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  1. So I've never participated in ranked before but it doesn't seem like it would take that much effort to get the Kpanzer 50.

    With reward tanks excluded, I imagine the meta will revolve around Super Conq/277/Prog (assuming nerf doesn't hit until after first season)/430u. I imagine Maus/E3 are useful due to armor that withstands goldspam.

    What about E4? Yes armor is paper but 375 APCR + turret + enough mobility to not lose out on late game damage farm. Also high caliber HE helps against hull down.

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    2. PityFool


      What about arty? Higher you get in the ranks, the slower and more campy the gameplay gets. Gives you all the time in the world to click on people.

    3. dustygator


      Yeah, the E4s gun handling leaves a lot to be desired (straight up worse than the 60TP). But is there any actual flexing going on in ranked battles?

      Everything I've heard echoes what PityFool said: slow, campy, stagnant gameplay due to corridor maps, everyone afraid of dieing and losing chevrons, people sitting in hull-down/sidescrape positions and refusing to be aggressive.

      The E4's 1100 dmg HE seems great for that. The other turreted 750 alpha tanks only get 950 HE (60TP, Grille, E100) while the E3 and 268 get 1100 dmg HE but are less flexible due to casemate (+ E3 is slowww).

      And while 60TP has stronk hulldown armor, it's sad HEAT round can't deal with Super Conq/Rusky turrets the way the E4's 375 APCR can.

    4. Assassin7


      don't even bother with HE, that 1100 alpha is only useful against paper tanks like Grilles and stuff, which you probably wont see many of in ranked.

      E4 isnt flexible enough over the E3 to offset the massive loss in survivability, which has historically been why the E3 has always been preferred. 

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