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  1. stopped playing tanks earlier this year couldnt handle pub matches anymore. i now play LoL- shout out to fulcrous who tilts with me men of war 2 ( game is super fun but a pretty big learning curve) war thunder sometimes This is the police FTL CoH( i dislike 2, original seems better to me)
  2. i got star wars EaW gold was gonna get battlefront 2 but yea
  3. ok bois i need a little help. my start menu, notification and search wont open or work at all actually the whole task bar doesnt work.. i need to right click the windows icon to even open up command prompt and to shut down. i see the search option but it doesn't open it when i select it, any ideas on how to fix this or am i screwed for now?
  4. i also get that problem its mainly dead tracks that cause the problem for me.
  5. SMITE Loki pack: PCLKCCD777A850602 took that
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