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    Platypusbill reacted to Victrix in T49 American Tier 8 LT- Discussion   
    First game in T49 on the test server, regular HE rounds, no heat or the S-HE


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    Platypusbill reacted to Rexxie in IS-4 is actually OP   
    you sure as shit can
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    Platypusbill reacted to Gashtag in Inconsistent terminology   
    Flex = ???
    Edit: Seriously, guys, I don't know what flex means...
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    Platypusbill reacted to Deusmortis in Arty God Mode with Sniper View - RIP Blue and Purple Heavies   
    So... quit the game?
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    Platypusbill reacted to Deathpig_Jones in Arty God Mode with Sniper View - RIP Blue and Purple Heavies   
    No, the best way to deal with this is for good players to play arty but have an agreement to not shoot the good players on the other team.  Focus only on the potatoes and let the good players play the tank game the way M60Jesus intended.  But not only that, make a BIG DEAL about this is how it works-- it's like reverse-XVM sniping (which everyone admits they do but WG doesn't do shit about it).
    Having good players taking up spots in the MM pool using this agreement lowers the number of hostile arty players, double screws all the potatoes, and cleans up the game from the other side.
    Let's see how fast WG responds to the crap players getting intentionally focused every game.
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    Platypusbill reacted to 8112204 in Stalin Crushes Capitalism: Sovietskiy Gold Economics Study   
    The Proletarian Public's IS-6 Gold Economics Study
    Journal of Sovietskiy Gold Economic Studies (1948), Volume 1, 12-20(4)
    This study evaluates the economic viability of an IS-6 when firing gold. Research is conducted by recording statistics from in-game battles. The study concludes that the IS-6 can fire half APCR and still generate a surplus of silver ration tickets. These findings demonstrate that the tanks of comrade Stalin can crush capitalist potatoes without limit.
    Keywords: IS-6, APCR, gold, Stalin, potato










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    Platypusbill got a reaction from OOPMan in Replacing ground resist   
    Would make the game less interesting. How often have you seen the usual WWII stuff in media compared to 50s/60s stuff, in particular prototypes of varying obscurity? Such an early cutoff would also be a complete cockblock for relatively minor tank developing countries. Basically only muricans/ruskis/germans/britbongs would be viable.
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    Platypusbill reacted to Garbad in Replacing ground resist   
    Yes.  Guess which tanks benefit the most from no normalization on heat?  Oh right, its the slopey 50mm russian trash with magical spaced armor tracks.  Guess which nation fires heat the least?  That's right, being primitive is an advantage in WOT because potato.
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    Platypusbill reacted to sr360 in How I became a 6k WN8 player in just 5 easy steps...   
    Crab, remind me at meeting tonight to grab that mod that calculates partial-game WN8 as you're playing.
    And while we're at it, perhaps we should start describing tanks in a novel way: "The 128 mm gun gives you 300 WN8 per penetrating hit, whereas the 150 gives you 500 WN8 per penetrating hit."
    I also propose the novel parameter WN8PM, to sit alongside DPM.
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    Platypusbill reacted to bjshnog in New View ranges come 9.5 good or bad?   
    If everything is nerfed while lights are buffed, scouty maps will become hugely more campy when there are lights, since if you try to spot anything in something other than a light, everything will be aiming at you when the invisible light tanks spots you. (Yes, it's recursive. Camping will cause more camping.)
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    Platypusbill reacted to Pocktio in The New & Improved Box Rapist - AT15A Premium British TD   
    Welcome, brothers and sisters; to my pseudo-review & early impressions of the spiffing AT15A. 
    You can equip all British tanks with sky camoflage. This will render enemies helpless as they thrash around screaming about how they sky itself is shooting them. 
    Surely a glorious invention showcasing the greatness of British intellect. 
    Behold it's majesty:

