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  1. EchelonIII

    9.18 (?) - Light tank: From new meta to its demise?

    ELC losing 90mm? What the fuck?
  2. So I've been playing on Asia for a month now, and was stuck at rank 15 until I got my first T8, which was the ARP Takao.... I've noted that Lexington players are almost always retarded, as are Mogamis. You'd have to be a moron to play either one of those when the Shoukaku exists and everybody just got a free Atago. Getting a strike lex on your team generally tends to be an instaloss. And yes, I'd take a 12 point Atago over a 19 point Mogami anyday.
  3. Let me correct all of you on his account. He wasn't just alone, he was hiding back alone in the south as if he was holding a flank. He was doing such a shitty job that my VBL was literally able to flank him after going north and taking the LONG WAY AROUND THE FUCKING MAP. He would have delayed of stopped me from outflanking every single one of his MBTs in mid had he at least camped north. The ONLY thing that stopped me from killing him was friendly fire from my team's ERC killing me. He might thing that it's some kind of honour to die late in the game, but the only reason he was #14 to die is because he was literally in a position too worthless to attack..
  4. Oh hey I just saw this. Start using your brain and have some balls to actually play instead of hiding at the back like a bloody retard like you were in your Chieftain. I still remember the conversation as your isolated Cent 5 got flanked and rekt by my VBL until my teammate hit me. The reason you lost to my VBL wasn't because of the tier spread, I could have absolutely destroyed you in a Fox anyway because you were going your own way isolated from your team and were basically hiding like a shitty coward You: *Some shitty whine* Me: "Get active and stop hiding back like a shitter while your team is pressing" You: "I didn't do anything" Me: "Exactly why you're a shitlord"
  5. EchelonIII

    Considering a Down Under vacation, seeking advice

    Beware of drop bears.
  6. EchelonIII

    RIP WoWP?

    This game existed?
  7. EchelonIII

    Maintaining 3 MoE - ELC

    MOEs mean jack shit if your win rate sucks balls. Work on that first.
  8. The maximum possible, why should you use anything else?
  9. EchelonIII

    Unicum Guides - Sliphantom

    I r8 dis 9/11
  10. 7.5 by a mile, MM changes + T10 TDs and Meds basically changed the entire game.
  11. Rampage is a dead mode anyway, too little, too late.
  12. EchelonIII

    The overly misused phrase "noob team"

    if someone has played on a map like Lakeville thousands of times, and has failed to realize than a valley push consistently fails far more often than it succeeds, that's a failure to learn. Is winning more fun than losing? Yes Does improving at the game helps you win more? Yes Hence, better players have more fun. Q.E.D.
  13. EchelonIII

    The overly misused phrase "noob team"

    An inability to learn from mistakes indicates an intellectual disability.
  14. EchelonIII

    'Nother shit night - so many baddie teams

    And the greentard, never flitting, still is shitting, still is shitting On the thread of the forum about his inability to whore And his stats have all the badness of a tomato that is ripening Ripening for a day in the pallid hope that he may be something more And his WR stays slow and as low And as low as it was before. Quoth the purple. "Cry Sum Moar"
  15. EchelonIII

    Type 59 for everyone!

    They knew damn well what they were doing with this giveaway, and they knew damn well why they chose the tank they did for a giveaway.