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  1. I think the new patch killed the replays, at least for me.
  2. I recall weegee saying that some of the actual low tier bots are programed to play at a higher level and may play better than live players. Go figure.
  3. 6th sense for everyone and multi-tank crews is necessary, especially for new players. The rest sounds like two drunk guys in a bar talking shit. Maybe half a dozen more arty reworks and WG will realize it isn't a workable mechanic and scrap it. (I know but I can dream)
  4. WG's habit of testing tanks at extremes before settling at some random point between the extremes and then randomly nerfing or buffing them makes it hard to get excited about ST stats. Does the new Italian look like the chieftain with a flatter turret face?
  5. Small wonder your stories don't make sense. You're an idiot. The point of my post is that nobody in Relic gives two shits about me or what I am doing to bring me up in any conversation especially with an autist like you. There is no reason for them to give me a second thought. By the way, how much did it did the guy who plays you're tier 10 tanks charge you? Well that may be true but in terms of the boys in relic, I don't have an unusual or distinctive accent. The larger point was that he makes shit up as he goes and all because I said he posts were wordy and unreadable.
  6. You're not even a good liar. So you're basically claiming all these guys, who I don't talk to and haven't spoken with in years and have no care about what me whatsoever, bring my name up in conversations, with a reject, out of the blue? And for extra gravy they mention I have an unusual accent? I don't have any kind of an accent you dumb cunt. Why would you bring my name up like we know each other? The only thing I know about you is you act like an asshole in strongholds before you get chucked, which is exactly what you doing here, being an asshole. The only mystery left is how long it will
  7. I think the better question is who you pay to play your account? I seriously doubt anyone fr0m Relic would speak with you since you're generally regarded as trash both as a human being and, unless it's a tier 5, in tanks as well. But I guess when your feelings are hurt, anger makes you say silly things.
  8. I'm not shedding a tear for the type 5. I was observing that WG does nerf tanks and doesn't seem to mind nerfing some tanks into oblivion. I suppose WG's definition of over or under performing is flexible. P.S. Should I make my p0st longer with drivel. I feel that the thing is to make l0ng pointless p0sts and nob0dy reads.
  9. But yet, WG nerfed the Type 5 and other tanks, I'm sure we could list if we cared to give some thought, into near uselessness. WG will nerf tanks but how or why is a mystery.
  10. There would be fewer problems with the homefront MM is WG sold fuel instead of tiers.
  11. If you're platooned with friends (assuming your friends aren't monkeys) it's relatively easy but harder with too many tier mismatches. It's actually fun before the grindiness sets in. Why do we need a fuel limit when tedium will work just as well. The 350 gold option speeds things up tremendously. Random teams, at least at this point in the event, are a disaster. Don't waste your fuel. One, maybe two, randoms in a premade ins't so terrible as long as you don't get the equivalent of squirrels with opposable thumbs. Pubbies wanted a historic mode. Turns out that shooting spitbal
  12. Given WG's history, I think there was some sarcasm in my post.
  13. Three iterations of the CT should be enough to fix it.
  14. Since nobody was banned, your interpretation is probably not correct so...
  15. Clearly you didn't read or didn't understand what I wrote or simply didn't like it. One last time, the language is vague and neither you or I have any concrete idea what it means. I am certain, however, it does not cover simply being bad or merely passive.
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