    Try to ignore the ghetto as fuck crew, for this marks the beginning of my entry into British TDs and as such I had no crew waiting around. The sad fact is that the AT15A was worthless pre 9.4, now perhaps WG may have overbuffed a teensy bit. 
    Tier 7 with PREF MM 
    HP - 1050HP
    Mass - 65 tons of British Sex
    Engine - 650hp
    Traverse - 24 deg/sec
    Armour - 228/152/101
    Armament - QQF 17-pdr AT Gun Mk. VII 
    Damage - 150/190
    Reload with rammer/110% Crew - 3.7 secs
    Aim time - 1.9s
    Acc - 0.32
    Pen - 171/239 
    View - 350m
    So we can see this thing is a veritable slug of the Empire. 
    It does however feature a high RoF gun with the accuracy and aimtime so good the Queen herself approved it's battlefield use by smashing a bottle of Lambrini on the side of the first model produced. True story.
    The armour is this vehicle is interesting. There are several weakspots installed so as to facilitate the easy passing of tea and crumpets to the crew. It was decided a weaker hull was better than a demoralised crew. 
    Here we can see the ports

    So what one needs to ensure you only poke around from the right hand side which hides ones cupola. To avoid hits to the MG port one simply wiggles ones booty. If they miss they will hit 228mm of slopey sexy armour and ricochet while your crew continues to enjoy their crumpets uninterrupted. 
    The gun is fairly simple to use, yet utterly brutal. Swift reloads mean regular pain and opens up the beautiful world of perma-tracking. You can deliver 300 alpha every 7 secs with the right setups. Not too shabby. The gun will also be laser accurate, aims quicker than a bunch of ragged Orphans to gin and has a whopping 239 penetration with gold. More than enough to thrash any no-good rapscallion with the temerity to interpose himself betwixt you and your objectives.
    There are two distinct playstyles one can choose with these vehicle: assault gun and assaultier gun. Though well suited to long range combat due to the aimtime, accuracy and sufficient penetration; the AT15A is a sturdy little vehicular ball of slaughter. While it may be prudent to engage tier 8 vehicles at a longer range to make it harder for them to put rounds through the tea & pudding ports, it is best to sow fear and despair into the hearts of pubbies at close range. Wiggle, bounce & fire. Repeat. Reap tears. Repeat. 
    One must use & abuse the depression and epic gun arc of this vehicle. Though it is a hugebeast, as huge as your mother. It does have excellent gun soft stats. It's quite easy to put oneself in very strong positions using the gun arc & depression, so as to deny the enemy easy shots on ones tea & crumpet ports. 
    It is recommended to pair up with another AT15A and a fast moving tier 6 for maximum results. 
    See below for the results of this deadly combination:

