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    Platypusbill got a reaction from CraBeatOff in T54E2 w/120mm and T-22SR models   
    Sorry, didn't have time to do everything before. Edited stats into OP.
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from Expendable_Lad in Contrary to my suspicions, SP armour got buffed   
    I noticed 9.8 supertest changes can now be seen on gamemodels3d, so I took a look at what would be more or less the final version of the Super Pershing.
    Now, before anyone who read my starts shouting "told you, should have waited for the final version you paranoid shitlord", I'd like to point out that based on the model originally scheduled for release in 9.7 the SP was indeed going to get nerfed. The two spaced armour plates being modeled separately meant the 2x overmatch mechanic was going to be applied twice on the section where they overlapped and all angles got nerfed. I was pretty sure they had overdone the angle changes (on the current supertest model, certain angles actually got buffed while others were nerfed), but if nothing was going to fundamentally change, it would still become weaker.
    Then this image was posted on Rita's blog.

    I was skeptical because a buff was simply impossible if the model that was available to me back then was an indication, and all numbers are massively off (they do not seem to factor in normalisation at all), but I did consider the possibility that WG had completely fucked up the model previously and the second layer of spaced armour was supposed to cover the entire hull.
    This is precisely what was done on the most recent change.

    The effect of this is that the lower and upper edges of the hull became stronger as they previously had only one spaced armour plate covering them instead of two. Also, the flat section between the crew hatches got thickened from 101.6mm to 139.6mm. The one thing that did not change compared to my prior evaluation is that the lower UFP actually got a bit weaker.
    Haven't really looked at the changes to the turret and such, I was mainly concerned about the front hull.
    Calculating the armour of the SP is very complicated as you have to calculate up to three plates separately and also figure out the increased normalisation for the spaced plates. Because of this and me recently discovering the use of Excel to perform calcluations, I set up a spreadsheet that compares the effective armour of the two versions.
    ^Updated on May 9th because of a small mistake.

    Results change according to the variables under the red headlines.
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from Va1heru in Dank places on Earth thread.   
    Not the most scenic of places, but here's some pics from near my home.
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    Platypusbill reacted to sahtila in Conqueror OP   
    Sorry team I did not carry enough. But you did give your best, GJ guys.

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    Platypusbill got a reaction from Gashtag in Dank places on Earth thread.   
    Not the most scenic of places, but here's some pics from near my home.
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    Platypusbill reacted to StranaMechty in Safe Stowage Effectiveness   
    Contrary to what the wiki says, modules do not necessarily turn yellow when they hit 50% HP, as detailed in http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/1566-for-questions-about-crew-skills-equipment-and-modules/&do=findComment&comment=454376. What actually happens is that modules have a base HP amount and a natural regen point. So long as the module does not go below this regen point it will not appear damaged, once you pass that point it becomes yellow.
    This regen point isn't the same for all modules, either. Ammo racks seem to hover around 60-70% of the normal max HP. The Type 59 has a regen point of 100 HP, and a max HP of 170 (58.8%). The JP E-100 has a regen point of 190 HP and a max of 280 (67.9%). These values seem to vary per tank and will need to be looked up through software like Tank Inspector or WoT Knowledgebase (or tanks.gg, an excellent website). Some regen values are at 50%, possibly the origin for this particular belief.
    This narrower-than-expected window means safe stowage may not be as useful as one would otherwise expect. Consequently I've made a spreadsheet (what a shock!). Here you can input the tank's max HP and regen point. In addition to giving you the average, minimum, and maximum module damage rolls of every gun caliber in the game, it will tell you what calibers safe stowage will provide a benefit against. Keep in mind this only matters if a round succeeds in its 27% (or 30% with deadeye) chance to damage the rack in the first place.
    Spreadsheet. - Make a copy for yourself and you can check out any tank you desire.
    To explain what you're seeing, here I have used the Type 59 as an example vehicle. The sheet is saying that safe stowage protects against...
    Ammo rack damage by
    Average roll of a 57mm Minimum rolls of 75-88mm guns Maximum rolls of 45-50mm guns Ammo rack destruction by
    Average rolls of 128-139.7mm guns Minimum rolls of 170-182.9mm guns Maximum rolls of 105 and 107mm guns So, it's not a stellar perk, but I think in light of the dearth of useful loader-specific skills, it's worthwhile considering it. I should mention that I don't know if the regen point is buffed by safe stowage, but Tank Inspector says it is not and I've no reason to disbelieve it. Wouldn't make much sense for it to be anyway (though when has that ever mattered?).
    As an aside, the British 20pdr guns break the mold and have more module damage than you would expect from their caliber, possibly an arbitrary bonus given for balance purposes.
    Edit: I was fighting with the Google Sheets conditional formatting rules for a while, let me know if you see something wrong with the setup.
    Edit 2: The sheet is written in such a way that you can alter cell H4 to use formula "=H2*1.5" if you want to see how wet ammo rack stacks up instead of safe stowage. I may go back at some point and add it as its own feature later, but for now I really don't want to re-do the conditional formatting rules.
    Edit 3: Took the easy way out and added a WAR sheet. Might make work on a combo later.
    Edit 4: Combo sheet added.
    Edit 5: Updated for 9.18 artillery module damage changes.
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    Platypusbill reacted to StranaMechty in The Chieftain's Hat   
    Started as a bit of a joke, this has evolved into a slightly more complex joke. In honor of our very own The_Chieftain, you too can now have special Marks of Excellence, crew images, and decals on the Maus.

    Why the Maus decal? Well...

    More features to come, assuming I don't get bored and wander off...
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from prolix in Dank places on Earth thread.   
    Not the most scenic of places, but here's some pics from near my home.
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    Platypusbill reacted to Rexxie in A Look at 9.9 Armor Changes (Caern Meganerf, etc)   
    Like I did in my last two topics, I'm going to go over some of the armor changes that've hit us with the 9.9 patch. Some changes are pretty well advertised by WG, but many others are often unknown & not realized until too late! This patch brings us the Type 62, AMX 50 100, FCM 50 t, Churchill VII, Caernarvon, Conqueror, Panther/M10, VK 36.01 (H), M6A2E1, T23E3, M46 Patton, T110E3, T110E4, and Т-62А. Tanks I don't mention have gotten no meaningful changes.
    AMX 50 100:
    Small nerf. Turret made substantially taller & the hull a tiny bit wider. UFP and shoulders nerfed from ~130mm to ~125mm. LFP buffed from ~110mm to ~120mm. Turret base nerfed to ~90mm from 100mm, rest of turret buffed from roughly 140-160mm to 150-170mm (IS-6 might actually bounce a hulldown 50 100 now!).
    FCM 50t:

