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  1. if i'm regularly getting a "waiting for cache" freeze in chrome, with random apps freezing when i try to open them then all opening and suddenly working at once a bit later is it more likely to be HDD issue or RAM issue? Or something I don't know?

  2. "Don't come down here, there's nothing."
  3. Mahouka is pretty funny although it's not trying to be. The main character is made out of edges.
  4. I believe it should be a weighted average of the expected values of all your tanks going into the formula with your overall stats (DPG, KPG, etc), so it can evaluate your overall performance by what tanks you drive. I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is how it works.
  5. Oh wow... Don't carry anything that might appear valuable then, I guess?
  6. Pretty sure this is the point where we just stop giving the shitty troll any more attention.
  7. It's not that your opinion is forbidden, it's just that it's dumb. Or are you saying people can't have opinions about your opinion?
  8. but in my mind it's a transition of yellow to blue.
  9. Huh, guess I've been poorly trolled or something. Just sort of disappointed. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/user/dn-AfterschoolCarl-/
  10. Your team has 1-3 tanks on it and 12-14 bad AI. The point here is that you are your team's greatest asset, and that there are too many things you can't depend on your team to do. By wasting your time in the valley you CAUSE those other problems.
  11. Have you decided to drop BNW yet? If you have I'd take a spot.
  12. It might work 40% of the time but it's not anywhere near the best option. The game is almost always won/lost inside the city. If your team lemmings down the valley you can try to defend, and there's more potential for that to work. What are you going to do when you've pushed through, they're at your base and they're controlling everywhere else on map, resetting whoever's left capping on their base while you and your teammates futilely try to fight off their cappers AND defenders with your already disadvantaged team? Just let a couple people do whatever they want in the valley, while yo
  13. Well that's just a new level of rood, derp. Okay I'm done.
  14. Have you yet done the tier 8 meds? There doesn't seem to be much talk about them other than a couple that everybody loves.
  15. Well... at least now I know it was some random kid with shitty internet who wasted "tankboy123".
  16. JT8.8 is a premium, only recoverable within the three day limit or whatever it was. I also think the T7 is being counted as a premium tank when it shouldn't.
  17. So did they ever even actually tell you why it was taken down?
  18. The special vehicles don't vanish, it's just once every six months. I'm just not sure if that's per vehicle or for all of them.
  19. I'm sure here "expected damage" means "damage expected from one who plays at 1565 WN8", and it's just a base point.
  20. Ah, shit. I'd join, but I only have G&K.
  21. Ok, I need to see whatever's happened while i was gone, lol.
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