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  1. Russian medium line is pretty good as well due to the consumables and DPM. Katyusha is ace due to the large area effect and significant damage over time. Incendiary rounds are good as well if you manage to flank a commander/high hp enemy.
  2. Agree with all of this. Plus even the high tier removals are a good thing. If you like the tank and actually want to play it, having it as a reward vehicle means you don't need a separate crew. I've held off on buying the 113 partly because it's not good and partly because I didn't want to deal with training a new crew. Yes, crew books exist but that's an extra 2M credits down the drain. The number of Chinese tanks worth playing is low so if I did get bored of the 113, there is nothing else worthwhile to put them in. Now I can just re-use my 5a / 111-1-4 crews.
  3. Some other things to consider. Large first aid provides 15% resistance to crew member damage on penetrating hits (while kit is available, so not during 90-sec cool down after use). There is an RNG saving throw on all non-track module/crew damage. Deadeye increases these by +3% Ammo-rack: 27% chance of damage on penetrating hit Gun & Crew: 33% chance Everything else (Engine, fuel tank, radio, turret ring, viewport): 45% chance I've never seen published numbers on how HE damages modules/crew, but I'd guess the RNG chance of damage is lower individually but still more likely to trigger at least one crit due to multiple modules being hit. Lower tiers should be easier due to less large first aid kit use (too expensive for casuals), less stronk hull-down tanks (most crew member hitboxes will be in turret), etc. SU-152 HE spam seems like the best choice to me.
  4. If anyone is grinding the Eastern front, feel free to spam platoon invites at me. 7 random battles. 7 losses. All but one because matchmaker put together cancer lineups with only two top tier players.
  5. It doesn't look terrible... https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/game-modes/homefront-regulations-0719/ The fuel/daily match limit will probably strongly discourage anyone decent from trying to do it with random pubbies. Looks like you will be playing tier 4-6 tanks with historical loadouts (separate from your garage). Curious how crew will work; crew training would be nice but running 100% stock crew probably isn't a big deal against bots Apparently getting both pieces of purple equipment over the event period is possible if you try-hard. So probably not worth the time effort to go for both, but even one piece is a pretty nice carrot given the bond cost. I'm actually really looking forward to it.
  6. The benefits of improved equipment aren't that significant. ~11m view range for iOptics .01 dispersion on movement/turret for iVStab (and that's on a tank with atrocious base values like IS-3a, even less on comfy tanks) .20-.40 seconds reload for iRammer (for most tanks, ~.70-1.0 seconds for death star/arty) Very tiny improvement all around for iVents Plus the bond cost to move from tank to tank isn't insignificant. If you feel like buying some, they're probably most worthwhile on a t8 prem (frontlines worthy, if you play it). With the number of credit sinks being added to the game (and how un-enjoyable tier X is), most people are probably racking up more battles in their Progetto/Skorp/EBR/Lorr/T44-100 than anything else. Personally, I'm saving my bonds for now, to see what if the Bond Shop has anything shiny (if it ever gets implemented lol, soon™)
  7. Trade-ins on NA! Time to get rid of your black market trash.

    Tempted to trade in the T34B for a medium. Unfortunately the tech tree options are all ... meh

    M4Rev and T54 proto look to be the best of the bunch (unless Mutz is massively improved now post-buff).

    Both look usable in frontlines:

    M4: cheap shells, snaps, shell velo

    T-54p: random bounces, ok mobility post buff, ok DPM

    Which would y'all choose?

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    2. WhatTheSkara




      Rev imo isn't good for FL, it's a huge paper target with a somewhat decent gun but utter shit penetration (200 apcr is like 180 AP, if not less) that will miss/crit a lot.


      Proto can just RR demolish whatever sits in front of it.


      Also mutz is still trash from what I keep hearing from @Sapros :nmad:

    3. NightmareMk9


      Is there any reason to have the Mod 1 if I have a Type59?  Type seems better in almost all areas

    4. WhatTheSkara


      Not really, type is faster, has a much better turret and I believe the shells are almost identical in every aspect, from penetration to velocity.