    It truly is a woe-machine of terrifying proportion. 
    Recommended Setups: Crew & Equipment
    As this is my first foray into the frighteningly exciting world of British TDs, I run a ghetto setup. 
    My crew are
    Playing this indomitable vehicle as one should requires you to be on the ball with those spanners gents. Tracks must be tippety-top and spickedy-span post-haste so one can resume blasting those dastardly bastards to bits some more. 
    Once not ghetto and in a good public school, ones crew will ideally look like this
    Sixth Sense/Recon
    Repairs/ Designated target
    Clutch Braking / Repairs
    Situational Awareness / Repairs
    Repairs / Camo
    Safe Stowage / Repairs
    Followed by Camo or BiA, under one's own discretion. 
    Equipment-wise I am running the obviously essentially rammer to ferociously ram ones shells harder into their breech. As the gun handling is already so excellent I would dismiss the GLD as poppycock and so run a spall liner instead. One cannot evade arty in this. One must learn to minimise splash a great deal, so those clicking cuntnuggets can't finish you off by serially missing ones AT. One runs binocs simply as one is so slow. At close ranges one does not need it, but the 25% is most noticeably useful when one must hold a position. 440m view range is most useful in a tier 7 match. 
    One could well swap out the spall for optics for extra view range. Again this is down to ones own discretion.
    One would heartily recommend this fine vehicle. 
    If one cannot deal with slow speed one would not recommend, however it truly is a potent machine. The only thing more potent is a pair working in tandem to DPM anything they face to teensy little regret-filled bits. One must also note that while one can and will utterly annihilate flanks the friendly team will always do its best to lose the other. One must accept this as the speed allows for no flexing back to cap. This is why bringing a Cromwell is a damn good idea. 
    It is also not a tank for beginners. It rewards good positioning, fire discipline and the ability to read map and team compositions on the fly. 
    Fun Factor : 10/10
    Power Factor : 8/10 (Against tier 7s & 8s) 
    Flexibility : 4/10 
    I love it. So good. 
    Holla at a motherfucker if you disagree with my setup or have any suggestions/other things to add. 
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    Platypusbill reacted to Never in FYI: Schedule   
    So this past 2 weeks have been pretty busy for me, and right as I was getting ready to publish the first new article I noticed I didn't update the article section layout to match the new one...
    So I'm doing that right now, and after that there will be a fixed schedule where articles will be published, namely: Every Tuesday and Friday, with the first one coming out this Wednesday.
    This is just an FYI post to let you guys know when new articles will start to be published. Sorry for the delay, real life can be a shitty thing sometimes.
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from ZXrage in WoT Humour Site: http://siemkakto.pl/   
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from TheLovePanda in E75: The Greatest of the Tier 9s   
    Worth noting:
    -This does not take normalisation into account
    -The LFP got nerfed to 55 degrees in 8.8
    -The upper sides actually have noteworthy angling, at 24 degrees
    -The UFP is actually at 62 degrees
    The highest consistent protection you can get is ~225, but you can bounce bigger guns by baiting shots into strongpoints or hoping yor enemy simply misjudges.
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    Platypusbill reacted to StranaMechty in m41 Walker Bulldog Appreciation Thread   
    m8. Don't embarrass yourself again.
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from GehakteMolen in WoT Humour Site: http://siemkakto.pl/   
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from tomhwk in WoT Humour Site: http://siemkakto.pl/   
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    Platypusbill reacted to Joyrider216 in WoT Humour Site: http://siemkakto.pl/   
    this gets me

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    Platypusbill reacted to OOPMan in WoT Humour Site: http://siemkakto.pl/   
    Stolen shamelessly from FTR.

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    Platypusbill reacted to Burdenedfungus in IOC_5 = IOC   
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    Platypusbill reacted to yelsneH in IOC_5 = IOC   
    The second Canadian realized he could steal IOC tag.

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    Platypusbill reacted to CanadianGuitar in IOC_5 = IOC   
    Here's a good read for you.
    If that's too long for you to read (I do recommend it. It's pure gold), the long and short of it:
    IOC promoted Good Guy Cutterz to take over. He apologized for past actions, tried to set standards for IOC and make it a decent clan. Changed IOC to T_I_O (the imperial order), because it makes more sense than Imperial Order Clan (think about all the idiots who say ATM machine...) Cartmen and Hawkeye and all those dumbfucks didn't like the change, and reversed it all. Clan names are locked for 30 days after a change. So they had to change to IOC_1 instead of back to IOC. Cutterz gave me the exact date and time he changed it so I could steal it. ??? Profit.
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    Platypusbill reacted to CanadianGuitar in IOC_5 = IOC   
    That's right fellow tonkers (except Relic), we've evolved all the way from lowly IOC_5 to IOC [Main]. Several changes will be coming down the pipes:
    Relic's days are no longer numbers. Relic's days are now however, numbered. SIMP, Vilin and D-O-S, your days are now numbers. Every new member to IOC will be credited enough gold to convert into credits, to equip all heavies with camo nets. I am declaring War on IOC_1 through whatever they have left now. I am declaring a state of emergency for my sanity.  
    More to follow.
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    Platypusbill reacted to Rexxie in Impromptu WG Q&A   
    are any of you qtpies?
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    Platypusbill reacted to Solono in Policy Toward Wargaming Employees   
    Anything a Wargaming employee says on this site, unless they explicitly say otherwise, is to be taken as opinion or conjecture of the individual posting the comment and not an official stance from the company. Also, do not haze them, do not harass them, treat them as you would like to be treated by the company, they are people too, they just happen to work on the game.
    However, this does not mean you cannot argue, debate or otherwise not interact with them, the purpose of the policy to foster communication between the people who run the game and people who play it on an unofficial basis but also allowing them to make official statements for the purpose of clarity, brevity etc.
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