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  1. I've had the ELC for a week or so now. I have been told before to be useful late game. But I can't stand sitting back and doing nothing in the tank like the ELC, and so I try to do something like run a little ahead of where most of my teammates are going, and double back when I see a few enemies... I have been told to run 90 degrees from my enemies if possible, and when it is I do that. If I see an opportunity to get behind something and shoot it, I take it. But I very rarely ever get an opportunity to do this. People tell me that's what the ELC is for, but I have no idea how to make these opportunities. Usually I see something, try to go around it, run into something big, and get killed before I can turn 90 degrees and make a break for it. I would extremely appreciate it if I got some tips for using this, as my winrate in it is absolutely abysmal.

  2. I could also do this with you OP, playing some tier 2-3 next week if you want. Just beware I get bored of low tiers after a bit.  

    Oh, I'm not that new.. been playing for about a month and have a couple of tier 6s, just thought I was really new compared to all of you. Sorry if there was any misunderstanding.


    EDIT: How do you get that little "Tanker Stats" thing below your name?



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