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  1. "Green Baddies", your attention is needed. You there?
  2. I think you should just go back to trolling GD. Oh wait, too late. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/392268-wotlabs-new-color-categories-explained/page__st__60__pid__7908427#entry7908427 http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/392268-wotlabs-new-color-categories-explained/page__st__60__pid__7908432#entry7908432
  3. Good god. I'm seeing the same ridiculous ignorance here that I see on GD every fucking day.
  4. this fucking game is full of fucking retarded monkeys. I fucking hate it.

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    2. BanzaiBonsai


      Ooh ooh ooh ah ah ah

      *monkey noises*

    3. nova123311


      I think I have successfully rehabilitated myself from the crack.

    4. SgtKnispel23


      this game is a addiction from hell

  5. I'll rebuy quite a few mid tier tanks and nations which I don't play much. Lack of crews with sixth sense has been a limiting factor for me. I have american 4 skill crews crawling out of the woodwork but all the other nations, not so much.
  6. I can't believe I'm seeing the same ignorant shit here that I see in GD on a daily basis. Fucking learn math and stats, people.
  7. What do you guys recommend for platoon mates for this thing? I'm getting a little bored soloing it and the m41.
  8. Let's not rehash gd content here. Deus has a good write up of what would probably be be only practical sbmm. Wg wouldn't donit like that and they'll fck up whatever they do anyways.
  9. Solo t10 mediums at 3k wn8 58% wr isn't what I would call padding.
  10. I'd really like to see some reports of people trying out the 90mm. Can it be effective?
  11. I'm really liking it so far but really can't decide between the autoloader and the other gun. The soft stats on the autoloader are a lot worse. 2.0 reload vs 3.2s... Might have to experiment more with the regular gun.
  12. just don't stream with your shirt off. Or go full IDGAF and stream buck nekkid.
  13. Kill shots with low alpha gun bring actual average damage below theoretical average damage. Actually, that's any gun, low alpha or not. your kv1s is an outlier and there aren't enough samples yet.
  14. I would totally gamble in wot! But I'm a pretty incorrigible flush chaser, too.
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