    Small buff. Cupola made less pronounced, UFP buffed from ~135mm to ~145mm. Cheeks made thinner. Turret ring made a bit more pronounced, so turret damage may become slightly more common.
    Churchill VII:
    Substantial nerf. Turret is now substantially taller (and much uglier!). Mantlet completely removed, but the mantlet provided no additional protection (in fact part of it was 10mm weaker than the surrounding armor). UFP simplified; no longer has 139mm weakspots or 202mm strongspot. Autobounce plate is no longer autobounce at close ranges. LFP buffed from ~145mm to ~150mm, but is no longer surrounded by 220mm+ welds on the very tip and bottom of LFP. Shooting through the front of the tracks is no longer a go-to strategy; this area was buffed from 100-130mm to 140-150mm.
    Huge nerf. No longer has strong weld between UFP and LFP. UFP nerfed from ~220mm to ~205mm. Turret face nerfed from ~165-220mm to ~150-170mm. Mantlet shattered; center of mantlet nerfed from 200mm to 152mm, edges of mantlet nerfed from 200-400+mm to 124-280mm. Turret sides nerfed from 112mm to 89mm. Track protection no longer a solid block. Spaced armor covering tracks now has small gap. Turret roof angle buffed by ~4 degrees; can no longer pen it on flat ground. Turret ring made more pronounced, but buffed from 50mm to 130mm.
    Huge buff. Turret buffed from 170-200mm to 250-300mm+. Mantlet buffed from 350mm+ to 550mm+. Turret ring made more pronounced, but buffed from 50mm to 130mm.
    VK 36.01 H:
    Slight nerf. Tank made slightly larger. Mantlet center nerfed from 135mm to 100mm. Mantlet overlap nerfed substantially; edges are typically much thinner too. Cupola made slightly smaller. Tracks on LFP now part of armor model; the area they cover is now 15mm thicker, from 110mm to 125mm. Very bottom of LFP is now autobounce instead of a weakspot.
    Huge buff. Hull completely remodeled; now looks more like a giant 50 100 instead of a M6. UFP buffed from 210mm to 240mm. No longer has 190mm weakspot where the LFP is least angled; LFP is now just as strong as the UFP, 240mm+. Shoulders nerfed from ~250mm to ~230mm. Turret face buffed from 190-215mm to 200-240mm. Mantlet center buffed from 190mm to 230mm, mantlet edges went from 440mm+ to 720mm+. Turret sides buffed from 90mm to 90mm-120mm. Turret ring buffed from 44mm to 190mm and made much more pronounced. Tracks no longer solid.
    M46 Patton:
    Slight armor nerf. Turret made taller, hull made thinner. Turret face made thicker in general, ~20mm increase across the board. LFP buffed from 120mm to 130mm, 70mm weakspot added to the UFP (MG port). Turret sides nerfed from 86mm to 70mm. Very top of UFP has exposed hull roof armour that can be overmatched by 128mm+ guns. 152mm strongspot added to the top center of the UFP. Cupola made slightly less pronounced. Turret ring made much more pronounced.
    Small buff. Cupola nerfed from ~300mm to ~290mm. LFP buffed from 225-245mm to 225-265mm. Small UFP buffed from 325mm to 360mm. Lost tiny 75mm vision port weakspot; RIP sr360!
    Small nerf. Center of cupola nerfed from 200mm to 185mm. Turret cheeks made smaller, but much more reliable to pen; many areas that were once 280mm+ are now only 240mm. Weld between UFP and LFP buffed from ~285-305mm to 300-350mm. LFP nerfed from 185-200mm to 165-200mm. Turret ring made slightly more pronounced.
    Small buff. Turret made slightly shorter, 250mm turret cheek weakspot made much smaller, UFP nerfed from ~170mm to ~160mm.
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    Platypusbill reacted to Mort in How nicknames relate to player performance   
    Found this while browsing /r/worldoftanks

    Notable observations:
    On average, players with names starting with uppercase letters will perform better than players with names starting with lowercase letters. The only exception is the lowercase ex. The best players seem to be born between 1989 and 1997. Names with the years 2005-2012 seem to get better since those years are unlikely to be linked to the year they were born. I would speculate that players with the years 2013-2015 in their names are worse because those years are probably the years that they signed up to WoT, giving them less time to gain experience over the players that signed up between 2010 and 2012. I somewhat doubt this conclusion, but it's the only one that makes sense to me. (Edit: The OP of the Reddit thread backs up my conclusion: "When you register, if the nickname you choose is already taken, the game offers you alternatives, one of them is the same nick with current year appended. And there were a lot of registrations when game opened in 2010 to much appraise.") Names starting with an underscore have the second highest WN8 on average. Not entirely unexpected. No idea why the letter J is so high, or why the letter V is so low. Something to do with the Russian server maybe??? Players with only 2 letters in their names are on average the best players on the server. Some of this may be small sample size, but it's not exactly surprising since players with 2 letters in their names will have signed up long before most other players, giving them more experience. I'm not sure what server(s) this data is polled from, but it's possible that it only comes from the Russian server. The data is from all of the servers.
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from Shackram in The Random Thoughts Thread   
    It's not quite accurate, but you get the idea.
    For a country that's supposed to embody progress, the US is pretty fucking stubborn about this.
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from ThePowerOfLove in The notorious Object260   
    Simply put, it should be *much* faster than an IS-7 since it not only has more engine power, it's also lighter. P/W is 19.7 vs 15.5 hp/t. Terrain resistance is 1.7 vs 1.8 on medium terrain, 2.5 vs 3.1 on soft terrain.
    The turret cheeks can only be penetrated by extremely powerful gold rounds, and even then only if they hit the centre of the cheeks where it's 350mm of basically flat armour. Potentially also the lower sloped sections if you're hulldown on a slope to negate some of the angle. The centre of the mantlet is only 250mm of flat armour, but it's a risky shot because the shooter might hit the gun or the turret cheek instead, and TBH- who the fuck tries to intentionally shoot the mantlet of a Soviet heavy?
    The major downside compared to the IS-7 turret is that it has legit weakspots on top. The entire turret roof is 30mm thick (say hello to clickers/people shooting at you from above) and is also visible at level ground. The cupola is fairly large but only the lower parts are actually weak due to the angle increasing towards the top- it ranges from 173 to 256 against AP, not counting side angle.
    The IS-7 also has 6 degrees of depression vs 5, so it can actually utilise its turret better.
    The weaker parts of the hull side armour are a bit larger than the equivalent areas on the IS-7, but the upper parts are even more trolly. The upper edge is 150mm @ 54 vs 45 (229 vs 196 against AP) and the spaced armour section is 30mm + 100mm @ 68 vs 100mm @ 60 (250 vs 236 against AP), and if your opponent is shooting at least 2 degrees downwards or from at least 25 degrees off to the side, the shell will simply ricochet.

