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  1. JunkBot told me to come here to ask questions: IT'S ONLY--IT'S ONLY GAME. Y U HEFF TO BE MAD?
  2. Based on the early leak of the Panther Ausf F 88 in what, June? And that's coming 2 patches from now in January 2015? Well it's October now so *does math* Tax Day 2015? Assuming that coincides with a patch. I guess 9.8 or so. And all I would assume is that the game mode WILL last one patch, but it's basically a historical 50/50 if this new game mode lasts any longer than that, or is fully fleshed out from day 1.
  3. Not all posters posting here are from the Chinese server. I say again, shorter this time: noise as white as the wind-driven snow.
  4. I hear gas is a dollar cheaper in bumfuck Oregon. Too bad I don't live there. This thread is pointless.
  5. I'm surprised no one sees this for what it is: like hi-def models, this is a bit of WG.net emulating Gaijin because the temperature in the kitchen is getting higher. I freely admit I can be wrong in this, but I don't think I am. They're desperately throwing copious amounts of lipstick on their BigWorld pig. In good news, World of Warships is multicore!
  6. For some reason, although it is still upcoming content, the thread was removed like it is now current content. Probably need to undo that.
  7. https://sites.google.com/site/mikesparks4/ Everyone please stop posting this lunatic's videos. I've seen his crap thoughtlessly parroted and reposted on many a forum. Any detailed knowledge of a given specific vehicle / idea he has in any given area is usually shot down and pigeonholed. I don't happen to know enough about the IS-3, although at least with respect to the IS-3, he in fact picked a tank which didn't have a stirring operational history. More like an abbreviated, checkered one, overshadowed by the nascent MBT's. His greatest sins in these videos is omissio
  8. So I'm gonna try and start a thing Re: stunning HE: HE-bola Good? Rotten tomatoes?
  9. Uh change "patches" to "years." They were removed summer 2012 IIRC because hack-type (banned) mods could permanently render the tracer making CB foolproof. It worked with direct fire tracers, too. As the game stands being server calculated, I'm not sure what the ideal implementation of improved tracers is, but their absence has definitely hurt, IMO.
  10. The T49 (152) was already trollish enough. Also 5 seconds is a ridiculously long time.
  11. I think the shift button (toggle zoom; I understand it might not be the SHIFT key) can go down to personal preference; with practice many things can work. I don't prefer it cause I have a comfortable, easy-to-use scroll wheel suitable for constant in/out zooms. (Logitech G5; I go through their scroll wheels, and other buttons at a rate of a new mouse every 3 years) Someone mentioned unicums spend a lot of time (apparently) randomly zooming in and out. Bear and mind the action isn't an empty, rote act, but a manifestation of the player's thought process. Constantly panning and zooming to
  12. I'm just gonna skip the part where I read the thread and this post will be approved or not: How does it feel to be officially acknowledged as the "leader" of vocal NA arty haters at "a site called wotlabs?" Will you run for POTUS? Who will win the Final Four? Is four teams in the NCAA playoff enough? These are the most germane questions I think you'll find heretofore.
  13. They're slowly implementing things in WT and desperately trying yo apply as much lipstick to their pig engine in anticipation of WT competition. Seems like new physics will come along the same time as WT Beta, at which point they're gonna just hope their product stands the test of time.
  14. Small reminder: 6th sense wasn't in the game when launched. If you think its necessary you should probably wonder if it is a crutch / you just think its a crutch. I've grinded crews to a first crew skill in every year of the games existence and I don't have an especially harder time playing due to no 6th sense. Play without it sometime (just not platooned, obviously): it will change your play very little; if anything, like playing modless, you have to think MORE, and that helps. A bigger issue is having no camo + no repair when grinding. 6th sense completion is always a big 1st skill goa
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