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  1. Star_Dust

    AMX M4 mle. 54

    I was wondering if the end of the road for this tank had a competitive appearance on todays meta, it will be interesting to see what the owners think of this one. Do you folks think it competes against the current CW preffered tanks anyhow?
  2. Now that I see it the title seems a bit racist. I just managed to hit 1601 overall, took me a while and a lot of effort to go from 1390 (2017 january) to 1601 (2018 january) in 4 K matches, not much improvement, so I was wondering about a lot of things while ranking up the color. First off, it seems I traded enormously the WN8 I'm making for WinRate, I know sometimes WinRate is very subjective in a few aspects and many times a lose streak is just inevitable, part of playing this game, what I want to know is what I could do to try to decrease the impact my WR is having without spoiling the increases in WN8, I already try to target dangerous vehicles rather than players (example, kill a top tier KV3 tomatoe if he's weak instead of going out of my way for that T67 super unicum who spams APCR) as well as following lemming trains to push a side instead of dying in a stupid way in 20 secs, the things that I'm seriously lacking is how to trade shots and how to use a tank in an unfavorable environment (like a super heavy in an open map with tons of arty, or a light-medium paper tank on a brawling Ruinberg) so this made me wonder... What exactly, in the unicums view point, separates a light green from a dark green, a dark green from a light teal-from a dark teal-from light purple? i've seen some crazy players having 1200 Overall wn8 and 3600 Recents, so I wonder how do these people suddenly realize they can get good or what they are intrinsically doing wrong? I'm sure this post will be a bit confusing without replays, so if they are really really needed I'm just gonna upload yesterdays session, but that's not the focus of the post, what I basically want to know is, what exactly separates me from the next bracket of players Skill-wise? So that I can focus more on both the WR aspect and WN8 aspect. Probably this post will be a bit missplaced, if I did it wrong, I humbly apologize, have a good day! and thanks~
  3. Star_Dust

    Badger Badger Badger

    Perhaps it is just that I'm really bad at fighting it, I was on my jagdtiger and the Badger just straight went through my UFP like it was nothing, I shoot at it at the cupula cheeks and it bounced, I remembered someone said the armor was incredibly tough so I switched to APCR and shoot again to the cheek (now that I looked at the tanksgg model I probs hit just slightly above it) and pierced it, I took shots back of course, I shoot again and it bounced on the cheek, tried shooting again where it penned and it bounced, then pum, I got killed from penning shots on my structure. so yup... The thing it's kinda hard to crack if the LFP is hidden... not to mention the beast has extreme accuracy, good DPM and pretty dank penetration, if the premium round had more power... well......... Then again, I'm pretty bad at the game, so there's a huge chance I just screwed shit up
  4. Star_Dust

    TankRewards for DEC requires a Win. WG F-d up again

    The only thing that bothers me is that the rewards aren't really exciting (outside of the boosters)
  5. Star_Dust

    Any thoughts on the t92 light tank- Premium tier 8?

    Saw a few of them going around in some matches, it seems nimble enough to make the circle of death, however for some reason one of them actually started getting stuck on rough terrain while circling an IS3, the gun also seemed to shot APCR by default? or at least when I blocked the shell the "APCR" name was greyed out
  6. Sorry for bumping you here Crab, but how do you do a status update? ;-; literally can't find this same bar I'm using on you, in my profile T_T

    1. CraBeatOff


      When you go to the top right menu and click on the profile button does it take to a page that has a white box that says "Write a public message on your own feed" ?

      Its also possible it might not show up on some mobile versions of browsers. 

    2. Star_Dust


      Thanks for the reply! I annex the two images, one by clicking on my profile, and one by clicking on my username





  7. People tend to play more on the weekends, both for kiddos and adults. So the number of people playing also increases the chances of very random setups, teams, lemming trains, suicide-scouts and the likes. Basically, on these type of weekends people get really frustrated by all the factors mentioned and have a harder time making proper choices because they get tilted. I talk from experience of course~
  8. Star_Dust

    AMX50B, BC12T Tape requests

    @TAdoo87 You know what, you got your mouth super filled with absolute truth. I'm gonna go fish in the WOT Replays section, is it too late for me to upload here my replays from this soon to be afternoon matches to get them reviewed? just 2-3 from both tanks, I don't do particularly well on either (aside strongholds and advances) As always, super useful man!
  9. Star_Dust

    AMX50B, BC12T Tape requests

    Alright, I will post a few replays about it, I should rephrase it tho, I only have issues with the 50B on Fiery salient. Light tanks and medium tanks are okay, it's just the tall profile of the 50B that sometimes it's difficult to handle in the middle of the map, where the poking happens
  10. Star_Dust

    AMX50B, BC12T Tape requests

    I'm not sure if this is the appropiate thread to make such a request. but. I was wondering if players who have had some good consistency at the game could provide me with tapes to study them? I find myself struggling a VERY huge amount on maps where I'm forced to take cities for brawling and where the choke points are compromised of a few heavy tanks, best example is Lakeville, I'm unable to be relevant in the map regardless of what I use, the best that I have managed to do is sit back and wait for them to roll the city so that I can start clipping them, but then, it feels as if I was using my team as cannon fodder, which... Feelsbad... So, if players with good matches could provide replays on the following maps as to what to do , I would appreciate it a lot!. List of maps; Lakeville Mines Fiery Salient Swamp Highway Westfield I do have considered WOT guru but it doesn't has specific explanations on 50B and 12T just rather overall positioning so... Thank you very much! Thanks a bunch!
  11. Two people on KV2's murder a T67 at the start of the match, I proceed to report them, I get screwed from behind until near death, then, they proceed to push me to get killed, of course I couldn't even do a single shot of damage. They also damaged other allies and pushed people around barelly contributing to the game, even worse, they started insulting... On top of that... somehow we won the match... Players are JeFINN and Jancera
  12. it would be nice to join, since my clan hasn't ever been alive to begin with haha, problem is, I don't own any tier X ~ What sort of tanks are currently meta for , 6 , 8 and 10? Good luck with the recruiting~
  13. Star_Dust

    Unable to be relevant with heavies.

    Sadly, I ended up selling the Tiger 2 out of frustration... It was difficult for me to return to where the action was if I screwed up (among other circumstances) so I ended up straight up selling it :/ Perhaps one day I will take it back and attempt to do it right, but I doubt such day is any close, right now I'm having huge issues with my win rate, I'm trying to not be so tunneled visioned but I got troubles with assessing the map circumstances, I will add some replays whenever I get super bad games.
  14. Star_Dust

    JT Hype train

    Hello right now I'm having huge issues playing this tank, it would be nice if anyone could give me a few pointers. Lately it seems I get difficulty on positioning myself on places where I can do damage, then I end up getting swarmed by arty fire and mediums, which ends my match. If anyone could give me some advice or replays to check on them, that would be awesome, thanks!
  15. Star_Dust

    [YOUJO][NICO] is recruiting! <3

    I have met a few Youjo members, specially "TheReturned" very friendly person, he is an awesome guy. Hopefully one day I manage the stats to get into one of the divisions of the clan.