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  1. You don't need to make 4 threads, just bump one of your old ones :|
  2. Why would the calculator factor in improvement? How would it know how much you are going to improve?
  3. Meh, at this point he pretty much has a collar around his neck. Any stupid crap he decides to post will be shot down before it appears, so there's no harm in giving him a chance.
  4. Yes, you've clearly shown in the past what a sincere and outstanding person you are.
  5. -snip- reading and comprehension: failed
  6. Are you streaming or xtreaming? ..sorry, couldn't help it.
  7. Well at least I'll probably always be here, AFK
  8. Part of the fun IMO. and you can alternate tapping between x and z in a frenzy rather than click on the mouse. Makes streaming much easier. It got a little tiring being named fucking "Whee123"...
  9. They probably wouldn't be red/orange/whatever if they were putting that much thought into it. I'd personally think that they see the easiest kill as the easiest way to the satisfaction that comes with getting a kill. Pre-Nerf Obj 268 HEAT, meet my AMX 12t's gun.
  10. I have 3 tablets. None of them were originally mine before my brother decided he didn't want to do graphic design.
  11. Ah, you're a mania player, missed that small detail, heh.
  12. I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but you have to collect materials to craft items yourself, in your inventory or on a workbench. You can use redstone to make logic gates but I don't believe you can make it craft things for you. There are many other things you can do with it though.
  13. deetz

    So far today...

    Yeah I'm pretty sure if you kill yourself on the Panther it says Failed! in the battle result and gives you the reward anyways.
  14. Oh my god, I didn't know about this until just now. Great!
  15. I just had a dream where I left my house and got nuked by 8 arty :|

    1. ViktorKitov
    2. TeaTime


      You sound repressed. A walk in a park that has a good number of bushes should help.

  16. I'm pretty young, so I dunno, but I'd say I haven't peaked yet, and perhaps that I'm still on the way up. Osu and WoT have been the first games I have been decent/passable at, but I don't even play WoT anymore so time will tell, I guess.
  17. Also signed up, username is deetz.
  18. Wrong section. Could someone please move this to metagame discussion?
  19. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but, what? The T49 has great acceleration.
  20. It's definitely playable. I played it for a long while on the mouse before my brother gave me his graphic tablet (found no use for it I guess). If you turn the sensitivity settings just right it should be fine. Most of the maps are tested to be at least barely playable on the mouse.
  21. So you made those? I was wondering who made them.
  22. Title. Basic explanation of the game: https://osu.ppy.sh/wiki/FAQ Was originally an NDS game, Ported to the PC, where anybody can make the beatmap for the songs. There is a much wider variety of music there. I've been playing this a lot recently and it's been quite fun. Anybody else play? If not, I'd suggest checking it out and giving it a try here. My ingame name is Whee123 deetz if anybody wants to know. (changed name)
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