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  1. We've done 9's before and I have a 10 from that now, so please add me to the list as well
  2. Great article, but Did you mean 140 here?
  3. deetz

    I'm So L33tz!

    this thread has points, I'm making them in the air with my fingers
  4. this, press ctrl+f5 and it should update (at least in the sig)
  5. Grats I would attempt to do the same but I'm currently too lazy to play enough to get it anytime soon :/
  6. If you're ever playing 10's, feel free to invite me..
  7. I feel like this is the ideal way to play, and it's great. Almost always on tilt. If even I can have purple sessions that much more often, I can't imagine what it will do to an already decent player.
  8. yeah, i'm actually glad this was necro'd... was looking for a nice list of his writeups.
  9. i can confirm it does. at least it did on the test server.
  10. Welcome, it's crazy how much picking up scraps of knowledge can improve your play Also I like your username for some reason.
  11. [.media]video url[./media] remove the .
  12. The E5 doesn't feel nearly as obsolete as people are making it out to be in pubs. Quite fun :D

    1. VonCurry


      Love my E5, jack of all trades.

  13. The wind did not rise today... sketchy asian taxi took me and my friend to the wrong theatre, where we walked in circles for like an hour, waited 40 minutes for a legitimate taxi that claimed to arrive in 5 minutes and charged extremely high fare.
  14. Want to wait 40 minutes in the cold? Better call Beck!

    1. SamCyanide


      oh em gee bby fuk mi hard stein gate

    2. deetz
  15. Going to go watch The Wind Rises this afternoon. Seems interesting enough, and it's from Ghibli, so yeah.
  16. --0-- is recruiting via training room apparently.

    1. AR_15


      We should all join for the lols

    2. deetz


      they closed it ;_;

      it's always been my dream to join best_clam_na



      They are 40% training room trollers.

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  17. I generally like to take one line, free-xp somewhere after tier 5 (because fuck low tiers) or to a high point in the line, then I focus on that line, and try to become decent with that line, mastering it to the best of my ability. I've only done it once so far, but taking my time with T29->E5 turned me into a much better player than I was, and now I'm focusing only on the T-43, which I doubt I would have enjoyed before I grinded that line. Basically, something like what spencer said.
  18. This T-43 is expensive to play :S

    1. letsgofaster


      Agreed Panzer9. I can't wait to move on to the T-44.

    2. jostie


      And when you get T-44 you can't wait till you have the T-54;)

    3. Mami_Momoe
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  19. Can no longer watch the south replay. How do you play this map from the south in a medium?
  20. do you draw your avatars? just curious.

    1. Mami_Momoe


      Of course not, but I think I've lost the link to the artist <_<

    2. deetz


      ah. i thought so because reverse image searches just lead to you.

    3. Mami_Momoe
  21. I took a 2 week break, and after a short hang I managed to get back into 2350+ session stats, by playing only a tank that I was very familiar with, the M103. Now I'm on a break again. >_> I sort of want to play but I sort of don't want to. I've sold my M103 for the E5 since, so I don't know how it will go when I come back :|
  22. highlights: -fans and boys -let's not get into that now because i can't think of how to reply -Stop attacking me! -stats are irrelevant -I am a STATISTICS ANALYSIS EXPERT -WoT stats suck because arty is hard -I had a career in IT! -something something Richard Feynman 1+1 <> 2 -Go read a book on Statistical Analysis because I am right and You are wrong. -"You need to move away from the mindset and think of posting a viewpoint instead." -You are missing my point!!! -Who cares about winning, it's just a game -The above proves my original point -You are spouting bile! .......
  23. I'm pretty sure he doesn't actually know what a fanboy is. I can't think of something to say to you? Fuck you, fanboy. fanboyfanboyfanboyfanboyfanboyfanboyfanboyfanboyfanboyfanboyfanboyfanboyfanboyfanboyfanboyfanboy boyfan
  24. Tried osu with a tablet, then promptly realized that I have a long way to go. Also my wrists hurt

    1. KraftLawrence


      im trying to figure out which world line your S;G avatar is from.

    2. deetz


      it's this world line. ;D

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