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  1. The gun handling on these tanks is maddening. My only hope is that this is only the first effort at tinkering with these tanks and WG will eventually get around to addressing the more obvious problems.
  2. Smylee is quite good at coaching and other things.
  3. You would think this guy would know how to decap in frontline. You'd be wrong. Watched as the capped out B, sat next to the arty as they capped out E, sat behind a rock while they killed turret #1.
  4. More bans for cheating.  

    681 warnings. Is that the most we've seen? Still considering it is world wide, it's not that many

    1. Assassin7


      On NA? Nah. I think the first wave they ever did was like 3k players or something.

      But 681 total, for how rife pubbies like to complain hacks are? Pfft thats a tiny number.

  5. Exactly this. Whatever WG does, if it does result in being top tier 80% of the time, the masses will complain about it. With this template, they will also complain that they can't do anything when bottom tier.
  6. If you wanted to collaborate on developing such a metric, I would be glad to help. I'm sure the OP has some insights. I can't be arsed but I think somebody should link the OP to the thread on the math behind Wn8 and Wn*. I am confident he will find his answers there.
  7. The tier 9 Chinese TD looks like it is as big as a barn, has bad camo and no armor to speak of. Am I wrong that it looks decidedly unfun?
  8. Wg said the female crews would stay after 1.4 drops but how about this Simon claws crew from the loot boxes? 

    1. Tman450


      dunno, go ahead and pop it in a tank anyway

    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      The worry was about the Christmas Tree rewards, not lootboxes.


      You paid for the Simon claws crew so it's permanent. 

    3. NightmareMk9


      They specifically said they would be available "Forever", but it may be a Russian Forever (ie. it is gone whenever the fuck we want)



      Each one of the female Crewmembers — Judy Snow, Jane White, Jade Winters, and Jean Chillwind — is earned by reaching a Festive Atmosphere at level IV, VI, VIII, and X; you get Simon Claws exclusively through Large Boxes. You cannot purchase them directly. Once obtained, you can recruit any of them whenever you want — there is no expiration date.


  9. After playing them more on CT, I don't think most players could control the wheelies at the original speeds. I haven't played them with the nerf so I can't say if it is too much.
  10. The few battles I played in tier 6, they were vulnerable to HE spam from other lights. I suppose light tanks will have a new job of killing these things. Speaking of HE, the tier 6 has a 75mm pen HE round. I am probably wrong but I see that as making the problem worse when this thing is on tier or top tier. Anything worth doing, it worth doing right. I want to believe a nerf is coming, as it always has, except for the 268 v4...
  11. First iteration to get the hype going. Just before release WG will probably nerf them just like the Swedish heavies.
  12. It's gotten slightly better. WG makes you earn individual fame points of which you need a certain amount in order to qualify for a tank. What happens is that players in the same clan can start competing with each other for battles, which causes drama. WG has shortened the campaigns down to 2.5-ish weeks from a month or longer which has made it much better.
  13. "Never" has a surprising flexibility in the Wargaming lexicon. The 907 has been available for 3 or 4 years so by now anyone who wants one and can get one, has one. I don't think removing it a year from now will help.
  14. The Japanese tier 4 Ke-Ho. I haven't played it since the changes to tier 4 MM but it was a nice tank and may still be. Reasonable mobility, good base pen, 131 gold pen.
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