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  1. I'm pretty sure WN8 bases it's rating on how you were expected to perform in certain factors. You can read about it here, here, and
  2. This is so useful I can't breathe. Someone help-

  3. There are a surprising amount of tier 9s on CT. I was playing a WZ-132 during prime hours and was surprised by how many tier 9 matches I got.
  4. I'm pretty sure the little valleys in Karelia were already there.
  5. Wolf Life is a bunch of people simulating furry sex and mating with tanks. It's weird, and my KV-2 and SU-122-44 agree.
  6. deetz


    I've been having some good fun playing Starbound. A bit glitchy but that's expected of a beta. If you have no fuel you can fly to the same spot you're already on, FTL animation and all.
  7. I had a match where the entire enemy team was platooned except for one lonely guy. I'll grab the picture in a bit. They were a lot more... ah.. coordinated than our team.
  8. When platooning, this is tank is a whole new world of fun to play. You and your mates can dart around clicking on things and filling them with holes. I think my platoon mate and I got accused of hacking twice last night.
  9. Yeah, if you're small enough and drive into the door to that building at 60+ kph, you'll slip right through and be able to practice your cowardice all on your own.
  10. Even on NA most tier 4-5 scouts just seem to rush out, spot 2 things and die, or sit on cap if it's El Halluf. I've also noticed that usually it's the tier 6+ scouts that are helpful at all, except in rare cases where someone competent is driving a tier 4-5 scout. Even most of the ELCs I see are suiscouts.
  11. deetz


    I actually liked the T25/2 a lot. It has excellent gun stats, perfectly workable camo, and can be pretty trolly while hull-down, as opposed to the hellcat's mantlet which is penetrated quite often. I got pretty nice results (for my skill level) with it. Other than the turtle-slow turret traverse, it's a pretty flexible tank that makes it easy to use the gun, and that's what I find fun in a tank. Although the hellcat is still far better for its tier.
  12. I think he was more referring to the people who CHOSE to never think, never stop being a red/yellow, and push on without trying to improve or figuring out how to play after upwards of 10000 battles. You only have 1.8k battles. Almost nobody (except for the naturals) was good after 1.8k battles. You still have a long time to improve. Hell, I have a long time to improve as well. Bottom line, at least you and I are trying. These people with 33k battles and 44% winrate are the cancer to the game that Deusmortis and many others hate.
  13. I'm pretty sure that's going to be added in some future patch.
  14. Damn, I wish my tanks could deal Abouts of Damage.
  15. The other guy agrees that he worded it wrong. It was just not the best choice.
  16. I went back a bit to the T49 due to crappy performance in high tiers to try to learn vision mechanics and that sort of thing a little better. Got my first Radley-Walters on the second game
  17. The build is good, but the PSU is a tad on the cheap side. If you can spare it you might want to get a little better one. It's generally best to avoid skimping on the PSU.
  18. deetz

    T28 Prototype.

    I recently unlocked this, and free XP'd the 105 to make it bearable stock. However, I've performed badly in the 3 battles I've been in so far, and I've taken a step back. Currently my crew has Sixth+Camo on all, as well as 68% Mentor, Snap Shot, Off Road, Situational Awareness, and Adrenaline Rush. This tank obviously requires a different playstyle as the previous tanks, so what should I change these too/should I change them at all? I'm running Camo+Binocs while I try to figure out what equipment I need. What should I be using in this? Lastly, what should I be aiming to do in eac
  19. A lot of great help has been posted in here from many people. Over the last couple weeks I took a step back and reconsidered my gameplay. As a result I've been playing a little better. Thank you to everyone who has put any help in here.
  20. I use an Asoka PlugLink or whatever it's called... It's better than wifi at least, but when someone in my house uses the treadmill, it stops working. I guess that would be the same with any high-electricity using device. Vacuum cleaners are no problem though.
  21. Brb, throwing money at my screen.
  22. Yeah, I've found that the 12t is a pretty helpless tank if your teammates have no idea what they're doing... if they get crushed quickly there's very little you can do.
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