14 days. No reason not to try it as a free rental right?

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    2. dustygator


      "To back it up we'll let you play unlimited battles with the Object 703 Version II Base Bundle for 14 days. If you are not entirely satisfied with its combat performance, return it for a full refund!"


      I was kind of incredulous myself, I've never seen WG offer anything like this. I'm assuming that they figure most people who try it out will opt to keep it given how strong/OP it is (or forget to refund in time).

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      Intriguing that you would assume WG capable of completing a semi-complex process once they already have your money.

    4. Wanderjar


      its worth it. run IRM+VStab and the gun handling is amazing

  9. IIRC, anything with 390m base VR can get to 440 with both vision skills + BIA + Food, and over 445 with vents on top. So a meta option for t9/10 could be dropping Optics for Vision System, especially on auto(re)loaders. Improved Rotation seems like a better choice than GLD on TDs. Improved Radio seems interesting but I imagine most active scouts would still prefer Optics and/or Vision System. I'm not exactly how track HP works (especially with regards to sprocket shots) but the +65% suspension durability on Improved Hardening could be great for assault TDs (requiring two sprocket shots to be tracked would be big).
  10. Mountain Pass is tragic at tier X for the south spawn. I have no idea what to do in a slower tank. You risk getting absolutely fucked trying to cross the gap going to the SW (whereas the north team heavies can cross without fear). The ice road is a dead end against hull-down tanks with the high ground. Bridge pushes only really work from the north side.

    It feels like every area of the map favors the north spawn.

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    2. FavreFan4ever


      I've had some success in bigger heavies playing south and letting enemies push down across the ice road. If you have a camper TD or two near cap they can help keep stuff from pushing into you. But yeah, south spawn on that map is truly annoying.


      Same thing with south spawn on Redshire trying to get to the heavy brawling area on the west side, the crossing is easy to spot and there's nothing you can do about it except give enemies your side or the high ground.

    3. dustygator


      2 hours ago, Rexxie said:

      The only part of the map that favors the south spawn is the area between the south base and the corner before ice road. It is definitely pretty awful that one LT can completely shut down the western flank in 30 seconds.

      Even then, the north base has the same thing. The north spawn hill has a killing field in front of it towards the SW brawl zone (though you do need a spotter at the rocks below to fully leverage it) and can still catch anyone coming from the ice road in an un-flankable cross-fire.


      Even when trash map design like this doesn't wreck you directly (because you have a suitable tank and/or know deployments), it still gives you a frustrating (if not unwinnable) hill to climb as you watch your pubbie teammates get shredded while you sit helpless, unable to counter.


      I wish vbAddict was still around so I could see if my bitterness was backup by evidence.

    4. Balthazars


      The complete imbalance of this map, especially at high tiers where the view range is high enough to mean an instant-spot for anyone doing the crossing, is the main reason why Mountain Pass is my most hated map and the first on my ban list.

  11. So I've never participated in ranked before but it doesn't seem like it would take that much effort to get the Kpanzer 50.

    With reward tanks excluded, I imagine the meta will revolve around Super Conq/277/Prog (assuming nerf doesn't hit until after first season)/430u. I imagine Maus/E3 are useful due to armor that withstands goldspam.

    What about E4? Yes armor is paper but 375 APCR + turret + enough mobility to not lose out on late game damage farm. Also high caliber HE helps against hull down.

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    2. PityFool


      What about arty? Higher you get in the ranks, the slower and more campy the gameplay gets. Gives you all the time in the world to click on people.

    3. dustygator


      Yeah, the E4s gun handling leaves a lot to be desired (straight up worse than the 60TP). But is there any actual flexing going on in ranked battles?

      Everything I've heard echoes what PityFool said: slow, campy, stagnant gameplay due to corridor maps, everyone afraid of dieing and losing chevrons, people sitting in hull-down/sidescrape positions and refusing to be aggressive.

      The E4's 1100 dmg HE seems great for that. The other turreted 750 alpha tanks only get 950 HE (60TP, Grille, E100) while the E3 and 268 get 1100 dmg HE but are less flexible due to casemate (+ E3 is slowww).

      And while 60TP has stronk hulldown armor, it's sad HEAT round can't deal with Super Conq/Rusky turrets the way the E4's 375 APCR can.

    4. Assassin7


      don't even bother with HE, that 1100 alpha is only useful against paper tanks like Grilles and stuff, which you probably wont see many of in ranked.

      E4 isnt flexible enough over the E3 to offset the massive loss in survivability, which has historically been why the E3 has always been preferred. 

