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  1. Hellsfog

    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    After playing them more on CT, I don't think most players could control the wheelies at the original speeds. I haven't played them with the nerf so I can't say if it is too much.
  2. Hellsfog

    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    The few battles I played in tier 6, they were vulnerable to HE spam from other lights. I suppose light tanks will have a new job of killing these things. Speaking of HE, the tier 6 has a 75mm pen HE round. I am probably wrong but I see that as making the problem worse when this thing is on tier or top tier. Anything worth doing, it worth doing right. I want to believe a nerf is coming, as it always has, except for the 268 v4...
  3. Hellsfog

    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    First iteration to get the hype going. Just before release WG will probably nerf them just like the Swedish heavies.
  4. It's gotten slightly better. WG makes you earn individual fame points of which you need a certain amount in order to qualify for a tank. What happens is that players in the same clan can start competing with each other for battles, which causes drama. WG has shortened the campaigns down to 2.5-ish weeks from a month or longer which has made it much better.
  5. I don't know why I find this bit as funny as I do.
  6. "Never" has a surprising flexibility in the Wargaming lexicon. The 907 has been available for 3 or 4 years so by now anyone who wants one and can get one, has one. I don't think removing it a year from now will help.
  7. Hellsfog

    Hidden tech tree jewels?

    The Japanese tier 4 Ke-Ho. I haven't played it since the changes to tier 4 MM but it was a nice tank and may still be. Reasonable mobility, good base pen, 131 gold pen.
  8. Did WG end the unified premium account? It seems I need to buy premium time in WoWs separately.

    1. Assassin7


      No, they added an extra WOWS specific prem account that gives a bigger bonus than a regular prem acc

    2. Hellsfog
  9. Wg said they are thinking about https://ritastatusreport.live/2018/12/18/wargamings-2019-promises/ You may get to be top tier more often, we don't know how WG will set the preferences. It's only my opinion but if 3/5/7 is bad to be low tier, how is 5/5/5/ better.
  10. Those who complained about 3/5/7 are going to simply love the new templates which go to as many as 6 +2 tanks.
  11. Players were complaining about over-armored tanks already. I'm sure WG's decision will make everyone exceedingly happy.
  12. Your other posts, to my mind, appear to be advocating for the release of the ammo changes without the armor changes because WG is too incompetent to do both at the same time. If that was your point, it may well be true but it does not change that doing so would be bad.
  13. I don't know why you make assumptions. You're stunningly bad at it. The assumption I actual made is that the game will shed players a la AW if the premium ammo change goes through without an armor rebalance. It seems moronic to push through the premium ammo change if the armor rebalance is only 90 days away. I don't think anyone assumes WG will get either change right on the first try for every tank or that there won't be multiple post-rebalance changes. I do disagree with your assumption that the armor rebalance is at most 90 days behind the ammo changes. This assumption is silly given WG's history and if it is correct, as I said above, why wouldn't you wait.
  14. I kind of agree with you. As a once a year, 3 week event it was fine. You may be right about its effects as a monthly thing.
  15. I understood your point. I simply didn't want to believe you were being serious. If WG is 2-3 months away from doing the the armor rework, which I doubt, why not wait and do everything at once and avoid 2-3 months, or substantially longer, of absolute shit?