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  1. :O, htat reminds me i need to watch listen to me girls, I am your father!

    I watched it with friends, I doubt I would have enjoyed it as much as I did if I didn't, haha.

  2. The screen I play tanks on is only 22.5 ppi...

    It is 48"x85" though. I'll take real estate over pixel density any day.


    Well technically higher ppi makes for more real estate, if you mean more space to spread different items on. I believe just having a large screen would have it stretched out. Did you mean you'd take higher viewing area any day? (Not even sure if that's the right term.)

  3. RhzVyJv.gif

    You are missing the point. YOURE THE ONE WHO REKTED WOT FORUMS. YOURE THE ONE WHO REKTED CR/D ( but not as bad as assassin_18). You keep trolling on the wot forums. Even after you been permabanned, you created alt account just to sperm the shit out of wot forums. 
    OP no one is going to trust you on this forum after what you did last time.

    Meh, at this point he pretty much has a collar around his neck. Any stupid crap he decides to post will be shot down before it appears, so there's no harm in giving him a chance.

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