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  1. If only these rounds were available to all players somehow! ...oh wait. It kills me every time I hear people complain about it. Load your own and stop bitching I say! Edit: Should have been a bit clearer on this. The availability for everyone to purchase prem rounds for credits. Makes hearing people bitch about laughable. Well, not so much anymore, as you pretty much hear someone complain every game. The tool is there for all to use. If you choose to use it, fine! If you choose not to use it. STFU already!! I, and I'm fairly sure, the other match players don't want to hear
  2. Welcome aboard GPV. This forum will definitely put you on the right path!
  3. I used to be bad, now working on trying to be good. First thing I did was stop reading that forum and started reading this one. 60 day speaks for itself. PS - I think it's kinda mean to declare war on our mentally challenged WGANA forum brothers. If they want to ride the short bus...let them!
  4. Technically, anyone who was a beta tester and had all their stats from the first 3k to 5k games wiped when the game launched. Could be called a re-roll. Does it really matter? Not one fucking shitty bit... I earned my shitty stats, and now I'm busting my ass to raise them. If someone feels the need to do it the fast way...what ever...
  5. Welcome aboard doc! WTH is your avatar pic of? wolfosaurus?
  6. Welcome aboard deetz! Anything is possible with the quality of info and player help you can get here! I'm proof of that! bad@tanks and rising!
  7. Greetings everyone. I'm Grimace and I'm bad@tanks. First, big thanks for a truly great and informative forum! (WoT's official forum has become a mire of pure crap) Been tanking for almost 2 years. Played my first 8047 games on an old POS rig that ran 4fps. (Apologies to all the teams I've been a lead weight to) Finally bought a solid gaming rig and my stats have been steadily climbing. It was like relearning the game from scratch, and now it's such a better exp. I've been spending a lot of time reading all the great info posts and watching lots of replay videos. I think my 60day st
  8. Seems about the same to me. Might be a few more lop sided on the west, but I'm on the west coast, and get great pings myself.
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