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  1. Mountain Pass is tragic at tier X for the south spawn. I have no idea what to do in a slower tank. You risk getting absolutely fucked trying to cross the gap going to the SW (whereas the north team heavies can cross without fear). The ice road is a dead end against hull-down tanks with the high ground. Bridge pushes only really work from the north side.

    It feels like every area of the map favors the north spawn.

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    2. FavreFan4ever


      I've had some success in bigger heavies playing south and letting enemies push down across the ice road. If you have a camper TD or two near cap they can help keep stuff from pushing into you. But yeah, south spawn on that map is truly annoying.


      Same thing with south spawn on Redshire trying to get to the heavy brawling area on the west side, the crossing is easy to spot and there's nothing you can do about it except give enemies your side or the high ground.

    3. dustygator


      2 hours ago, Rexxie said:

      The only part of the map that favors the south spawn is the area between the south base and the corner before ice road. It is definitely pretty awful that one LT can completely shut down the western flank in 30 seconds.

      Even then, the north base has the same thing. The north spawn hill has a killing field in front of it towards the SW brawl zone (though you do need a spotter at the rocks below to fully leverage it) and can still catch anyone coming from the ice road in an un-flankable cross-fire.


      Even when trash map design like this doesn't wreck you directly (because you have a suitable tank and/or know deployments), it still gives you a frustrating (if not unwinnable) hill to climb as you watch your pubbie teammates get shredded while you sit helpless, unable to counter.


      I wish vbAddict was still around so I could see if my bitterness was backup by evidence.

    4. Balthazars


      The complete imbalance of this map, especially at high tiers where the view range is high enough to mean an instant-spot for anyone doing the crossing, is the main reason why Mountain Pass is my most hated map and the first on my ban list.

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