    Otherwise, the armour is very similar to the IS-7.
    The gun
    The 260's 122mm has 7% more DPM whie the IS-7's 130mm has 11% more alpha. It also has a higher shell velocity with its standard rounds (1259 vs 900 m/s), and has better accuracy/aim time/dispersion on the move (0.36 vs 0.40, 2.5 vs 3.1, 0.17 vs 0.19).
    The IS-7's standard round generally has better penetration due to its AP round's increased normalisation compared to APCR. Against a 60 degree angled plate, its 260 pen APCR is equivalent to 241 pen AP, while the IS-7 has 250 pen AP. The 260's APCR also loses up to 6% of penetration at 500m, while the IS-7's AP only loses 4%. The IS-7's APCR is more versatile because you can go for tracking shots, but the 260's HEAT has much higher raw penetration at 340 vs 303, especially at a distance where the APCR will eventually drop down only 263 pen- this gives the Obj 260 a 12-29% pen advantage depending on the distance, not counting APCR's slight normalisation advantage. With the penetration gap being that large, I would personally prefer the HEAT.
    In short, the 260 is more medium-like than the IS-7. It's much faster and the gun has a tad less raw power in exchange for DPM/fire control. The IS-7's major advantage is that its turret is never a liability, while the Obj 260 will get rekt through the cupola/roof, especially if the opponent has an elevation advantage (they are shooting from high ground, you're brawling against taller tanks at close range, etc).
    TL;DR it's a stronk tank and I will never have it Q_Q
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    Platypusbill reacted to Garbad in The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread   
    Ok, since you pubbies didn't like that one here's a work horror story.
    I was taking call one night, and woke up at two in the morning for a "general surgery" call. Pretty vague, but at the time, I lived in a town that had large populations of young military guys and avid meth users, so late-night emergencies were common.  Got to the hospital, where a few more details awaited me -- "Perirectal abscess." For the uninitiated, this means that somewhere in the immediate vicinity of the asshole, there was a pocket of pus that needed draining. Needless to say our entire crew was less than thrilled.I went down to the Emergency Room to transport the patient, and the only thing the ER nurse said as she handed me the chart was "Have fun with this one." Amongst healthcare professionals, vague statements like that are a bad sign.
    My patient was a 314lb Native American woman who barely fit on the stretcher I was transporting her on. She was rolling frantically side to side and moaning in pain, pulling at her clothes and muttering Hail Mary's. I could barely get her name out of her after a few minutes of questioning, so after I confirmed her identity and what we were working on, I figured it was best just to get her to the anesthesiologist so we could knock her out and get this circus started.She continued her theatrics the entire ten-minute ride to the O.R., nearly falling off the surgical table as we were trying to put her under anesthetic. We see patients like this a lot, though, chronic drug abusers who don't handle pain well and who have used so many drugs that even increased levels of pain medication don't touch simply because of high tolerance levels.It should be noted, tonight's surgical team was not exactly wet behind the ears. I'd been working in healthcare for several years already, mostly psych and medical settings. I've watched an 88-year-old man tear a 1"-diameter catheter balloon out of his penis while screaming "You'll never make me talk!". I've been attacked by an HIV-positive neo-Nazi. I've seen some shit. The other nurse had been in the OR as a trauma specialist for over ten years; the anesthesiologist had done residency at a Level 1 trauma center, or as we call them, "Knife and Gun Clubs". The surgeon was ex-Army, and averaged about eight words and two facial expressions a week. None of us expected what was about to happen next.
    We got the lady off to sleep, put her into the stirrups, and I began washing off the rectal area. It was red and inflamed, a little bit of pus was seeping through, but it was all pretty standard. Her chart had noted that she'd been injecting IV drugs through her perineum, so this was obviously an infection from dirty needles or bad drugs, but overall, it didn't seem to warrant her repeated cries of "Oh Jesus, kill me now."The surgeon steps up with a scalpel, sinks just the tip in, and at the exact same moment, the patient had a muscle twitch in her diaphragm, and just like that, all hell broke loose.Unbeknownst to us, the infection had actually tunneled nearly a foot into her abdomen, creating a vast cavern full of pus, rotten tissue, and fecal matter that had seeped outside of her colon. This godforsaken mixture came rocketing out of that little incision like we were recreating the funeral scene from Jane Austen's "Mafia!".We all wear waterproof gowns, face masks, gloves, hats, the works -- all of which were as helpful was rainboots against a firehose. The bed was in the middle of the room, an easy seven feet from the nearest wall, but by the time we were done, I was still finding bits of rotten flesh pasted against the back wall. As the surgeon continued to advance his blade, the torrent just continued. The patient kept seizing against the ventilator (not uncommon in surgery), and with every muscle contraction, she shot more of this brackish gray-brown fluid out onto the floor until, within minutes, it was seeping into the other nurse's shoes.I was nearly twelve feet away, jaw dropped open within my surgical mask, watching the second nurse dry-heaving and the surgeon standing on tip-toes to keep this stuff from soaking his socks any further. The smell hit them first. "Oh god, I just threw up in my mask!" The other nurse was out, she tore off her mask and sprinted out of the room, shoulders still heaving. Then it hit me, mouth still wide open, not able to believe the volume of fluid this woman's body contained. It was like getting a great big bite of the despair and apathy that permeated this woman's life. I couldn't fucking breath, my lungs simply refused to pull anymore of that stuff in. The anesthesiologist went down next, an ex-NCAA D1 tailback, his six-foot-two frame shaking as he threw open the door to the OR suite in an attempt to get more air in, letting me glimpse the second nurse still throwing up in the sinks outside the door. Another geyser of pus splashed across the front of the surgeon. The YouTube clip of "David at the dentist" keeps playing in my head -- "Is this real life?"
    In all operating rooms, everywhere in the world, regardless of socialized or privatized, secular or religious, big or small, there is one thing the same: Somewhere, there is a bottle of peppermint concentrate. Everyone in the department knows where it is, everyone knows what it is for, and everyone prays to their gods they never have to use it. In times like this, we rub it on the inside of our masks to keep the outside smells at bay long enough to finish the procedure and shower off.I sprinted to the our central supply, ripping open the drawer where this vial of ambrosia was kept, and was greeted by -- an empty fucking box. The bottle had been emptied and not replaced. Somewhere out there was a godless bastard who had used the last of the peppermint oil, and not replaced a single fucking drop of it. To this day, if I figure out who it was, I'll kill them with my bare hands, but not before cramming their head up the colon of every last meth user I can find, just so we're even.I darted back into the room with the next best thing I can find -- a vial of Mastisol, which is an adhesive rub we use sometimes for bandaging. It's not as good as peppermint, but considering that over one-third of the floor was now thoroughly coated in what could easily be mistaken for a combination of bovine after-birth and maple syrup, we were out of options.I started rubbing as much of the Mastisol as I could get on the inside of my mask, just glad to be smelling anything except whatever slimy demon spawn we'd just cut out of this woman. The anesthesiologist grabbed the vial next, dowsing the front of his mask in it so he could stand next to his machines long enough to make sure this woman didn't die on the table. It wasn't until later that we realized that Mastisol can give you a mild high from huffing it like this, but in retrospect, that's probably what got us through.By this time, the smell had permeated out of our OR suite, and down the forty-foot hallway to the front desk, where the other nurse still sat, eyes bloodshot and watery, clenching her stomach desperately. Our suite looked like the underground river of ooze from Ghostbusters II, except dirty. Oh so dirty.I stepped back into the OR suite, not wanting to leave the surgeon by himself in case he genuinely needed help. It was like one of those overly-artistic representations of a zombie apocalypse you see on fan-forums. Here's this one guy, in blue surgical garb, standing nearly ankle deep in lumps of dead tissue, fecal matter, and several liters of syrupy infection. He was performing surgery in the swamps of Dagobah, except the swamps had just come out of this woman's ass and there was no Yoda. He and I didn't say a word for the next ten minutes as he scraped the inside of the abscess until all the dead tissue was out, the front of his gown a gruesome mixture of brown and red, his eyes squinted against the stinging vapors originating directly in front of him. I finished my required paperwork as quickly as I could, helped him stuff the recently-vacated opening full of gauze, taped this woman's buttocks closed to hold the dressing for as long as possible, woke her up, and immediately shipped off to the recovery ward.
    Until then, I'd only heard of "alcohol showers." Turns out 70% isopropyl alcohol is about the only thing that can even touch a scent like that once its soaked into your skin. It takes four or five bottles to get really clean, but it's worth it. It's probably the only scenario I can honestly endorse drinking a little of it, too.As we left the locker room, the surgeon and I looked at each other, and he said the only negative sentence I heard him utter in two and a half years of working together:"That was bad."The next morning the entire department (a fairly large floor within the hospital) still smelled. The housekeepers told me later that it took them nearly an hour to suction up all of the fluid and debris left behind. The OR suite itself was closed off and quarantined for two more days just to let the smell finally clear out.I laugh now when I hear new recruits to healthcare talk about the worst thing they've seen.  You ain't seen shit, kid.
    tl;dr Don't shoot IV drugs into your taint.
    Fuck Off
    - Garbad
    ^ And there's the part that made solono cry.  I poasted this last night; boiler reported it because potato.  Solono, like a trained chimp, had to do something so he put it in spoiler tags.  I removed them and told him to fuck off.  His asshole clenched up at me challenging his internet forum authority, and ROed me.  Miros then added to my RO because I called solono a retarded faggot (the truth is an absolute defense, Miros).  Typical internet forum moderator stupidity.
    Anyhow, you boys win few weeks of nothing but anime spam.  Enjoy! \o/
    P.S.  On RO my davos pic is greyed out, looking even more sad.  I loled.  Poor davos.  :/
    P.S.2.  Also, still can't get PMs, so just PM me on one of my alts or ingame.  Or in AW; I'm probably gonna play that more anyhow.
    Also, fuck Olly.