  8. Abbey - 12 Airfield - 12 Cliff - 15 El Halluf - 16 Empire's Border - 3 Ensk - 12. Erlenberg - 10 Fisherman's Bay - 3 - 0 = 0 Bye, you will not be missed. 100% agree with run the gears. The redesigns make it so any sort of proactive play is punished which results in hard camping. The only time this map is remotely enjoyable is in arty or an extreme active scout. And what does that say? Fjords - 12 Glacier - 12 Himmelsdorf - 15 Karelia -16 Lakeville - 15 Live Oaks - 9 Malinovka - 16 Mannerheim Line - 12 Mines - 6 Minsk - 15 Murovanka - 20 + 1 = 21 Not only does it have a balance between brawling and vision games, I feel the design of this map results in less steamrolls. Unlike many other maps, winning one flank decisively does not automatically transition to mop-up damage farm. I think I've seen more losing teams comeback on this map than any other because you can punish a winning team that plays stupidly aggressive from their advantageous position. At the same time, if they play methodically, it feels like a noose closing around you which is perfectly fair. Overlord - 16 - 3 = 13 I swear the beach attracts more reds than Lakeville valley and is even more useless. Too many TD bushes encourages shitty camping as well. It's also hard to be aggressive without heavy co-ordination which rarely happens in pubs. Pilsen - 9 Prokhorovka - 20 Province - 13. Redshire - 17 Ruinberg - 15 Sand River - 16 Serene Coast - 15 Siegfried Line - 6 Steppes - 18 Tundra - 15 Westfield- 16 Widepark - 15 
  9. Last campaign, I was going back and forth between the M60 and VK7201 (already having the 907) after testing both on someone else's account. Ending up choosing the M60. I put a higher valuation on comfort than most people and was loving the M46 at the time. I also liked being able to keep only a single US Medium crew (in the M46) which would not have been possible with the M48 (even though it is a clearly superior tank). And then I pretty much quit the game for a year, without ever playing the M60 on my account. Was thinking about coming back to this game and now I see the VK7201 has potential buffs scheduled. And the most recent campaign just wrapped up. Sigh. One advantage to the Obj 907 that wasn't mentioned: the extra 100 hp over the 62a/140. Yes I know, HP isn't that important, just don't get shot, etc. But going from 1900->2000 hp just happens to cross some significant number barriers. It lets you take an extra hit from anything with 320/390/490 alpha the majority of the time and gives you a 50/50 chance of surviving an extra shot vs something 400 alpha. For a tank built around buzzsaw DPM, living an extra 8-11 seconds can matter much more than you would think. How much value would you place on having an additional 31-37% chance of surviving an extra shot (1 on 1) against probably 75% of the tanks you'll be facing? I saw some callers requesting 907s only in certain strats because of this.
  10. I just started playing through the first 24h rental period and I have to say it has been surprisingly good. I think the best description would be FCM meets Pershing. Armor has been pretty bad but a flex-y medium with decent gun handling, DPM, mobility, depression and pen as a prem is very nice. Cash money only is disappointing as I would definitely consider buying it using gold. As it is, the FCM with it's pref MM is a fine substitute.
  11. The 105mm with top turret might actually be decent in pubs. The loss in DPM isn't a huge deal as it's rare that you get to completely leverage it (unless your farming the side of a squishy tanks as you mentioned). 2.30s aim time is acceptable I think considering you now on par with most heavies in alpha and the low turret/hull dispersion values help keep that in check. Really depends on how limiting the -6 depression is. Only reason I haven't tried it out is the XP cost as sr360 mentions. I'm trying to get through this thing as quickly as possible so no extraneous modules for me. Hell I'm still using the stock engine and tracks (with torsion bars). Getting the 105mm/top engine/tracks would be an extra 60k XP. If you do try it out, let me know how it works. I could see it being interesting elited with a pimped out crew (I don't even have sixth yet, RIP) and 105mm. Mobile, hard-hitting with decent gun handling would give it a niche the other T8 mediums don't really fill.
