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  1. mahatma gandhi

    1. Cunicularius


      Rajiv Gandhi > Mahatma Gandhi

    2. NoobestNoob



  2. oh yeah tsukimonogatari exists
  3. I want to watch hanamonogatari but every time I try to, either my computer crashes or I need to go somewhere.
  4. After putting it off for a while I finished Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita. It was a really fun watch
  5. I watched it with friends, I doubt I would have enjoyed it as much as I did if I didn't, haha.
  6. I'm fluent in English, okay with French, and I can generally understand both Hindi and Punjabi although somehow I can't tell which one I'm listening to
  7. It's not like being in a clan is locking you from playing with other people.
  8. I think everybody needs to see this at some point in their life.
  9. The IP.Chatroom limit has been reached and I can't join? :(

    1. Never


      Had to renew my forum & chat license, it's working now.

    2. deetz


      Ah, I see.

  10. I use Koss PortaPros, they are cheap, really portable and excellent headphones. Nothing to complain about for me.
  11. Even Alicization felt kind of random and out of nowhere.
  12. Yes. At least he let me play on his account. Playing his T29 and StuG without giving a shit was fun. Although he still managed to drag his stats in both down.
  13. "If you look nigger up, it's actually a term for ignorant people." Ugh..
  14. well that was interesting, to say the least.
  15. I change the numbers sometimes.
  16. Well technically higher ppi makes for more real estate, if you mean more space to spread different items on. I believe just having a large screen would have it stretched out. Did you mean you'd take higher viewing area any day? (Not even sure if that's the right term.)
  17. Your avatar is beautiful.

  18. http://wot-fightclub.de/wot/road_to_victory/calc.html This tool's been updated recently, give it a look. But yeah, unless you actually improve you won't get anywhere, and you don't seem to be doing so.
  19. Not sure if you're trying to piss people off or honestly missed that most people here fucking hate the retarded game mechanic that is arty.
  20. Rob Ford's face just makes me want to burst into laughter now

    1. Rexxie


      ( o _ O )

  21. You can change the title. Edit the post and open with full editor.
  22. Ask SULOMON, I'm sure you could have a good 1v1.
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