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  1. not even as good as tazilon 0/10
  2. ye mate, You can put stuff on Miku/The other idols for the song. Hisokee did the beak for memes.
  3. While I like watching Osu, I never actually played it. Instead I got good at Project Diva.
  4. triggered, trying to get more men to control their desires? as a wymyn myself I am going to write about this on my tumblr blog.
  5. Way too much info to do. Honestly that won't really improve anything, you're better off learning about the tank or general map tactics than individual tanks performing on individual maps for yourself only.
  6. I hope they allow the extensive modding that they allowed in Mount and Blade 1. Honestly the modding community made that game... So much more than it was.
  7. I'm barely good but I'll offer my help whenever I can. Though my weekday schedule is bad. On weekdays I'm on after midnight but free entirety of the weekends.
  8. A pic of myself? I have them all over the forums and shit so I don't see why not.
  9. What measurement are you using to get a 9800+ rating match? I mean if it is wn8 then congrats I've just never usually see those numbers except low tiers or lights.
  10. Got a new person to play tanks and they had fun at low tiers, meanwhile I wanted to kill myself playing low tiers.

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    2. Laceylace


      I dont have anything but like... Rewards that low. My lowest "non" reward premium is like... A Pz B2

    3. ThomChen114


      Tetrarch is great, until you get shot at. And with most maps at low tiers promoting close range engagements (RIP Province) tanks like H35 do better sometimes

    4. Raj


      Lacey, there's quite a few really fun low tiers tbh. I mean I don't play the game anymore, but I'd reccomend pz.38(t) (or whatever the Czech tank is I think it's a little better). Then the Hetzer, or M8A1, or pz3 especially with gold ammo. Then M4 sherman is breddy good, as well as the S35CA with it's 330 damage gun. Cromwell/T-34-85/VK36/Tiger 6. Then whatever really.

      oh and pz2 is a beast at tier2.

  11. My boobs aren't small but large either so I'm like somewhere in the middle I guess. big boobs would just mean my back get even more sore from carrying pubbies
  12. Promotion of new tech tree. Just like they did with the Czech specials that gave us female crew for them last year.
  13. He says we troll him. We just point out his bullshit and that is upset as this is the internet and when someone says your opinion is wrong you throw a temper tantrum. I mean that's literally what exposingwot is. A temper tantrum by a fully grown autist.
  14. WE'VE UPSET INSURRECTIONAL. HE'S PMING ME AGAIN WITH GHOSTPRIME FROM THAT PHOTO I PUT ON PAGE 2. He's telling Ghostprime that I can't post things from a "PM" lol this is amazing.
  15. I was called about 3 different people. Sorry guys, one day I'm an aussie asian another I'm some white fuckboi and then another I'm nolan. I have some serious identity issues. :< also all the anger i spew in chat is barely there, 0/10
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