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  1. Given WG's history, I think there was some sarcasm in my post.
  2. Three iterations of the CT should be enough to fix it.
  3. Since nobody was banned, your interpretation is probably not correct so...
  4. Clearly you didn't read or didn't understand what I wrote or simply didn't like it. One last time, the language is vague and neither you or I have any concrete idea what it means. I am certain, however, it does not cover simply being bad or merely passive.
  5. My point was that being bad is not the same as being a bot and that if you want to complain about a specific player, which you are clearly doing, there's a thread for that. It's also silly to think that "excessively passive play" means anything. Does it mean camping behind a rock waiting for the enemy and then fighting best you can? Probably not. So unless you know what WG means by phrases like that one, this thread is you bitching about a bad player.
  6. In case anyone was wondering, cheapbooks official forum thread has turned into a 30 page roast. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/602288-winrate-is-not-a-reflection-of-player-skill/page__st__580__p__12170311#entry12170311
  7. Effectively being a bot or worse is not the same thing as being a bot. Like Kolni wrote, WG isn't going to ban players for being bad or because somebody got salty. Isn't there a thread to vent these kinds of frustrations without starting a whole new one?
  8. I think the OP should do a video explaining how not to violate any of these statutes https://www.justice.gov/criminal-ceos/citizens-guide-us-federal-law-extraterritorial-sexual-exploitation-children
  9. The gun handling on these tanks is maddening. My only hope is that this is only the first effort at tinkering with these tanks and WG will eventually get around to addressing the more obvious problems.
  10. Smylee is quite good at coaching and other things.
  11. You would think this guy would know how to decap in frontline. You'd be wrong. Watched as the capped out B, sat next to the arty as they capped out E, sat behind a rock while they killed turret #1.
  12. More bans for cheating.  

    681 warnings. Is that the most we've seen? Still considering it is world wide, it's not that many

    1. Assassin7


      On NA? Nah. I think the first wave they ever did was like 3k players or something.

      But 681 total, for how rife pubbies like to complain hacks are? Pfft thats a tiny number.

  13. Exactly this. Whatever WG does, if it does result in being top tier 80% of the time, the masses will complain about it. With this template, they will also complain that they can't do anything when bottom tier.
  14. If you wanted to collaborate on developing such a metric, I would be glad to help. I'm sure the OP has some insights. I can't be arsed but I think somebody should link the OP to the thread on the math behind Wn8 and Wn*. I am confident he will find his answers there.
  15. The tier 9 Chinese TD looks like it is as big as a barn, has bad camo and no armor to speak of. Am I wrong that it looks decidedly unfun?
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