    Eh, its obvious enough that the "theft of content" or whatever was a made up post hoc rationalization.  Its wotlab's version of hard to read.  The rationale was the same as WG forums -- you challenged my internet tank authority, I ban you, because feels hurt.  That's exactly what you expect from the kind of people who become moderators -- capricious, biased enforcement of badly thought out rules by badly trained chimps with ego issues.  That would be solono, in case I wasn't clear.

    I bought a founder's pack in AW.  I am enjoying it.  PvE is fun, teamwork focused play is good too.  Less rng, less sidescrape peekaboom.  Only up to tier 3 tho.
    @ Gashtag's Q&A
    1.  If Taytay lived in Westeros, she would be a member of house Swyft, correct?
    2.  Swyft is sworn to House Lannister.  Would you watch a lesbian threesome with Cersei, Jamie, and taytay?
    3.  How would she die?

    That's a cute story and all but like everything else that comes out of a dragon's mouth, its a forked tongue lie. 
    I won't deny it, you and tay tay might have shared one special moment back in high school.  The summer air, the freedom of childhood, her beautiful eyes, her style, the confusing hormones coursing through your 17 year old body...you were drunk before you tasted your first beer.  There you were -- some rich kid who figured he is untouchable because his daddy was in a magazine once.  We all know your type all too well.  She tried to avoid you when you threw rocks at her to flirt, but its hard for a young girl to tell a purple haired cunt to bugger off.  She asked her father for help, and he told you to chill.  Like the little bitch you are, you acted all respectful and then tried to slither in once he turned his back.  You cornered her in the gardens, your fat pink mast erect with anticipation.  When you and JonCon "practiced" kissing, you were training for this moment.  You went in for the kill, she never saw it coming.  By the time she was able to get her hands up and push you away, disgusted, it was too late.  You were in love.
    Now its just high school, so maybe you could be forgiven if ended there.  And people said you had changed.  You got a girl, some latino bird named elia.  But when we were 22, you saw her again, and the stalking started up again.  It was at Harrenhall, some gig put on for that Jamie kid's 21st.  Drink was flowing, music was going, everyone was having a good time.  Tay was sitting with me, as she should be.  We'd just recently gotten engaged.  Her brothers and I were roommates at uni, everything was going great...but then you walked in and had to act fifteen again.  So I'm 6'6", muscled like a maiden's fantasy, you are some harp playing skinny ass pussy.  I'm literally the bigger man, so we walk out.  We are pissed, but you were probably just drunk, again.
    And then you fucking kidnapped her.
    I knew you were trouble, but I never thought you would straight up kidnap and rape tay tay.  I mean jesus christ.  You say you remember some kid named Brandon....did you forget that was tay's brother?  Your father killed him, bro! He fucking murdered him after brandon tried to get tay back.  You had no right.  You had no honor.  Tay belongs to me.
    But you're not sorry, and you are about to find out what Fearless actually means.
    P.S.  Check out the new site I'm writing for:   http://armoredtalk.com/
    We gonna get a forum up soon.  Join AW > WOT.  Stop fighting the RNG while chasing stats and start playing teams with tank tactics.
    Oh, that's rich.  The prematurely grey pretty boy tells me ringing whores' bells was bad.  Bitch, did you forget which one of us stepped past his wife to find someone to rape? 
    You say I let the realm go to hell -- so why did shit get worse after I died?  The truth is I was the only thing that held it together.  Before me, your daddy was burning people alive.  After me, J3 was flinging people from catas.  And its only going to get worse, until my worthy heir and best brother Stannis takes his rightful throne.  So let's see -- I had a universally respected hand, controlled the faith, reconciled the dornish and reachers, cowed the lions, smashed the squids, kept the wolves happy.  Who else could have done that?  You say I beggarded the realm -- son, that just shows your ignorance.  A kingdom is not a person; your rules of finance don't apply.  You WANT the maximum debt you can service, because that injects capital into the system now and you can always restructure if needed later.  Littlefinger explained it to me.  And speaking of which, guess who let the talent rise, giving hope to the commons and turning a potential ally into a tool?  That's right, Big Bobby B -- the best ruler westeros has ever had.

