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  1. http://www.wnefficiency.net/wnexpected/
  2. Also, WN8 is mean, I'm red/orange again ...must increase by two points... EDIT: Wait, my WN8 is different on NoobMeter and WoTLabs? All the other stats are the same.
  3. It's not CloudFlare, it's the server WoTLabs is hosted on.
  4. Tell them apart by what way the beard is facing.
  5. I hit a bridge-jumping T49 on the move in my KV-2 on Westfield.
  6. I used to have encounter on but turned it off when I realized that: A) I can't trust anybody to reset cap even if most of the team is there, and B) I'm not good enough to win a match for 14 first-class morons consistently with the threat of cap-fast. I also have assault off because I don't platoon as much as I'd like to.
  7. Note to self: Do not trust the 10 teammates beside the cap point to reset the cap point.

    1. xWulffx


      Never trust a pubbie to reset the cap... one of the cardinal rules

    2. deetz


      Half of the fucking team was there.. I guess this drives it home.

    3. ViktorKitov


      The horrors Ive seen...

  8. I know exactly what you mean. 1600-2000 WN7 today, 35% w/r. Sigh.
  9. A while back, while in a T49 myself, I saw Marduk10 (I think) in his. We were on Cliff, and I was absentmindedly following behind him. He drove off an edge, fell and got tracked. I then proceeded to drive off said edge and get tracked as well. We sat there for a couple of moments, and he said "We are both idiots."
  10. I have personal experience bouncing off the rear of a tier 1 in a T7, so I'll doubt that.
  11. Woo. 1900 average WN7, and a winrate in the neighbourhood of 40%.

    1. deetz


      this is a really old status but i meant WN8

  12. It's not worth a big deal, just a quick "Huh.", then back to your daily life.
  13. I vote yes, so he can stare at his screen for a couple of minutes, and say "Huh". Out loud.
  14. May you have enlightenment bestowed upon you. Maybe with some delicious food rather than the picture.
  15. I hope I can reach some new form of enlightenment, please send me this picture.
  16. I'm thinking of getting myself a pair of Koss PortaPros. Anybody have experience with them?

    1. deetz


      Oh wow, these are nice. So much bass for the size.

    2. Eagle_Peak


      shit my foot is toasting

    3. Eagle_Peak


      hey it's nice and crispy and golden HOLY FUCK IT HURTS

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  17. This came to mind with that question. Knowing the skill level of teammates did help in that situation, and I suppose if you're experienced enough and can analyze/predict what people will do it's a good tool.
  18. Sometimes I imagine I am a small Indian girl collecting water for my village in brightly painted clay pots.

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