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  1. Why disadvantage yourself when your enemies are potentially using gold rounds? I'm sure they're not going to hold back out of fairness.
  2. The asterisk represents a multiplication, and the slash represents a division.
  3. A piece on decision making would be nice and an interesting read.
  4. Nobody here is trying to stop you from improving or withholding details from you. You have been told exactly how best to improve your WN8 in the long term. It may look at first complicated, but if you understand algebra it's really not that hard to understand. Take a look here, it may help: http://wiki.wnefficiency.net/pages/WN8:_Summary If you have a question there are tons of people here who would be happy to answer you.
  5. Saw Rexxie yesterday on Ensk. I said hi, and of course I potatoed right after. My platoonmate, however, played his T-44 brilliantly and almost won, killing Rexxie but dying due to unluckily missing a killshot and hitting an SU-100M1's track.
  6. I was teamkilled 3 times just last night. Last one was by a failplatooned StuG, who thought I was "pushing him into fire" when trying to move around him sitting in the fucking open and get a shot off. And I'm just gonna keep pushing on and watching my T32 stats tank. I do miss winning though.
  7. Try to find a worse team. Also a T29 chased me to the ends of the earth and didn't find me anyways.
  8. My T32 is at 43%-44%. I know I'm not doing great in it but it's not THAT bad...
  9. It seems I've hit a bit of a wall lately, or a big dip. I performed well in my T29, and started strong in my T32, with 79% and 1000 average XP, but that's dropped like a stone. My T32 is now at 44% and ~800 average xp, and I seem to be unable to win more than 35% in a session. I'm playing it pretty much the same as my T29, and I personally am doing alright, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to carry some of these teams. Even in platoons I win like 35%. Some tips on how to win would be appreciated. I will upload a few replays later. I may rage a little in them so be mindful
  10. Guess I've still got a bit of a way to go before I can apply. Although I won't be going anywhere with this shit streak. /sigh
  11. Hello There's a lot of good stuff to be learned here just poking around. You can take a look too if you want, some good stuff there.
  12. It's interesting how many posts in this thread are referring to the thread itself.
  13. Never mind, you said only poetry. It's a song called "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen.
  14. Why not "Don't Spot Me Now"?
  15. Sorry for being off topic, but this is the closest place to what I've wanted to ask. Since there's a lot more green in the WN8 scale, why not add dark green to the winrate scale? Maybe 54-56 or something.
  16. The name in brackets is the name of the person who started the channel. Every few days there's a server reset so someone has to remake the channel, and PityFool created it this time. Also I'd be happy to platoon with you 5-8, we seem to be at about the same skill level.
  17. deetz

    Portal 3

    More like Portal 1.5. It's not made by Valve either.
  18. If "Pretty Damn Close" is any form of accurate measurement, I was tearing a Tiger apart from a distance of "Pretty Damn Close". It was fun.
  19. Either watch the battle, or tab out and browse the web. Or occasionally I might go for a round in a random tank I like.
  20. Deus Ex: Human Revolution? You can either use them for some purpose I forget, or you can sell them on the market for small amounts of steam cash. I used the cash from mine to get Deus Ex 1.
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