    The better man my ass.  I was wounded, weary, and alone.  You were well rested (probably just cleaned your nails and brushed your gray ass hair) and escorted by Barristan the Bold and others.  But we both know how this story ends -- My Fury covered in your blood.  As you bled to death in the trident, was it worth it?  Was raping my wife worth the genocide of your entire family?
    And don't even get me started on Ashara's bastard.  The only thing he is good for is breaking his oaths and letting enemies into the wrong side of the wall.  And looking prettier than Tormond's daughters.  Don't worry though, my little brother can sort out Jon's mistakes. 
    I can't blame you for loving Tay.  But once she friendzoned you you just couldn't take no for an answer, could you.  You raped the best woman on god's earth.  I know you tell your family you ran off in love, but answer me this -- if you ran off because of love why didn't she tell brandon to go home and stop the violence?  Why did you have to leave her in hiding and under guard?  Why did you have to bring a sword to get your "love" to run away with you?  Why does even your loyal friend Barristan admit you kidnapped and raped her -- he was fucking there!  He saw your shit.  And lest we forget...bitch, she was 14.  You were 35.  Move along, pedophile rapist.
    That's when I stepped in.  You can yap about prophecy all day long; I stepped over your corpse and took everything from you.
    P.S.  Brandon would have cut your dick off, fagget.  Did you forget that Jamie said Brandon was the only true wolf in the north?  The best fighter and rider past the neck?  The stark who loved the sight of blood on his sword (both of them).  His blood ran hot, and you raped his sister.  You sing pretty enough, I grant you, but Brandon wouldn't have come at you with an autotuner.
    P.S.2.  Aegon
    So now raping tay tay was small scale trivialities, huh?
    Now let's set this straight.  Fact - you had to kidnap her at swordpoint.  She didn't go with you by choice, even your own blood admits this.  Dany wants to say how romantic it was to have rape fantasies, but frankly what do you expect from a girl whose idea of romance is getting raped by a barbarian when she was 13 and rewriting her victimization as love out of sheer will to survive.  Fact - you had to keep her hidden and under guard.  Why did you need to leave your three best there to keep her there if she loved you, dragondick?  Fact - your two best friends in this world, JonCon and Barristan both say you raped her.  Barristan is a loyal friend, and doesn't want to lie or talk bad about you...but note his extremely careful choice of words.  He knows what you did.  JonCon only wishes you had raped him instead; he makes no bones about it.  Fact -- all it would have taken was a letter to stop a war.  If she was there by choice, why not let tay tay save thousands of lives by proving it?  Last, have you forgotten you were a fucking grown ass man with a wife?  She was fucking 14.  You say god whispered in your dick that you had to rape a child to save the world.  You might even believe it, and call it love.  But the world knows what you are, pedophile rapist.
    I'd try to tell you more about why its economically optimal not to repay national debt (and instead just service it, which I always did), but what the hell do you know about economics.  You never even paid your own rent; you've always had your daddy in charge.  While you were a 30 year old man role playing as a street performer, I ruled my own house at 17.  While you were prince you sat on your dick even as your daddy was clearly insane.  Your only moment of leadership involved starting a war over a dream and then getting your family killed (and breaking your so called prophecy to boot).  As King I brought the 7k the best 17 years in generations.  Proof is in the results, cousin.
    I won't deny I wasn't Kingly with Cersei.  Time has proven I was right -- that bitch got all the honor she deserved. Only fear of me kept all the miscreants in line.  If I was terrible, I was the good kind of terrible -- the wolfhound who kept the wolves from devouring the sheep.  What would you do, play her a song on your harp until you all cried?
    You think your legacy is Jon Snow.  Son, did you forget why your mad god said three heads of the dragon?  The three were Rhaenys, Aegon, and then mystery bastard...and oh right, two three of those are already dead.  Its obvious you missed the ball.  Not that Jon Snow's corpse means shit anyhow.  Oathbreaker and coward, let him rot at the wall.
    Not that Jon is your child, anyhow.  Let's look at the actual facts, not your crazy dreams.  First, Ashara met Ned at the tournament at harrenhall...got infatuated...and boinked...and was thereafter sent back home, preggers.  The Queen herself saw this, and so did everyone else.  Second, Ned shows up 9 months later, tells Ashara he killed her brother and is getting married to someone else...and she kills herself.  Ned is given her child, the same fucking child literally everyone in Starfall saw born, and carries it home to winterfell.  The Lord of Starfall even shared milk with that boy...the boy Jon Snow.  So you want to tell me everyone in starfall is lying about seeing Ashara get preggers, get fat, pop the kid out, feed it, and then give the child to Ned?  And where was the time?  We know it was 9 months from the tournament at harrenhall to after the TOJ...and we know you didn't kidnap tay tay until AFTER the tournament.  There simply wasn't time for her to be Jon's mother.  And if she gave this hypothetical dragon baby to ned, why didn't anyone (such as fucking me or the people in starfall) notice as ned came riding up?  Who fed the child during that trip (since tay tay was dead)?  Why would cersei lannister AND ned's wife both believe it?  Why does harwin?  Why does edric fucking dayne?  Why does wylla?  They were there.  And if tay was preggers in the months before TOJ...why didn't fucking barristan and the other KG's notice???  He watched her for months -- the mere fact that he never for a moment thought she had a child should make you wonder.  After all, he was there.  Face facts -- Ashara is Jon's mother, not Tay tay. 
    You say I was born for killing thick skulled retards...I couldn't agree more.  And as I crushed your skull, it felt like victory.  You wasted your life trying to feel; I got things done that no one else could.
    > making the best out of a bad situation...
    Well yeah, I can see why you try to spin.  Maybe you should have just not raped and kidnapped a child, tho.
    The world is a dangerous place, you say.  For pedophiles, sure.  You are liable to get your chest caved in by righteous Fury.  But dangerous for Tay?  Never.  She's been all over and never needed a guard.  Why would she, everyone loves her.  The only possible reason she needs to be locked up under guard is....oh right, so her brothers can't come rescue her.  Once again, you are a rapist not a hero, and all the evidence proves it.
    You brag about the plan to kill your father, as if kinslaying somehow makes you more than a snake.  Did you forget who had Southron Ambitions?  It was Jon Arryn...the same Jon who fostered me and Ned, married one daughter to the tullys and the other to the starks to ensure their loyalty when the time came to remove your father.  Then plan was in motion already; all you did by kidnapping and raping tay was take yourself out of the plan, and I stepped up.
    I never wanted to be king, but did my duty.  I was smart enough to know that I needed good men to help me.  Men like Jon Arryn, Ned Stark, Barristan the Bold, even tools like Varys, Littlefinger, and the Lannisters as long as they were sufficiently controlled (and under me, they were).  I turned war into prosperity -- 5x as much incomes as under your daddy.  I turned foes into friends, ending factoinalism that the Targ rule depended on. That IS wisdom in action, book worm.  You read about wisdom and think it made you wise.  I did wise things, and that's why you are just a footnote in my history books.


    "I know about the promise … Maester Theomore, tell them! A thousand years before the Conquest, a promise was made, and oaths were sworn in the Wolf's Den before the old gods and the new. When we were sore beset and friendless, hounded from our homes and in peril of our lives, the wolves took us in and nourished us and protected us against our enemies. The city is built upon the land they gave us. In return we swore that we should always be their men. Stark men!"
    Wylla 'The North Remembers' Manderly
    "..............As for me, I am old. This will be my last winter. Let me bathe in Bolton blood before I die. I want to feel it spatter across my face when my axe bites deep into a Bolton skull. I want to lick it off my lips and die with the taste of it on my tongue."
    Soon, my friends.  This mummer's farce is almost over.
    > I would be surprised if anything outside of tanks was original. I come here to be entertained and I AM ENTERTAINED!
    Don't be silly, no one has ever been confused about "content theft."  Solono just made that shit up because I challenged his internet tank forum authority.  Typical forum moderator tinydickiness. 
    Also, here's a guide I wrote:
    Sample some of those flames:
    P.S.  I also learned an important life lesson tonight.  Remember my Charmin moist ass wipes?  Its important not to store these in the same general location that you store your Clorox moist cleaning towelettes.  Mistakes were made.  -_-
    Many people believe Stannis is the greatest badass in westeros.  As incredible as the Mannis is, he is is not the greatest.  Behold, Cortney Penrose.  He only is mentioned for a total of 6 pages in one book...yet the amount of ass beating he dishes out takes the prize.
    > Oh Bobby, if winning means so much to you, and I think it does, I'll let you write your version of history. Just remember though,
    > even in your version, you never kept Tay. 
    Owwww :c
    I'll do that, and kill every dragon I can get my hands on accordingly.  My story is a tragedy, no doubt.  Tay doesn't do happy endings.  But at least I was the hero, not the villain.
    > As much as I want to believe D&D didn't kill off Stannis... I just can't. The theories are all too tin foil hat. Idk man, it's bullshit if he
    > dies cause of his potential, but I wouldn't put it past them. 
    The TV show alone, its hard to have hope.  But the books are so directly opposite its hard to reconcile it with the D&D bullshit. 
    Even the hardcore Mannis fans are shaken.  None dare say it out loud, but all tremble at the implications of Mother's Mercy.  The world is turned silent, sad, and grey.  :/
    @ Armor Considerations
    Tell kewei to stop being ignorant and use his people's racial bonus to math. 
    MAXIM:  The optimal sidescrape angle can be easily calculated by estimating the ratio of effective frontal hardness to effective side hardness.  Using this simple rule you can easily calculate how far you should angle knowing only two numbers. You can further use the ratio (2:1 or whatever) to easily and quickly estimate your angle in the heat of battle.
    IE -- if a tank has 100 frontal armor and 100 side armor (perfect box tiger) the ratio of the angles should be 1 -- ie, 45 degrees / 45 degrees. 
    If a tank has 200 frontal armor (remember we are talking effective hardness -- thickness x slope) and 100 side armor, it should be 2/1, aka, angled 60 degrees.
    If a tank has 250 frontal armor and 50 side armor (looking at you E5), 5:1 or 75/15, which can be simplified to 70 degrees or more (autobounce).
    Stannis lives.

