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  1. I've been pretty comically terrible at playing the 12t and I haven't touched it in a while. I'll give a few of the things you've mentioned a try. Thanks. Edit: 2 matches later, delayed opportunism has worked beautifully. Thank you for the great advice. I hope it holds up as I try to get back into the 12t.
  2. deetz

    X Rebirth?

    I stumbled upon Nividium or whatever and suddenly became rich... lol
  3. I honestly can't figure out how to work these maps with some tanks. Fisherman's Bay with a heavy/brawler is pretty straightforward, head to city and fight. In a medium or in my Hellcat, I get a little confused. In mediums I try to run around near the middle and shoot at things that try to come to the middle. This often ends with my death. In my Hellcat/any TD I either try camping middle or heading to the little valley in the west, but in the west I can only affect whatever stalemate starts in the west, and in the middle i feel like I'm being a tad too conservative. Steppes - I have no
  4. Alright, to true Warm Body I go! I'm slowly edging away from my baby-sealness. Hell, I don't even remember what i was doing before 3k battles.
  5. I've forgotten multiple times to put any APCR in my hellcat and it's still one of my best tanks. My first tank to have blue stats.
  6. deetz

    X Rebirth?

    I played X3TC and enjoyed it over the dead atmosphere and sometimes comedical bugs. This looks similar but even more bugged. It would probably be best to "try it before you buy it", and if the bugs take away too much from the game just do what Solono said and pick it up when the seas are clear.
  7. Loved the episode. "I think I'll let things play out." a few seconds later "I need to wake up."
  8. Are the E4/E3 or anything British CW viable?
  9. So it works excellently as a long-range hulldown sniper heavy? Or is it scoot-between-hulldown-spots? I'm considering grinding this line and it looks pretty interesting from tier 8 and up.
  10. Nice! Just one thing I noticed in the T-54 video, the WT auf E-100's turret is ridiculously thin, so you could've gone the match without taking a point of damage if you had fired your shell at its turret. Hell, even HE would penetrate.
  11. At first I thought this was a spam post, hehe.
  12. Thanks. I probably shouldn't have jumped straight to the KV-13 from the 1S. I think I'll play some lower tier mediums first to get myself used to the playstyle, as I currently seem to be horrid at it.
  13. I've heard this term thrown around for a while. Which maps would you consider to fall under this category, and how would they be played?
  14. Haha, you're practically a unicum compared to me and many others, so don't label yourself as a scrub. Welcome to the forum!
  15. I've seen you posting around, asking for people to help you directly. If there's anything I've gotten from the questions I've asked previously, it's that to improve, you are going to have to put effort in yourself. Good stats will not be handed to you on a platter. YOU have to understand what you're doing wrong. YOU have to help yourself. Asking questions is good and valuable things can be gained from that, but you can't seriously expect people to do everything for you. Not for free or at least a bit of your own effort, at the very least. If someone's offering a service like this for free, at
  16. I'm sorry, this question is really vague. However, what is it that wins a match? I've just come back from another loss streak, and in most of these games I've done a good amount of damage, or just been totally crushed instantly. It's once again seeming to be impossible just to win a match. I just can't understand how winning comes so easily to some people. So I would ask again. How is a match won? I mean, you can do 1k+ damage to a few tanks while your team melts in some other place and you lose anyways. But how do you put your gun in the right place, to affect the tide of the match and ac
  17. Nice job! Why do all of you spambots seem to visit my profile? Am I that attractive?
  18. I do understand what you're saying, and I do know a couple people like this, however there is a lot more going on to suggest what I said.
  19. First, sorry for taking something small you said and running away with it. Everybody's entitled to their own opinions, but I actually believe that TBBT is marketed more towards people who would laugh at "watching the nerdy scientists be nerdy and cute". Of course, every show has people outside of the target liking it (a couple notorious examples can be made for this), but it feels kind of like the audience should be empathizing with Penny's "exasperating and exciting antics with a group of nerds". I don't personally like the show (I said before it feels a bit forced to me) but my parents
  20. Ah, so it wasn't just me having issues? Crap, I even deleted my dossier cache.
  21. Hey, you made an account! Welcome! I'm also set on my journey of self improvement here.
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