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  1. I think it does. The extra gun depression is huge. This thing is pretty beastly hull down with 8.5 sec reloads. You lose a little alpha but gain everything else. Also optics are viable and give around 430 view range, this thing can hunt like a medium late game.
  2. Thanks for the replies, I'm not imagining it. 110 all the way!
  3. I'm really liking the 110 now it's elite. It seems to be a lot easier to hull down than the is3. It feels like this tank has 5 or even 6 degrees of gun depression while the is3 feels like 3 degrees, yet the wiki lists them both as 5 degrees. Is the wiki correct? Also love the extra view range , accuracy and rof over the is3. I think my is3 just got made redundant.
  4. I love the fv4202 but I you want a really awesome tier 10 med just get the obj140 or e50m.
  5. This kind of goal is gonna drive you nuts when you get a run of salsa teams! Good luck though .
  6. You described the Brit medium line. The us or jap medium lines are valid alternatives.
  7. I have quite a few tens now and gotta say its prob my favourite to play aswell. I just love the mobility, accuracy and depression, will be sad to see it replaced. This may change however as I am getting close to the Leo...
  8. Hmmm Alien Platoon The shawshank redemption The departed Unforgiven Usual suspects When we were kings Terminator Blade runner Star Wars.
  9. I didn't think they were going to add the new sounds this patch.
  10. Couldn't agree more. The game would be way better without arty.
  11. Go with the mediums mate, they are more fun than the heavies . At least you can utilise the good gun depression , same can't really be said for the heavies armour. if you like the e50m you probably enjoy the sniping role. I find the 4202 to be excellent in pub games, the mobility is excellent but the top speed is only 40. It's camo also seems very good compared to 50m.
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