    Lighten up, asshole. 
    Literally every Mannis fan expects this:
    But instead we get Brienne the Bully.  Even D&D wouldn't diverge so wildly from the truth.  You simply can't 180 from the books and call it an adaptation...unless Stannis does in fact die unexpectedly, soon, and they just reconned it to end this way because potato.  But seriously, you can't just have the Mannis die when its not real...so its so obscenely out there...that it has to be true.  Unworthy fan fiction aside, we all tremble with fear.  I've read every prerelease chapter, every book a dozen times and there isn't even a hint of this abomination...  Things like this give me hope:

    “So, you may see some extremely shocking things in the show that come up in the next season or two, but I’m not sure you could consider them ‘spoilers,’ because they’re never gonna to happen in the books. They CAN’T happen in the books, because the show and the books have gone down different roads.” -George R.R. Martin, 24 July 2015
    But its one thing to sub out a bit char for sansa for a bit of shock rape.  Its another to have the one true king die when he is supposed to win according to the books.  And that means...
    Stannis Baratheon
    The King who cared more about his Duty than his Rights; the King who cared more about his People than his Honors.
    He will save the realm to win the throne.
    And no matter how he is hated, no matter that other men will claim the reward, no matter the cost...he will do his duty.  Unjustly hated as a child killer, he will be the avenger of Ned and the Red wedding, the man who saved the Free Folk, the man who brought food to the north, the man who focused the realm against the true foe.  He will do his duty, and the realm will not care.  But he will do it anyway, and die forgotten.  And that is why he is the True King, now and forever.
    Still my Mannis. o7

    Victarion Greyjoy, imho.  The Battle of Fire is coming...although oddly, they completely ruined the battle of ice.  Its such a shame, other than stannis/sansa they have done a pretty excellent job in GOT.  Fire might be the same.

    Big Vic is a brute, especially post moroquo.  But remember, little pubbies...

    Forever the Mannis.
    > Literally still reading book 1 Q___Q. When do these things get good with content that's not in the show? 
    Seasons 1-3 are very close to Books 1-3.  The differences are mostly small and make sense (cut out a lot of the unimportant actors, etc).  Its only in retrospect that some of the changes become sinister (making dany+drogo way more rapey, making loras into a bad gay joke, making stannis way more of an ass, etc).
    Shay was also a big change, because it makes tyrion less gullible/evil.  OFC, show Tyrion is a better char than book tyrion.  One of several, actually, including Ser Alliser Thorne, Robb Stark, and others.  Minor changes too that have a big impact on Jon Snow -- showJon never does anything bad at all.  Bookjon repeatedly breaks his vows in big ways, and makes mistakes of judgement.  sJon is perfect.  A mix of gray is better writing, imo, but D&D just can't handle complexity.  Taleia is also a good change, especially because she has the most fuckable ass in the entire world.  I can't blame robb for getting shit done with that lying around.
    They also basically removed the role of all of dany's dothraki, which should have odd implications in season 5+ (where book readers widely believe she will unite all the khalissars, and kill XXX [who is already dead in the tv show?!?!]).  This was the first "big" derail of the tv show.  A guy dies on screen in the first season who has a major role in book 5.  No fucking clue how that works out.  And then there is the fact that Ser barristan is dead...and he leads the battle in book 6.
    So basically, by season 4 a few minor changes occur, but most are D&D not having enough depth or understandable.  Season 5 kind of goes off the deep end, with major and critical changes.  The big ones are:
    1.  Stannis - god fucking damn them all.  And more than just the fact that they have blasphemed against the Mannis, this completely derails the North Remembers.  The book makes it very, very clear shit is about happen and soon.  Vengeance for the starks!!!  In addition to the catharsis of it, this should be a huge deal on how the north sorts out.
    2.  Dorne.  Now admittedly, dorne is one of the weakest storylines in the books.  But showdorne is badpussay and a prostitute looking for revenge.  bookDorne is about revenge for Elia and the targs.  Blood and Vengeance, one of the best speeches in the books.  This is complicated by the injury to myrcella and the coming of aegon, the potentially half dornish/half targ hero....and how will dany react to all of this, especially since she refused their offer of a marriage/alliance (books).  How this plays out is unclear, but huge considering dorne is the last major uncommitted army...and then the ironborn throw a wrench into everything.  Most believe a Dance is coming, Dany vs. Aegon, but many also believe the three heads of the dragon are dany, jon, and aegon.  Who knows?
    3.  Sansa.  Season 1-3 Sansa and Book 1-3 sansa are largely similar -- annoying teenage girl obsessed with childish dreams of chivalry, who gets constantly abused by joffery and life.
    Show Sansa is eventually "rescued" by littlefinger, who mildly creeps on her and takes her to the vale, where she bitch slaps sweetrobin, dresses like a slutty eagle, and goes north to get raped by Ramsay.  She is also about 7 feet tall.  At first, she is presented as LF's protege - learning to play the Game like he does, and then she transforms back into a victim for more shock rape.  Fun Fact - her parents came to watch the filming of the rape and were like, don't worry, its no big deal she loves this kind of thing.  British girls.
    Sansa's arc is in its own way even worse than Stannis'.
    Book sansa's key moment is during the battle of blackwater bay.  She sneaks to her room, and the hound is there, waiting to rape her.  Book hound is a lot more mean, unlike tv hound who although good comes across more as tired, and nice despite his bark.  Book hound shows no hint of decency...until he comes to rape sansa, and as she shows him kindness and empathy, despite how evil he is.  He begins to cry, and she says:  I know you won't hurt me.  Later, she romanticizes this and remembers him stealing a kiss from her at swordpoint, and seems to crush on him.  This is similar to the tv show, but the implications are never explored in TV.
    From there sansa begins to change.  She stops being a victim, and starts being an actor.  Not by become a Littlefinger with Teats, but by being who SHE is.  The TV show mocks women and femininity (girls are stupid, sewing sucks, brienne is a freak until she does male things, cat is irrational, etc).  Book sansa defies all that by become a Player through traditionally feminine ways -- child care, befriending other women, empathy, social connections, and jsut her decency in a world of violent, scheming manipulators.  She protects sweetrobin from those who would harm him, including LF, which in turn gives her power to get things she wants.  She is able to stand up to potential rapists and harassers.  And as the storyline develops, many believe she will stand up to LF's creepy perving and bring him down, not by GOT style scheming by with feminine empathy and decency.
    Sansa is a controversial char, but at the very least she is interesting.  So many books/shows try to make stronk independent black women female chars who are basically just 110 models who somehow kung fu their way into being just as manly as the men.  This is a caricature at this point.  GRRM managed to create a stronk, independent female char out of a dreamy, gossipy teenaged girl who likes children and sewing.  And despite her traditionally feminine nature (which is widely blasted and mocked in our culture, including by some feminists), she gains power, she gains agency, and she starts to change things.
    By contrast, D&D chucked her entire arc so they could watch her get raped.
    Other big changes:  Where is the brotherhood without banners?  Where is uncat?  Where is the blackfish?  Where is howland reed?  Where is wyland manderly, and the north?  What about robb's will, and the fact that in the books the northern lords all go out of their way to meet and size up Jon?  WHY?  What about davos and cannibalism?  What about aegon and his arc?  What about the ironborn and their arc?  What about brienne and jamie (books is radically different in season 3)?  What about MANCE FUCKING RAYDER?  What about the battle of ice and the battle of fire?
    Most of these things are hinted at in earlier books but really take off in book 5, maybe 4.  But there are widespread changes by season 5, many of which baffle fans to the point where we consider season 5 to be fan fiction.  Seasons 1-4 were close enough that no one ever said that, despite some errors.  But S5 jumped the shark.
    And then there are TWOW prereleased chapters and hints, and wild speculation about that book.  Who can even guess what's in store, especially considering how S5 went off rails so badly.