  12. *Cranky old man* Back in my day... Grinding/Tank progression/Free XP It used to be that the only way to skip stock grinds/garbage tanks without gold was to slowly earn 5% of battle XP. Free XP conversions never went on sale. Pay @ 25 to 1 gold or GTFO. -> Now Daily missions can give out 1.5k+ free XP. Some campaign and event missions give it out as well (and scavenger hunt gave out 45k a month, all you had to do was play two battles) Blueprints everywhere. Holiday 2019 gave out enough to skip an entire tier X grind (sans modules)... for every single nation. x5 XP boosters. At one point I had 75+ of them and avoided playing elite tanks/started new lines just so I wouldn't waste them. Personal & clan reserves give valuable boosts as well and are handed out like candy. Crew XP is shortcut via girls/0-skill (I have 13 sitting in my barracks that I don't know what to do with) and skill books (yes, big skill books are a credit sink, but small ones get handed out pretty often and it doesn't take that many to get sixth sense) Premium Economy Benefit of having premium is bigger than ever, but there are so many ways to get some of it from free. Twitch Prime loot, tank rewards, free event/battle pass rewards, etc. It's especially good for people who only play occasionally (weekends, etc) as you don't fall into the trap of wasting premium on days you wouldn't normally play. Credits are now the main time waster (instead of XP), but boosters/FL/both make it really easy. Earlier this year, I would just time my Twitch Prime loot redemption on the weekend of FL, pop some of the 200+ 50% credit boosters I had sitting around and shit out 1M credits per hour. Sales (on tech tree tanks/consumables/equipment) are less frequent but are easily managed with planning. I rarely pay full price on any of those. Premium Tanks Probably the least improvement, but still better than before. Before, tech tree premiums often went on 30% gold discount often but getting premium tanks for free (above say tier V) was hard. Now, it's more divided. The most OP premiums are locked behind the cash only online shop (tourny/CW gold won't get you a foot in the door). But, there are so many ways to get useful tanks for fun/credit grinding. Tank rewards has pretty much handed out every premium tank under tier VIII out by now. You can cheese recruit system to get that valuable first tier VIII prem. Marathons have given access to very meta (Renegade/EBR/Bourrasque/T-44-100) tanks if you are willing to no-life it. Black Market has offered useful prems (off the top of my head Caern AX/Lansen/Black Dog) for totally achievable credit cost Trade-in system does cost some gold but lets you get rid of trash power-creeped tanks. Bond shop has useful tanks. FL/Ranked/Campaigns give to you access to sexy AF rewards tanks Old man yells at cloud Is F2P a fun experience for a completely new player? Probably not, but more because the game has a very steep learning curve rather than WG extorting you every step you try to take. WG hands out almost everything you need to have fun in the game for free, if you are willing to play enough games. For transparency, I've spent ~250 since 2013 (100% F2P between beta reset and 2013, with breaks in 2012/16/19) ~$40 in nvidia bonus codes in 2014 Large gold + credits bundle ($70) in 2015 Rudy when it was first offered (~$30) Big loot box ($99) in 2018 that got me Defender+IS-3a+SkorpG+E25+Lefefe+30k gold Smallest gold bundle ($7) in 2019 for black market to top and try to get Type 59G (failed) Ignoring everything except random battles (16k and counting), my rough math puts me at 14 cents an hour. Hard to beat that return on investment. I've played Silver League, high level CW (earning Chieftain/907/M60) and more stronkhold time than I would like to admit. I have OP tanks that I don't even take out of the garage because they bore me, that's how good I have it in WoT. Hating on Wot is super common around these parts, which isn't surprising given how much time some of us have sunk into the game. But I don't regret getting into this game at all. I rage and I complain but I will never take for granted the enjoyment this game has brought me over the past decade.
  13. If you're gonna be carrying around a bag of meat for the rest of your life, you might as well like it. (but it's really great to hear that you have found a body that you are comfortable and happy in) Also good to hear that you are enjoying tanks again. Having been playing since the beta days (10 years now!), I think WoT is in the best shape it has ever been (both gameplay and overall experience including F2P). No, it's not perfect and yes, the fixes to a lot of complaints seem blindly obvious to us but that doesn't dimish the massive improvements WG have made.
  14. Should I bother playing the EBR 90? I have enough blueprints to skip straight to the 105, but am reconsidering. I'd mostly be playing to finish the first campaign missions.

    105 :

    +generally regarded to be a better tank tier-for-tier

    +higher HP pools at t10 should help with missions

    -t9 is best MM in game

    -105 seems more likely to be matched up against another EBR, whereas t9 has multiple popular lights

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    2. arthurwellsley


      @Private_Miros what is the normal ms you play at? Do you ever get any shearing when playing the EBR?


    3. Private_Miros


      10-15ms, but I have the impression to connection sometimes cuts away from some millisconds. No idea what you mean by shearing, but I do have the turret of my tank sometimes snap into place faster than turret traverse should allow, as if the client is correcting for some missed input from the server.

    4. arthurwellsley


      what you describe with the turret moving is the effect of "shearing" and is something to do with graphics settings and so has an effect on client aiming as opposed to server aim, I cannot now recall the settings to fix it, but I would guess there is an answer to it somewhere on the main WoT forums. Given your good ms it is only probably an issue you would ever notice in an EBR

  15. I agree that T9 meds are a sweet spot. Off the top of my head, I would probably group the tiers are something like this (bold assumes healthy sprem usage, otherwise a tier lower) E50 || T-55a Leo PTA || Standard B || Skoda T50 || Obj 430 || M46 || T-54 AMX 30 || Cent 7/1 || Char 4/1 Type 61 || UDES 16 Batchat AP || Obj 430v2
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