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    Platypusbill reacted to Tuco22 in A Connecticut Yankee visits the Eurozone   

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    Platypusbill got a reaction from SmalltalkJava in Alpha Vs Reload. At what level is one better than the other.   
    Clicking once is, I'd argue, easier than finding opportunities to click many times.
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from cavman276 in What's up with IOC?   
    Welp, Private_Miros said he once joined PATO9 (PATON/PATO# being a similarly well-known EU baddie clan) to fool his opponents.
    EDIT: Oh god the military speak in the vid is hilarious.
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    Platypusbill reacted to canadiantrex in PSA: Why Windows 8 Interface Whining is Idiotic   
    Too late, Windows 8 is already here. 
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from Shackram in The Random Thoughts Thread   
    It's not quite accurate, but you get the idea.
    For a country that's supposed to embody progress, the US is pretty fucking stubborn about this.
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from mammoth_hunter12 in I Like the Jagdpanzer E-100   
    Oh great, that's reassuring to hear.
    420 HEAT PEN BLAZE IT sexii
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from Sprak in Light tanks getting a reboot?   
    Perhaps the most effective way to adjust classes would be designing maps so that they are more balanced in terms of how they cater towards each playstyle. However, it's difficult and takes more time than just tweaking numbers, and the proposal seems good from a balancing/diversity standpoint.
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    Platypusbill reacted to CarbonWard in Calling 101   
    So there has been a lot of threads about how to be a good FC, so i figured I could make a multi-part thread on how to call, and more specifically, how to call for a team of beginners.
    Two is bigger than one, three is bigger than two.
    Organized play in the crudest description is basically the question of "How do i get more guns firing than my opponent?" it is a very simple question, yet it is the question that hangs over every caller's head.
    How do you get more guns into a fight firing than your opponent? Do you maneuver your MTs and HTs so that you have more tanks firing? Or do you use heavy artillery and TDs to deny your opponent from being able to fire?
    Bigger is Better
    Never show up with a smaller gun than your opponent if you can help it, when considering which part of the map to control, always try to bring in the heaviest gun and armor you can possibly afford without hindering your speed.
    If you can show up with Is7s, you wouldnt want to bring 140s, If you can show up with E5s, you wouldn't want to bring E50Ms, if you could show up with T110E3s, you wouldn't want to show up with IS4s.
    Simple is best
    make your strategy as simple as possible, the easier it is, the more your team will be able to execute, the more complicated it is, the more hindered your team will be, study shows top tier athletes have less brain usage than amateurs, the less you get your team to think, the better than perform in terms of everything else, overly complicated maneuvers on a large scale will kill your chance to win more than any opponent.
    A Risk taker is a winner
    There is no perfect strategy, every strategy has a counter or two, someone who tries to be invincible will only end up exposing his Achilles's heel. What i'm saying is, unless you are OTTER or G where 15 people are all capable of independent movement, do not spread your tanks thin to counter every possible strat, focus 90% of your tanks in one route, and accept the fact that a derp rush on the other end will possibly defeat you. That is not to say to not have any countermeasure, but do not focus on countering your opponent's tactic, use your own tactic and force your enemy to conform to your way of playing.
    Always be on the offensive, always be the one making moves.
    Confidence is Everything
    As a caller, your attitude inspire those under you directly and indirectly, so chin up, talk with confidence even if you have no trust in yourself, you lead your men in more ways than just on the field.

    Ill put up a youtube video of a Westfield CW that i called a while back, and come back with the specifics of calling in a few days/weeks
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    Platypusbill reacted to bjshnog in WoTLabs and RBS.com join forces!   
    I would assume the requirements are:
    Write an informative and helpful guide
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    Platypusbill reacted to Never in WoTLabs and RBS.com join forces!   
    Howdy all!
    Today I'm happy to announce that WoTLabs and Rocketbrainsurgeon have joined forces to bring all the amazing articles from Rocketbrainsurgeon.com directly to WoTLabs. This will ensure continued service as well as a larger audience that now has access to the amazing material you guys have made.
    For writers that want to contribute articles, we are offering 1250 gold per published article. The process to submit articles is still the same. Payment will be sent on the same day that the article gets published. Right now we're gonna be publishing 2 articles per week.
    You can submit your articles to: rbs at rocketbrainsurgeon dot com
    You can access the brand new WoTLabs Articles clicking here!
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    Platypusbill reacted to Garbad in The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread   
    -G- = The Official Garbad Fan Clan
    T-34-1.  I also like the T20 a lot, check RBS for a review of the two I did a bit back.
    They died.
    Its hard to give specific advice on stuff like this.  Obviously you will know your strengths/weaknesses better than I will.  And likewise, its not like winning is a trick -- there aren't 5 rules or whatever that if you do you always win.  Knowing what to do and how to do it is a constantly moving bar, and that's why its an art.