    Go on, Brienne the Brute.  Do your duty.
    Still my Mannis.
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    Platypusbill reacted to GehakteMolen in Tank popularity (standarized)   
    I had the feeling the amount of arty is rising steady past weeks, so i checked some numbers. And since i had to copy past everything anyway, i simply edited / standarized an old excel file a bit, so i can now make cross-server comparisons in less then 2 minutes (all i need to do is copy paste 3 rows of data from wot-news, and excel handles the rest)
    If i dont forget, i will simply run the sheet once every 1-2 months or so (wot-news updates every 4 weeks afaik) and we can then see changes in meta  (need to think of a way to show changes over time though)
    First, the relative share of vehicles is shown, but absolute numbers (and percentage) aswell as relative to the amount of vehicles (there more russian tds as french tds afterall)
    On EU server Soviet and German account for 50% of all vehicles
    On NA server US is really popular, while UK and France swap places
    On RU server, USSR totally dominates while China and Japan are barely played
    The relative vehicle count clearly shows how incredible popular russian tanks are on russian server and US vehicles on NA server
    If we look next to class, we can see the following:
    Heavy and mediums tanks are clearly the most popular, they account for 50% of all games
    EU is again the in between, with a bit more heays as meds, tds are a bit less popular, followed by light tanks
    NA is the oulier, with more meds as heavys, aswell as most tds and light tanks
    RU has the most heavys aswell as quite a bit more tds as meds, and also suprising, the most arty
    The lowest 2 graphs are for tier 7-10 and tier 9-10, so filter out low tier tanks and tier 5 money grinders, the share of heavy tanks really grows, on NA there quite suprising more meds as heavys on tier 9-10
    The graphs below shows the changes between october 2014 and july 2015, WG added a med line a td line and ``turned the game into world of heavy tanks``, or not...?
    The relative changes, below 1 is a drop, above 1 a rise, so in reality the amount of heavys dropped on all servers, the most on RU, on all 3 servers meta moved different though, NA used to have more arty, thats almost equal now, while the td gap also narrowed, on RU quite suprisingly, medium numbers dropped while SPG rose sharp and tds stayed equal.
    Next is the tier spread, this is also on each server different:
    No real explanation needed, russians like premium tanks and IS3s, NA are sealclubbers and EU is in between, more prem as NA, more sealclubbers as RU
    The last picture, this one shows in detail changes since october 2014, seperated for each class / tier / nation
    On EU chinese heavys (+65%), french mediums (+92%) are the main risers, while japanese lights and frenchs and US tds are the main losers, on NA chinese tanks lost a lot (-35%, so did US tds, while french light tanks saw massive rise, so did RU meds and UK meds and tds. RU is more like EU here, except SPG grew much harder.
    TL:DR the meta did change, but it changed on each server different, all in all are heavys droppings and SPG`s rising, while on RU tds stay constats while on EU and NA med numbers rise.
    Prediction: If the above is trend, expect medium and tds nerfs an SPG rework, and a heavy tank buff, since on RU server heavy tanks are probably suffering ^^
    total games in played in past 4 weeks:
    NA     57.696.159 
    EU     252.482.066 
    RU     1.196.748.264 
    So RU is still 5x bigger as EU and 20x bigger as NA, this gap stays more or less constant, which thus also explains why WG cares the most about RU
    EDIT: Below same pics as above, but including SEA, i dont have old numbers for SEA, so no comparison with 2014, the tier distribtion is imo the most interesting of the bunch, i changed pic above for tiers, to place all in 1 graph
    Most popular nation:

    SEA likes german tanks and french tanks, also japan is rly popular compared to other servers while soviets are lacking a bit.
    Below most popular class

    Tier 7-10 SEA has most heavys, tier 9-10 SEA has least heavys, arty goes other way around, lowest on tier 7-10, a bit more as EU or NA on tier 9/10
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    Platypusbill reacted to dualmaster333 in Individual Missions: A How-To Guide   
    Went home at lunch to play a few games.  First game narrowly missed getting MT-15.3 in the T20.  Couldn't get the second TD kill before the team overran them.  So then I'm working on MOEs for T69 and get Murovanka with three higher tier TDs on the other side.  I go forest and try to be cautious but a massive confused brawl happens.  I come out with 1 TD kill and 150 hit points.  The only TD left is a 704 on the other side of the map so I start cruising over there and beg the team to let me kill it.  I'm sitting in town trying not to be seen while waiting for the 704 to get lit again.  Lo and behold, he shows up 150 meters away with 800 hitpoints and looking the other direction.  I start putting HEAT rounds into his only partially exposed rear end.  With each shot I cringe expecting to have a round go wild or drift into spaced armor or have someone on my team suddenly kill him.  But RNG favors me as 4 out of 4 shells pen, I'm still alive hiding behind a building, and my teammates may have even been kind enough to hold their shots.  After dropping lights I make my way as quickly as possible to the furthest side of the map from the remaining enemies while my team finishes up the game.
    T-55A missions complete!  I haven't actually claimed the reward as I am still deciding what to do with the girls.  I don't actually care about the tank that much, but I look forward to farming some of the easier 260 missions!
    Oh yeah, it took 99 games in medium tanks tier 7-9 (probably a few more that I forgot to count) to get the right RNG for this mission.  The chance to complete the mission only existed in 19 of those 99, so a solid 20%.  Now that it is completed, I expect endless games of being bottom tier with plenty of TDs on the other side!
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    Platypusbill reacted to dualmaster333 in Individual Missions: A How-To Guide   
    Well I'm an idiot, I actually tried to finish missions.  After completing LT-15, TD-15, and HT-15 in the past 24 hours, I figured I would try to finish MT-15 for the T-55A.  Just kill two TDs one tier higher while doing 2k damage, winning, and surviving.
    So after 54 games of tier 7-9 tanks today, it's only been possible to complete the mission in 13 of those games.  In only 4 of those 13 games of 54 total was there actually more than 2 eligible TDs to complete the mission.  Bad RNG made me miss it in a couple games.  Pretty sick of the whole thing now.  Serves me right for actually trying.
    For a story of bitching and fail, read below!
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    Platypusbill reacted to dualmaster333 in Individual Missions: A How-To Guide   
    Well, after a few weeks of having the "Kill 3 arty" mission active and not really trying, I finally managed to finish it in style:

