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  1. Well, now I've noticed that I can mount vstabs on the T64. Thx guys;) Regarding the blackdog, I run it with food and still manage to do around 50k profit each game, so it's my goto go tank atm if I need money. It just wracks shit with this hep rounds at Tier 6.
  2. I wonder - why would I play a T9 light (after unlocking T10) in the future? I have all T8 lights with around 150k XP on them, girls crew on the T54Ltw. I can't see why I would keep them which makes me actually sad as Ru and T54Ltw are some of my faurite tonks ;/
  3. 23 pages full of shit just to complain about my dropped overall. FeelsBadMan.
  4. Sela friend, is there a chance for working session stats? The ones in 9.16 were awesome...
  5. V-Stabs, optics, vents + cola + BIA. 3 skill crew, camo only on loader 82%. 492m view range.
  6. First game with the big gun. 4k dmg, 5 kills, Ace. Fun.
  7. I don't see how autoaim + would be illegal. It's not aiming for weakspots nor is it leading the target.
  8. http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/46/fair_play_policy/ So with this in mind, the reload timers are going to give us a ban. Watch out boys & girls
  9. Cmon Sela;) (btw. I saw that there's a 15.1 version of Melty's, it may work. Didn't try, though.)
  10. I rly do love this tank, but I can't get wins in it. Although the new physics made it way smoother to drive around, the missed shots on capping bots made me rage more than once.
  11. Renaming the folder doesn't work for me. It's stuck loading, saying "updating discounts". I waited around 5 minutes before alt + F4.
  12. Just finished the grind on this shit, I only unlocked the tracks to get through it faster and used a lot of +100% XP boosts. It was a nightmare, I hated it.
  13. Why so much hate for the A44? I liked it a lot.
  14. Scanned with Norton, no viruses. But A weird bug appeared while playing arty. After a while I couln't turn or aim. I also couildn't exit the game as I was only able to hit the "exit battle" button, but not the "yes" button to confirm. Maybe it's the battle asistant?
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