    So what to do to improve...well, first, try to learn more.  Read guides, read game mechanics, read history, whatever helps generate usable information to you.  Some find it helpful to watch replays of other players.  But be warned -- watching someone who is too skilled might look like luck.  You probably can't duplicate the reasoning/results of when kewei goes all moses and cleaves a path through the red sea, but maybe watching a bluegreen will help show you attainable improvement.  Or maybe not.  Second, once you have some tricks/skills whatever start making them part of your playbook.  Practice, try, and see what works.
    I believe I am a good team player.  Specifically, I believe I make my platoons/teams better by doing the difficult jobs, including scouting, leading pushes, securing weak points, and timely tactical plays.  But the down side is I believe I am a skill multiplier.  I may help  my yellows play like greens, but I help my retards play like...well, slightly less retarded retards. Going by XVM, I win a very high percent of the "close" games.  I can tip a battle in my favor if its close at all something like 90%.  But once my retards hit critical mass, nothing can be done.  No matter what I will lose.  Most unica in those hopeless matches just pad damage and wait for the inevitable (at least the loss doesn't hurt your wn8).  I tend to do wildly risky things that might result in a grand slam, but usually just result in me getting facefucked and my team loses 2-15.
    1.25x your mother's mouth at its widest point.  It was very painful for her to take it all.
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    Platypusbill reacted to Garbad in The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread   
    Don't concern yourself with stats -- do what it takes to win.  If you can't sustain your stats from normal play, they are already padded and you will get stuck on a endless cycle of increasingly stupid gimmicks to keep your stats fluffed at artificial levels.  And what's the point of that?  Focus on winning, and let the numbers fall where they may.  Its more fun, more honest, and less stressful.
    Some basic principles for making the jump from good to great:
    1.  Make flexible, aggressive opening moves.  Generally go to the middle of map, get firing angles and sometimes scout cheap shots with low risk.  Then adjust.
    2.  Be Extremely Active.  ALWAYS keep your gun hot, but don't feel pressured to smash a team in the first few minutes.  Hit lots of singles, no need to swing for the fence just yet.
    3.  Leverage your activity to achieve key goals.  As the battle settles in, identify key areas, tanks, or objectives your team needs to accomplish to win.  Then ensure your team does it.  Military history and trail and error are your best guides.
    4.  When things go badly, trade well both HP and time. At a minimum, always try to do your weight.  Even if you derp, hopefully your team has a chance to pull it out.
    5.  Close out the endgame with authority.  Dominate the crippled, camping pubs using all the vision games, angling, and so on you know and they don't.
    The camping bitches will tell you to play cautiously, so you don't fuck up and die early.  I tell you two kills in the first two minutes means a lot more than two kills in the end.  Snowball effect.
    The camping bitches will tell you to play consistently.  I tell you to not be afraid to gamble well on a worthy goal.  And remember some games are certain losses unless you hit a grand slam, so swing.
    The camping bitches will tell you to stay alive, so you can either 1) farm damage in mopup or 2) farm damage in a futile last stand.  I tell you to be ready for the key moment, and valar morghulis.
    The camping bitches will tell you to be conserve your hp.  I tell you to realize your HP is an asset -- don't be afraid to spend your assets to accomplish worthy goals.  Death is not bad if it locks in a win.
    The camping bitches will tell you to use your teammates as meatshields to let you farm damage and wear down the bad guys.  I tell you to make your teammates better, because whether you do 2k or 3k is trivial when your team has 25k hp -- if you can make your pubs overperform (light targets, break through for them, save them from situations they can't think their way out of), you can have the weight of five tanks.

    I was considering writing another guide on this, but I got lazy.
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    Platypusbill reacted to Okeano in Okeano & Rexxie's guide on where NOT go to on maps (Updated 12/2/15)   
    Edit by Rexxie: Okeano decided to let me take over this project for him due to inactivity, so from now on I'll be trying to keep this updated for you guys.

    If I get one more team of 10 tanks sitting by valley of Cliffs, I may kill something.

    This is a comprehensive guide on where NOT to lemming to on maps. Disclaimer, these spots do usually need a few people spotting or guarding, and some unica may find success there, but they are by no means where average or above average players should gather. Bads flock to these spots because they feel more "safe" and protected; it's the main reason that when there's a right way and wrong way to go on a map, bads always pick the wrong one. Any WoTlab user should not be at these spots, unless there are just absolutely no one there. Some spots don't even require any tanks at all. This is not meant to be an advance guide covering advance spots on the map with high risk and high reward, but a guide on where to avoid at the start on maps with noob traps. See for detailed attack routes and tactics. As a starting step for improvement, start by avoiding the red and yellow spots.

    Someone on another site was wondering how I came to the conclusion of which area on the map is bad. One person guessed that I looked at data of teams having more tanks in these area losing more. No. Nothing of this guide is from any data or heat map. Everything is from the personal experience gathered throughout my 23k+ battles. There is no database of any kind that I can use to update these, so as maps are changed, I need to relearn them before I can update them on this guide.

