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  1. unless im mistaken, the jpe and the 183 do different things better than each other. the 183 will always break things and kill people, every shot. the jpe doesn't do that. the 183 has higher alpha, and can one shot a bat attempting to circle, where the jpe really cant. the jpe might be better at sitting in the line of fire, and blasting away, but he 183 still does what it does better. situation dependant. i dont own either, but i dont think the 183 has been made useless, just been made hard to use, from the super easy mode it once was. and the partial turret, i forgot totally about that, sr mentioned it^
  2. with the accuracy buff from way back, 60% of the time, its goes right where you aim. even if you only hit with 60% of your shots, that still what 10k damage? the only tier 8 you will have any trouble with frontally(and hull down) would be a 110. there are only a few tier 8 tanks even capable of not being penned in the best possible scenario. even then, you take half their hp and break/kill equipment and crew. 300 meter shots shouldn't be a problem at all, i make them all the time in my hundo. same accuracy i think, even the is7 makes that range with little problem.
  3. kv1, 57mm pew pew of death. collect pubbie tears
  4. i look forward to seeing the relpays from the no gold run. i am playing the is6 right now quite a bit, and trying to not use apcr at all. it will be good to see how a great player makes it work, i am having trouble.
  5. i have fallen in love with the 57mm, its the most fun gun in the game. i know what i am posting isnt really applicable to the thread, but garbad, you have to try it if you haven't. its a joy. any time i am getting sick of wot and am ready to rage uninstall and never play again, i just load up my kv1 with the 57mm of doom, and go derping around. smiles all around after that. (gold is kinda required if you pull 7's)
  6. i swear i saw him in ts not long ago, i think it was a star citizen or something channel. not tanks anyway, nothing wrong with a break
  7. @stranamecht it seems to me, that even in the best possible situation for the super heavy spall liner, its not that helpful. i dont really see where you would ever want one over the other items available. am i seeing that wrong? what situation would you want one?
  8. "reverse angling" it is what makes this game worth playing. without it i doubt i would still be here. i have had so many 10k+ damage taken games, there is nothing more fun than eating the shells of 5+ tanks for the whole game and getting accused of hacking. it makes me feel warm and fuzzy in all the right places.
  9. i would much prefer a gun to a sword vs zombies, untill i ran out of ammo. i would want both, and armour. maybe a tank, till it ran out of gas. maybe an electric mine clearing tank with solar pannels. i bet that flail would work well against a mob-o-zombies.
  10. i would load the 3 apcr you have left, it should be enough to kill those 2, then use camo and better view to spot before they spot you, and hope for a win. although i am bad at lights, so i am likely wrong. (kill the 128mm first, you can take a hit from the 105)
  11. super heavy spall liner, is it good for any tank? does anyone have a link to a post with maths and charts and things?i did a search, but not to much in the way of facts, mostly personal opinion.
  12. has anyone done any math hammering on this, with charts and shit. that usually helps alot. last i read, spall liners were a waste
  13. he will in a bit, waiting till the pubbies slow down on requests so people dont try to game him for 2500 gold
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