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  1. stopped playing tanks earlier this year couldnt handle pub matches anymore. i now play LoL- shout out to fulcrous who tilts with me men of war 2 ( game is super fun but a pretty big learning curve) war thunder sometimes This is the police FTL CoH( i dislike 2, original seems better to me)
  2. i got star wars EaW gold was gonna get battlefront 2 but yea
  3. ok bois i need a little help. my start menu, notification and search wont open or work at all actually the whole task bar doesnt work.. i need to right click the windows icon to even open up command prompt and to shut down. i see the search option but it doesn't open it when i select it, any ideas on how to fix this or am i screwed for now?
  4. i also get that problem its mainly dead tracks that cause the problem for me.
  5. SMITE Loki pack: PCLKCCD777A850602 took that
  6. madeon is love madeon is life
  7. hey man you should activate windows
  8. i probably would have been put in main if i played more
  9. seems alot of people wth the same cpu as me have the same issue. and the nvidia drivers say everything is up to date
  10. it says its already updated in device manager ill just go to the nvidia website and check again i guess. my cpu shouldnt be maxed at 100% when doing nothing. also i got the resolution problem fixed by restarting now its just the 100% cpu problem nothing is lagging at all though so its probably just a bug i assume.
  11. guys i need help i downloaded win10 and now i cant change my resolution and my cpu is maxxed out at 100% while doing nothing.
  12. if anyone has a copy of red dragon they dont want ill take it off of their hands
  13. so this icon thingy showed up saying reserve windows 10 for free. is it legit?
  14. did they nerf the damage on the is-2 or did they buff the tigers armor? i cant kill anything now.
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