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  1. Should I bother playing the EBR 90? I have enough blueprints to skip straight to the 105, but am reconsidering. I'd mostly be playing to finish the first campaign missions.

    105 :

    +generally regarded to be a better tank tier-for-tier

    +higher HP pools at t10 should help with missions

    -t9 is best MM in game

    -105 seems more likely to be matched up against another EBR, whereas t9 has multiple popular lights

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    2. arthurwellsley


      @Private_Miros what is the normal ms you play at? Do you ever get any shearing when playing the EBR?


    3. Private_Miros


      10-15ms, but I have the impression to connection sometimes cuts away from some millisconds. No idea what you mean by shearing, but I do have the turret of my tank sometimes snap into place faster than turret traverse should allow, as if the client is correcting for some missed input from the server.

    4. arthurwellsley


      what you describe with the turret moving is the effect of "shearing" and is something to do with graphics settings and so has an effect on client aiming as opposed to server aim, I cannot now recall the settings to fix it, but I would guess there is an answer to it somewhere on the main WoT forums. Given your good ms it is only probably an issue you would ever notice in an EBR

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