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  1. Oh I'm sorry, is this a new version of the game where one team gets 15 tanks and the other gets 30?  How are they "at your base, controlling everywhere else, AND resetting whoever is on their base" all at the same time?    If they are doing those things there are other problems.


    Your team has 1-3 tanks on it and 12-14 bad AI. The point here is that you are your team's greatest asset, and that there are too many things you can't depend on your team to do. By wasting your time in the valley you CAUSE those other problems.

  2. Lakeville 

    "...Valley is a no-no. This doesn't need in-depth explanation...."


    This has been conventional wisdom for so long that Valley is again an option.  I've been on that map several times when there was NO resistance in Valley.  My advice is to give it a try once more.


    It might work 40% of the time but it's not anywhere near the best option. The game is almost always won/lost inside the city. If your team lemmings down the valley you can try to defend, and there's more potential for that to work.


    What are you going to do when you've pushed through, they're at your base and they're controlling everywhere else on map, resetting whoever's left capping on their base while you and your teammates futilely try to fight off their cappers AND defenders with your already disadvantaged team?


    Just let a couple people do whatever they want in the valley, while you win the fight in the city for your team. If you need to defend, go back and do so (but not too early - read one of the many articles on game flow at http://www.rocketbrainsurgeon.com )

  3. So if I'm getting this right, I should be able to recovery my JagdTiger 88 and my T7 CC. Yet I see neither in my recovery list, played games in both of them. Only tank I see is the T1E6 which I wouldn't waste time recovering anyways. This new tool is just giving me more ulcers.

    JT8.8 is a premium, only recoverable within the three day limit or whatever it was. I also think the T7 is being counted as a premium tank when it shouldn't.

  4. I wonder, does this mean I only have 6 months to recover my campaign tanks before they vanish forever, or that I can only recover them once every 6 months?




    I can't even ask because RIP, JT locked both the discussion thread


    The special vehicles don't vanish, it's just once every six months. I'm just not sure if that's per vehicle or for all of them.

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