  12. For below average players, high pen is one of the most beneficial attributes. When you only get off 4 shots a game and have no idea what a weakspot is, having good pen makes a huge difference. Skilled players hate one trick ponies like the Lowe and Panther but baddies do relatively well in them. Also I'm not surprised at the dissonance between unicum opinions and the T-34-100 performance. It's a perfectly fine tank for farming damage when the situations are right due to alpha and pen. It's just most top players want a tank that affect games and carry. The T-34-100 is just too passive and support oriented for that. It has has a decent mix of everything but no concrete strengths a good player can actively leverage.
  13. I'm still undecided as to which of the T-34-100 and TVP is a worse tank accounting for tier but the TVP is definitely the more boring of two. There's really nothing to separate it from the other tier 8 mediums. For me the Pershing/Cent/TVP/Panther II (8.8)/Sta-1(2)/T-44/T-34-2/Indien are all in the same big boat of meh. Yeah some may be slightly better than the others but at the end of the day you're playing an undergunned medium in a terrible tier for undergunned mediums. The main tier 8 heavies (IS-3, IS-6, T32) all give you fits unless you are willing to shoot gold. 240 alpha really doesn't cut it when almost everything you see out alphas and out DPMs you. Only the T-44 is fast enough to take key positions early and mobility/vision in general is downplayed due to the current map meta. At least you can grind these shitboxes in tier 8 strongholds. I can't think of any reason to voluntarily play one of these in a pub game over a same tier heavy or 9/10.
  14. Except the 34/100 fails miserably at leveraging good positional play. Can't hull down (tall, poor turret armor, shit gun depression). Can't peek against anything remotely armored (garbage gun handling, no hull armor). Can't sidescrape. Can't bully low tiers through DPM/armor. Doesn't have speed/camo/VR to exploit key positions off spawn. Doesn't have agility/camo/DPM to effective flank and harass. Pretty much every tank is effective when you can sit all day aiming and shooting at distracted opponents. At the end of the day, it's a pure support tank that provides little over the other tier 7 mediums. It's in a bad MM/tier position to begin with and doesn't have enough attributes that a skilled player can leverage. T-34-1/T 20 are leagues ahead of it and I think most people would prefer KV-13 and Comet as well. So it's better than the basement level stuff like Chi-Ri and A-44 but that's not exactly much to brag about.
  15. I don't get where this idea that Smooth Ride is situational is coming from. Based on what RichardNixon posted above, the only time it wouldn't improve your dispersion is when you are sitting dead still or pivoting in place. So the in the vast majority of engagements (corner peek-a-booming, hull-down peeking, side-scraping, yolo snapshots), Smooth Ride will help you get your shots more accurately down range. As far as comparing the magnitude of benefit of Smooth Ride to other skills, you might be overestimating how impactful other skills are. BIA isn't a fair comparison as it's 3-5 crew members vs 1 For a 62a on the move, going from 80% -> 100% camo gives you an extra 7.5m vs something with 400 VR I wasn't able to find a comprehensive repair time guide/calculation/database. I'm interesting in testing this as I'm not sure that the curve is linear (ie going from 0-25% is a bigger time reduction than 75% to 100%). As a rough guess, I would say that the last crew member might be one second in track repair time. Off-road Driving is only 2.5% improved resistance on medium terrain and nothing on hard terrain. Considering most good players avoid soft terrain like the devil (Lakeville valley, deep-ish water), the 10% improvement for that is going to be rarely used. Clutch Braking is hard to quantify. I don't find myself wanting for hull traverse in all but the worst heavies (I don't play casemate TDs). The biggest advantage is probably in scouts/fast mediums, where the additional traverse reduces how much speed you bleed off in turns/maneuvering. Firefighting. I hope you joking when you said this snoregasm. To call Smooth Ride situational then suggest firefighting, something that gets used maybe one in every 50 games when running food? I think posting such an absolute, hard-line opinion/suggestion without any proof (or it appears, any inclination of how the game mechanics actually work) is extremely foolish. I am very interested in testing these skills/perks out in-depth next time the test server is up as your underlying point may very well be correct. But I'm not blowing out my gold stash on re-skilling base on mere opinions.
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