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  1. Far too much YOLO Not enough SWAG SWAG
  2. The player-base is unsalvageable, not even my mighty swagger can maintain a 100% win rate. SWAG YOLO #360noscopeT1stronktonk
  3. Bitches, They know 'bout my swagger. YOLO
  4. I am Bridgey's alt and Nisa is my alt. It's the circle of alt and it moves us all.
  5. So much SWAG, probably has a 90% win rate solo. If he could find his laptop after it slipped into one of his stomach rolls. YOLO
  6. Whom is this "Mustang Salad", sounds like a candidate for SWAG. SWAG
  7. Honestly, Bridgeburner might, just maybe get to be a recruit in SWAG if only he upped his swag coefficient. I mean, he's got swagger but is it SWAG swagger? Also as Bridgeburner's alt this is an official war dec on DPS and SDRAHAB from PVP. Let Carabao know.
  8. I am totally Bridgey's alt. YOLO
  9. Something ASIA usually excels at. Pinpoint precision.
  10. Slyfox is the SWAG official bridge inspector.
  11. Someone actually applied to join SWAG. I declined. SWAG
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