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  1. Awwww yissss no longer need to watch replays, now I have past broadcasts FeelsGoodMan.
  2. One of the worse matches I've seen in this specific thread lol
  3. To just answer the question No not necessarily, It means you aren't very proactive with your mediums but I cannot say without knowing how you play. Replay pack perhaps? also don't listen to pubbies, you'll often get trashtalked unreasonably but if it happens very often then perhaps you play a bit too passive. In the end, are you playing to win as a team or do well on your own?
  4. Thank you, while I could access the first link via proxy I was struggling to download it.
  5. Just did so, worked like a charm. No idea why they'd ban mediafire download links but not the site.
  6. Can't access it still, I can get on the main page of mediafire and check my account but any download links seem to not work. Have checked and others are having a similar issue so it's either mediafire or a country thing.
  7. How do you deal with losing so many credits lol
  8. AW has faster grinds than world of tanks, which I do like. It also costs less to make exp/rep into free exp/rep so even if you dont really like a grind you can purchase one of the very cheap premiums that you may like and play it until you have the rep to just skip a tank. To be very honest if it wasn't for variety in maps and tanks I'd probably never pick up world of tanks again.
  9. Is it really worth playing a tank just to grind to the next tier when you hate the tank, you just find it not fun at all? of course this is if you already have an account with most tanks.
  10. Do you have a 416? if so could you please do some replays of it? I have to play it stock lmao. kill me please.
  11. It's on an NA account that has no other tanks, I just want a couple of tier 10s on there :|
  12. You don't know what you're talking about, WG is perfect with their perfectly balanced artillery and 60% of players being braindead, it's us who's wrong. Most painful part is there's a new game which needs some time to fix things while not having xvm but because they have the Russians they won't do anything to fix the game.
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