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  1. I have entered ever single one of the daily ones and site said they were invalid. I tried entering them yesterday at 8PM or something like that... It was before 00:00Ct
  2. Yes because the 279 (e) needs more buffs to it's armor and gun parameters
  3. @RunTheGears08 Thank you so much! I have taken all your points to heart and am trying to improve by increasing my awareness. One point that really makes me worry, is how little I know the sidescrapping methods for 5A, I simply cant seem to rely on the armor for anything :/
  4. My apologies, looks like the link was bad. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4704151?secret=14f7caa7aeba6ef8e87ba50f622a2db3
  5. Hello people, I'm approaching you today asking for some advice on how to play better on this map and overall how to play better the WZ 111 5A I'm gonna add several disclaimers... #1, I'm not... I repeat, NOT, bragging about the damage done on the match, once you open the link, please understand that most of the damage CAME in when the match was already decided, so if anything, it was just "Stat padding" rather than useful damage. #2, I suck really really bad on angling my 5A, I cant seem to prevent getting overmatched or penned at weird angles, I'm looking for some
  6. I was wondering, right now, as of 1.3 Patch, which tanks can be considered hidden jewels? that is, tanks that people don't normally get because there's optional branches or people skip as fast as they can because they are low tier tanks that don't have their potential exploited by newcomers? So far, the tanks I can think, that can find this type of category, would be tanks that people often overlook or rush through them, like the VK.30.01P being a very versatile tank or perhaps the JagdPz IV with it's 3K DPM
  7. Perhaps the heaviest things we bring to battle aren't our tanks, but our feelings~

    1. kolni


      What did I do

      I don’t remember 

  8. could you please adopt me? D: I'm not exactly a tomato, but im not good either... I remember a few years ago you helped in one of my threads and just happened to see you passing by :D

    1. InfinityGamer


      Sure, I think that'd be fun. Just send me a message in game. :)

  9. Star_Dust

    AMX M4 mle. 54

    I was wondering if the end of the road for this tank had a competitive appearance on todays meta, it will be interesting to see what the owners think of this one. Do you folks think it competes against the current CW preffered tanks anyhow?
  10. Now that I see it the title seems a bit racist. I just managed to hit 1601 overall, took me a while and a lot of effort to go from 1390 (2017 january) to 1601 (2018 january) in 4 K matches, not much improvement, so I was wondering about a lot of things while ranking up the color. First off, it seems I traded enormously the WN8 I'm making for WinRate, I know sometimes WinRate is very subjective in a few aspects and many times a lose streak is just inevitable, part of playing this game, what I want to know is what I could do to try to decrease the impact my WR is having without s
  11. Perhaps it is just that I'm really bad at fighting it, I was on my jagdtiger and the Badger just straight went through my UFP like it was nothing, I shoot at it at the cupula cheeks and it bounced, I remembered someone said the armor was incredibly tough so I switched to APCR and shoot again to the cheek (now that I looked at the tanksgg model I probs hit just slightly above it) and pierced it, I took shots back of course, I shoot again and it bounced on the cheek, tried shooting again where it penned and it bounced, then pum, I got killed from penning shots on my structure. so yup
  12. The only thing that bothers me is that the rewards aren't really exciting (outside of the boosters)
  13. Saw a few of them going around in some matches, it seems nimble enough to make the circle of death, however for some reason one of them actually started getting stuck on rough terrain while circling an IS3, the gun also seemed to shot APCR by default? or at least when I blocked the shell the "APCR" name was greyed out
  14. Sorry for bumping you here Crab, but how do you do a status update? ;-; literally can't find this same bar I'm using on you, in my profile T_T

    1. CraBeatOff


      When you go to the top right menu and click on the profile button does it take to a page that has a white box that says "Write a public message on your own feed" ?

      Its also possible it might not show up on some mobile versions of browsers. 

    2. Star_Dust


      Thanks for the reply! I annex the two images, one by clicking on my profile, and one by clicking on my username





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