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  1. I am going down the russian medium line and currently at t-44 (what a horrific grind...) and aiming for obj-140 (I can't really decide if I want t-62A yet..). Before you guys start blaming me for this question that has been asked over and over again here is what I have found so far: 1- WoT does not provide a chance to freely experiment with the skills. I don't want to spend 10%(up to 20% if I decide to go back to old skills) of my crew experience just to make sure which is better. 2-I know that, if I choose to play as flanker, getting repairs can be more beneficial 3-Camo is good, as a med, scouting is required for my team from time to time 4-IMO the answers on this and other forums are too generic while russian med line has good camo values AND flanking capabilities thus somewhat exceptional. So, obviously the choice of skills boils down to my play style. But I believe the skills can be sorted by their values regardless of my play style. Since, for example, having camo or repair is far more beneficial then having smooth ride. Before resetting skills becomes even more expensive, I really would like to hear your thoughts or possibly your setups. BTW, I don't have a play style, I am just watching for opportunities. Here is my theoretical skills: SS, BIA, Camo, Repair Camo, BiA, Repair, Snapshot Camo, BiA, Repair, Smooth Ride or Clutch Braking Camo, BiA, Safe Stowage, Repair Along with this equipments: Gun Rammer, Coated Optics, Vertical Stabilizer I also have another question that is the priority of getting this skills. Is BiA overrated? Should I go for repairs first then BiA maybe? The priority matters for me because I understood that the real grind is crew experience.
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