    I placed circles on the maps and color coded them according to explanation in the following paragraphs. These areas apply only for initial deployment. The entire map can be used depending on the situation as game develops (well, not for all maps. I’m looking at you Erlenberg, go die in hell).

    Red areas should be avoided. These are either deathtrap or offer nothing to the game play. Going here at the start will result in death or minimum contribution.

    Yellow areas are either questionable or limited in ability to influence the battle. They’re the “grey area” and I will explain my opinion on them for each individual map.

    Green areas are key spots on the map. They are usually where the main conflicts happen and where the match is decided. You will notice that most of the greens are in elevated parts of the map, which follows the fundamental battle tactic that high grounds are usually the key.

    Arrows are there to indicate direction of movement. They’re used to clarify from which spawn you’re moving into the area.

    The red lines are the “conflict lines”. These are where the major conflicts usually happen, and where you should be expecting to meet the enemy. On your side of the lines would be considered your side and crossing the lines would be venture into enemy side. These are not set in stone and may very well change depend on the deployment (fast movers may very well blow past these line and change the point of conflict), but they are the general guide line on where you would expect to see the enemy. It can be a rule of thumb that staying behind these lines can be considered being defensive and going pass these would be the start of an offense. Like other spots, the lines apply at the start of the match and initial engagement. For some maps, it’s one single line across the entire map, and for other maps it’s segmented. I will go into these for each map individually. You’ll notice that the conflict lines usually divide up green areas. This is to be expected, as you’ll want to be at or near the conflict points to affect the battle.

    A few maps I left out because either I don’t feel they have major dangerous area, or I don’t them well enough yet.

    Abbey (current)

    Airfield (current)

    Arctic Region (current)

    Cliffs (current)
    El Halluf (current)

    Erlenberg (current)

    Fjords (current)
    Himmelsdorf (current)

    Highway (current)

    Karelia (current)

    Kharkov (current)

    Lakeville (current)

    Live Oaks (current)

    Malinovka (current)

    Mines (current)

    Mountain Pass (current)

    Murovanka (current)

    Prokhorovka (current)

    Redshire (current)
    Ruinberg (current)

    Sacred Valley (current)

    Sand River (Outdated)

    Serene Coast (current)

    Siegfried Line (current)
    Stalingrad (current)

    Steppes (current)

    Swamp (current)

    Tundra (current)

    Westfield (Outdated)

    Widepark (current)
    Windstorm (current)
    Removed Maps
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    Platypusbill reacted to pauli in Russian server support added   
    It's almost as if the wotlabs server just started tracking them!
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from Angelicpeaches in Often perpertuated internet tanks myths   
    -Tiger stronk sidescraper
    нет товарищ. Fascist box tank is so wide, the UFP is significantly exposed if you want to get a decent angle. If anything, it's just "better than nothing" because it's the only way you'll bounce shots except for hulldown or sheer luck.
    -APCR is bad at long range
    Outside low tiers, the penetration dropoff is not enough to negate the penetration advantage over AP, and guns with APCR as standard have negligible performance loss.
    Your turn.
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    Platypusbill reacted to Aquavolt in The E-50...is kind of a turd   
    Well then.
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    Platypusbill reacted to sr360 in FV215B being replaced with the Chieftain   
    The current 215B (120) is a tank that, IIRC, has no historical basis. The 215B was trialed with a 183 mm gun, and we have that in game as the FV215B (183). WG created the 120 mm variant to fit the top of the British tree, and in their move towards historical accuracy (as evidenced by them introducing the Waffle-E-100, a tank that fought at the Normandy landings), they will replace the 215B with a Chieftain prototype.
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from KurtaMurta in Valachio is live   
    Shirt your take off
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    Platypusbill reacted to _Goliard in Spotting System Changes   
    Karelia hill with the current box and the upcoming circle:

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    Platypusbill reacted to SWG112 in Spotting System Changes   
    The area is the same, thing is it changes from a [500;707] distance bracket to a 565 constant, which means yiou get to see further on the cardinals (N,S,W,E) and less on the diagonals (NW,SW,NE,SE)
    EDIT: with my stronk paint skillz i made a pic, green is what you gain, red is what you lose

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    Platypusbill reacted to CraBeatOff in Shell distribution within the reticule (solved)   
    This tells the whole story.
    Here is more detail from long ago 
    As noted before, adding up cumulative distributions from the normal distribution isn't really that hard...mainly because its so useful there are a lot of tools to do it for you :-D
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    Platypusbill got a reaction from Rexxie in Theory: Being A Cutiebun Is Harder Than Ever   
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    Platypusbill reacted to Sorphius in Shell distribution within the reticule (solved)   
    That's the best I've got.  At the end of the day hitting weakspots from really long ranges is always going to be a crapshoot, but overall roughly two out of three shots will hit in the inner 1/3 of the reticle.
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