    The best part is that I was 30 seconds late to the battle because I was busy mixing my third Long Island of the evening...
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    Platypusbill reacted to Reddmann in Individual Missions: A How-To Guide   
    It could be worse. 
    I finished the Incinerator mission on 5/29 in my T62a, only to find out after the battle that the patch moved Incinerator to MT12 but kept me on MT9.  Thanks WG.
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    Platypusbill reacted to Garbad in Shifting away from optics on meds?   
    I looked at it from the reverse perspective.  What you never want to have happen is that a guy can fire at you unseen.  So I wanted to ensure that any tank firing at me would be spotted in return.
    445 = max view range
    ~6.5% = max view range while firing.  (Excludes double bush)
    ~15% = max camo while moving (T-62A and similar)
    So your 456 view range medium can spot any camp sniping tank at 430m.  A medium would need more than 500m view range to spot a moving medium and fire without being lit.  That's practically impossible.  However, tanks like the roomba, 416, light tanks, and more can still camo snipe you well beyond your spotting range.  Bushes also throw that off.
    But in general, if I don't intend to use my vision offensively (as a scout), I concluded ~450 is enough to prevent getting vision sniped.  That's why on tanks like the STB, I used vents instead of optics because they get a lot of gain from improving gun handling.  But for communist wedges, that I often use as scouts or multirole fighters, optics are king.
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    Platypusbill reacted to sr360 in Shifting away from optics on meds?   
    I'm still running optics. Vision is less important, but it can still win games especially in late game scenarios. Besides, I'm crap at shooting, so 2.5% extra DPM means I miss shots 2.5% faster.
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    Platypusbill reacted to Flaksmith in Announcing new Purple Poaster structure   
    we could call it "Superunicunt", "Purple Boaster", or "Putrid Poaster"
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    Platypusbill reacted to Rexxie in The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread   
    so needy
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    Pubbies, ignore the haters who make TV.  Stannis is not dead, and Shireen is not burned.  This is obvious mischaracterization.  They missed the ball so badly its legendary.  Its as if Hermione in the 4th movie suddenly decided to be lazy and drop out of school, or if Samwise Gamgee decided loyalty sucks and he was just going to steal the ring.  Stannis' whole persona centers around doing his duty, great or small.  Specifically, he has two duties:  1) the realm, and 2) to his daughter.  He alone thought of his duty when other men were worried about their rights.
    But let's set that aside for now.  Here's why you should love stannis, the man.
    When he was 11, he witnessed the death of his parents from his bedroom window in storm's end.  He decided that he would never worship the Gods who let that happen - or any other God As a child he adopted a broken hawk he found, named her Proudwing and tried to teach her to fly again but stopped when Robert bullied him for it When RR's rebellion broke out, despite being a mere teenager he endured a horrific siege and became the greatest commander in westeros.  Robert snubbed him...and he did not complain, for his duty was to serve without hope of reward. When Davos brought the onions to Storm’s End during Robert’s Rebellion he made sure everyone had enough to eat before he had any himself even though he was starved Took a former slave woman and a poor former criminal as counselors and gave exactly 0 shits about what anyone thought about it He personally pulled Davos' son off the ships at the Battle of Blackwater so that no matter what happened, at least one of his sons would live He alone stood for Shireen.  Mel and his wife think she is unclean, a heretic.  His knights think she is ugly and foul.  Only stannis treated her warmly (by stan standards) and decently, without exception. Told his knights to seat Shireen on the throne if it was the last thing any of them ever did when he realized that he might not survive the Battle of Ice He won Jon Snow's loyalty.  He alone cared enough to answer their call for help, he alone can see the big picture.  And as they made difficult decisions together, Jon voluntarily gave his respect and service to Stannis.  “I know he’s the King. My father died for him.” Stannis spared the lives of the wildlings, and gave them leave to settle on his lands instead of giving them to his supporters, despite the fact they wouldn't serve him.  He alone thought lives were worth saving merely because they were human. "Jon glanced back at Stannis. For an instant, their eyes met. Then the king nodded, and went back inside his tower." Stannis knows Jon his sensitive as a traitor's bastard, but Stannis is above all fair.  He treats Jon based on his own actions, and finds him worthy of respect.  What's more, he promises to free his sister and avenge his father, simply because its the right thing to do.  He also even comments that Ned would never lie with a shitter woman, to Jon's great relief.  He reaffirms that Ned was an honorable man, and no traitor.  Nor was Robb.  He had no motive in this -- he simply knew Jon's inner struggles and addressed them with the truth he knew. "Keep reading, Samwell Tarly."  As Lord Paramount of the Reach, Stannis knew the Tarlys damn well -- Randall Tarly is one of the best commanders in westeros.  He would have known of the struggles sam's father had with his "unworthy" heir.  When he meets Sam, Sam can't help but see his father -- a gruff uber-masculine lifelong warrior.  Sam has been abused by every Tough Guy he has met since the series began, and stutters stupidly in front of the Mannis.  Yet Stannis understands that Sam’s literary talents aren’t antithetical to his military campaign; in fact, they’re essential to the fight against the Others. This is what separates Stannis from his fellow Tough Guys, from Randyll to Victarion: his bone-deep understanding of the need for kings to draw on expertise from all walks of life, from smugglers to storytellers. Stannis sees that Sam is terrified, and moves to console him the only way he knows how: cold clarity (”we have to know how to fight them”) coupled with a command to use his skills to the fullest, which in acknowledging those skills and their vital importance is a far warmer fatherly gesture than Sam ever got from Randyll. Stannis makes lots of attempts to mitigate loss of human life (killing renly and the storm’s end castellan INSTEAD of fighting them in open battle and losing hundreds/thousands of lives is actually a BETTER option even through means that most people are uncomfortable with). The notion of sacrificing edric/gendry is not out of cruelty but out of a desire to fight less, to lose fewer people, to save lives. It’s a harsh decision that stannis is not comfortable or even willing to make because while in theory the sacrifice of one to save thousands or millions is one he supports, it’s still the death of an innocent, and his family, it is not something he throws around lightly. He punishes his men for rape. He is one of two lords in the series that seems to have a problem with such behavior (oberyn being the other). Not only does he punish his men for raping women, he punishes them for raping wildling women who are frequently seen by westerosi as sub-human. He does not care for the classism or xenophobia of westerosi lords. he raises a lowborn to Hand because he values him as a human being, not as a political play. Trusts the advice of his wife and a foreign woman in spite of rampant culturally ingrained sexism.  But he doesn't follow her religion blindly, he critically examines her claims, demands evidence, and then judges. He fights for his daughters right to the throne, rather than leaving her as an afterthought like most fathers seem to treat their daughters. He is not out for himself, or for greed, or for control, or for revenge, but simply because it is his obligation and duty and right.  As GRRM says, "Stannis understands the true foe, and despite his flaws, is one of the few just men in westeros." Stannis....no....  :/
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    ~Neverwish, 2015
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