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  1. I know for a fact that wasn't my account as I have so many goddamn 10s I am perma-poor. Who had that much cash?
  2. I signed. They won't listen but I signed. Fuck it, go to Poland anyway and deal with summer school. Nothing you were planning on doing in the Summer is going to equal getting to go to Europe at 17 anyway. And you are a dumb ass for already missing that much school.
  3. This would work be a pretty good argument if rigging hurt anyone. If the missions really are that hard (15K damage?) then its pretty irrelevant as the people you are supposedly cheating out of a chance to get the tank...... have no chance anyway. This isn't like CHAI rigging landings zones with their 8 zombie clans in the last "big" campaign. People COULD (and did) win that without rigging.
  4. Marduk

    T34 boomstick

    Totally don't need full APCR. I go 50/50 and only leave on the APCR when shooting at T9 heavies or T10. In tier 8 battles the AP is just fine.
  5. Marduk

    T34 boomstick

    T29 with a broken engine is spot on. Its a fucking boat anchor. The gun does go boom really nice though. Glad I got mine free.
  6. Quit bitching about being shoved into close contact with 10,000 or more hot single horny young women. Fucking do the homework and then go bone till you get a rash. (Then get some amoxicillin and do it again)
  7. Dear SEA, Please don't judge all Americans by the dumbest of us and we won't judge you for the few of you caught in a special relationship with your sheep. Not all Americans are ignorant racist jingoistic nationalists.... only 39%*. http://www.people-press.org/2015/04/07/a-deep-dive-into-party-affiliation/ Lets get back to arguing why Richie Macaw is the worst cheater** ever in Rugby. *I actually don't believe that. I'm sure there are reasonable Republicans...they just don't run their own party anymore. **I don't believe that either... but he DID have a rule created just to stop him from poaching so many damn balls at the breakdown.
  8. IS-3/IS-7 when people say "hull down it".... they usually mean, "Find a boulder, wreck, or divot in the ground to hide your hull behind." Its not the traditional climb up a hill and poke your turret over that US tanks use.
  9. Port sucked so bad for orginized play though.... attacking on Port was the worst.
  10. So Blizzard isn't sensible? I'll let them know that according to Flarb, they've been doing it all wrong. Hint: Starcraft is balanced for the top level players. If you think something is broken, you should "get gud".
  11. I don't disagree. I think you SHOULD balance for the top end. If shitters can't make a tank work, but uni's can.... tough on the shitters. Serb clearly disagrees. Thus you get the broken as hell E5.
  12. I used to tripple toon scouts with Crab and JacG... you know....probably the 2 best scout players I know on this server. And these were back in days when maps still had vision control mechanics. I cannot COUNT the game we would lose because, "Whelp... I lit them... no one is shooting them.... oh shit, they are pushing now, we need to relocate.... crap... we've lost the critical ground". Scouts CANNOT hold ground in the face of heavies and mediums that really want to take it from you. If you team is suck... you can't carry them in a scout.
  13. The Finns I know were super nice. Granted.... they were 2 young women traveling the world... so maybe not representative.
  14. No it isn't. I'm in the top 1% (blue) and I'm not even unicum. Purples are so fucking rare that they could win 100% of their games in the E5 and it won't change a thing.
  15. 1) Battle of Ephesus in 498BC: the Greek hoplites including Athenians and Eretrians get smashed by the regional cavalry contingents of the satrapies of Asia Minor.2) Battle of Salamis (the Cyrpiot one) in 497BC: decisive defeat of the Cypriots3) Twin battles of river Menander in 497BC: The Carians suffer two consecutive massive defeats. It is worth noting that the even though the Carians were not Greeks, they had long been assimiliated into hoplite warfare, both in terms of armament and pressumably tactics. And in the second battle they had been bolstered by the army of Miletus.4) Battle of Malene in 493BC: The last act of the Ionian revolt, Histiaeus' mixed Aeolian/Ionian force gets scattered.5) Battle of Memphis 456BC: Megabuzys defeats the joint Egyptian/Athenian force and reclaims Egypt for the Achaemenids Marathon was the 1st time ever that the Greek's BEAT the Persians. The Persians knew the Hopilite was superior to their infantry. They also knew thier Cav was better. This doesn't surprise me... I should have remembered your inability to admit when you are wrong when EE and the rest of the HAV crew flogged you over your belief in Nazi kill ratios.
  16. 1) Compared to Alex, Hannibal was fairly bad@siege. He didn't have anything remotely close to Alex's mobile artillery (nor did anyone else till horse artillery of the Napoleonic Era) He did not have an engineering core, nor did his army have the Roman Ethic of shovel work. (Niether did the Romans till after 2) Sending the Navy to dick about in Sicily was a huge mistake. Hanno's work. 3) He couldn't siege Rome no matter what, he had to pry away allies. 4) Because of the mismanagement of the Carthage Navy. 5) Agree on the lack of Enthusiasm...... the allies were honestly terrified of Roman retribution. 6) SOME of Hannibal's vets lasted to the end.... some of the Numidians were fighting for Rome in the end. The percent of experienced vets in his army went down as the campaigns went on and on the Roman side, the troop quality increased. The defection of the Numidian Cavalry was a huge huge effect. Seriously. Read more, racism less. Viewing Persians as "Asian trash" is just straight up silly and lacks an understanding of where the Eastern Roman Empire got the cataphrac concept from. My original point (to bring this back) is that Hannibal was probably the 3rd or 4th best General in history behind Alex, Gus, maybe Julius or Napoleon. Scipio was good, but not in their league at all.
  17. I strongly disagree. You are looking at proximate not root causes. The war was lost because in 17 years of kicking Roman Consuls up and down one side of Italy, Hannibal could never really pry any of the Roman subject cities away from Rome. (and he was completely shit at sieges, Alexander would have wrecked Rome given the amount of time Hannibal had) He need to reform the Eutracian League and the Southern Kingdoms (whose name eludes me at the moment) What Hannibal needed was a navy off shore of Italy securing his lines of communications and helping to starve out garrisons. Instead he had to rely on his brother to raise a 2nd army out of the Barca personal fortune and then try to march it over the Alps again. Hanno blocked this at every turn. The Roman Senate wasn't perfect but those 1%ers fucking donated their fortunes to the state to continue putting armies into the field until they wore away Hannibal's Spanish veterans and his army was the trash he could collect from Italy. I suggest Theodore Ayrault Dodge's Hannibal. (Along with Livy of course, as long as you recognize Livy has an agenda)
  18. Hannibal's support in 17 years was pretty atrocious. His brother did finally attempt to get an army to him, but yeah, Scipio wrecked his brother. The Carthaginian Senate kept dicking about in Siciliy and sending units to Spain. Fuck Spain. The war was NOT going to be won or lost in Spain. They needed to send siege equipment and money to him in S. Italy. They didn't.
  19. I'll point out no one in FOXEY has ever offered to trade me for a bag of chips. #NeverForgat. Edit: Still can't fucking spell.
  20. Oh fuck him.....his enemies handed him easy win after easy win. He was competent enough not to fuck up. Hannibal. There was a guy who won battles when EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING WENT WRONG. And if you say "scoreboard" I swear I'm going to hunt you down and low kick your leg off. Hannibal literally had the most corrupt short sighted morons in the known world as "leaders" back home "supporting" him. The Carthaginian Senate made the Nazis look good at fighting wars. Edit: I can't fucking spell.
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