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  1. I dedicate this video to everyone who claims that armor is now irrelevant. Songs are "Dance the Night Away" and "Standing On Top of the World", both by Van Halen.
  2. I plan on buying en E50 and eventually an e5 (don't much care about it though).
  3. I'm short on credits, and thinking about selling a tank I don't really play; the Obj 268. Since the TD nerf, I just can't seem to do more than my own HP of damage, and rarely have fun doing it. The only things keeping me from selling it right now, are that it gets used in cw sometimes, and that's a lot of credits if I ever decide I want it back. The clan wars thing isn't really an issue, but the credits is. So, what do you think?
  4. Granted, I ground it out with the 300 pen HEAT, but recently I grabbed it for a tourny and found I only need about 1/3 HEAT to do well.
  5. I don't know who that it. I'm still pretty new here.
  6. Not really, no. This is about what I expected.
  7. I can't say I didn't expect arty hate. As for the crew, I already have a decent one in my 304.
  8. I'm about to get 10k gold, and I'm thinking about free xping the GC (hate the tier 9), but I'm not sure. Why I want to: Big splash Good for cw Big alpha High arc Pubbie tears I already love the FV304 Why I don't want to: Innacurate Long reload Arty Edit for those of you who voted polar bear:
  9. Need 3 more people (one guy's house got zapped, so he's out), preferably all with 2+tier 10s and 1400+ overall wn8. http://worldoftanks.com/uc/teams/89282-Loltraktor%253EWaffle/ Just reply to this thread if you're interested, and I'll pm you tomorrow, since I'm about to go to bed.
  10. So... the Ebay receipt would count?
  11. I'm interested in getting a Panzer 2j, but I'm not willing to pay over ~$200 for one. I found one for slightly less, but it says it only works on RU servers. However, I have heard people say that it would work here anyway. Which one is true? http://www.ebay.com/...=item4d1db91c3a Also, not sure where to put this, so mods feel free to put it in the right place.
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